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  1. I remember it as loveable too. Keep it up. Good luck.
  2. As allways Robalo - great work.
  3. I will point Robalo to this thread. Stand by.
  4. The Alpha MOD was designed to be a good multiplayer MOD. We think it succeeded
  5. Thanks. We are very glad you enjoy it that much. How about posting that in the recommended mods thread/section?
  6. A small optional 1.3 patch is out. Here it is: get it from USA or from Europe The only change is the replacement of the mk12 gun texture with a smaller one. We hope this will prevent the crashes reported after patch 1.2. Enjoy !
  7. A 24Mb patch is out that will upgrade Alpha MOD to 1.1 Grab it from the Alpha MOD forum within our forums.
  8. It's time for Alpha Squad's Christmas Firefight 110 Check out our website and our forum. More info to follow. Signups next week.
  9. Seems like there is a Christmas coop surprise event coming up. It's gonna be different! We say no more, but you better watch www.alphasquad.net if you and your team don't want to miss out this baby.
  10. As I'm eager on the music front these days; give me a yell if someone need a custom music track for a project like that. Just can't stop poking around with music.
  11. Did you try it on a dedicated server? If that works, pls post the code here.
  12. I'm pretty sure the shake doesn't work in multiplayer as I tried to apply it to SR2004/1 Navyy Terek as the bridge was blown. There are some other ways to simulate big blows though.
  13. No patch out yet. Did you activate the Standard upgrade MOD? Read the readme.txt in the GR/MODS/AS/ folder
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