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  1. Tell me what you think. Forget about the miniguns I know they are not suppose to be there, I forgot to take them off. I was just messing around but the renders took an hour each so bah.
  2. damn good m8, had been missin ur work for a while and now i see the wait was worth it. kudos to u.
  3. do not quote me but i think he will, he said that he is stearing clear from the silent warrior type mods.
  4. bah prozac is tryin to show me up in my own thread. don't make me steal your cat! thats an awsome model but it looks a little poly heavy..(rofl like mine isnt)
  5. why does no one ever reply to my threads?? i don't get it. could someone please state there opinion on the aimpoints
  6. y don't u try to make it yourslef?
  7. thx for all thoes refs i'll give it a shot, but i am a little busy now.
  8. i remade the model and dropped about 1000 polygons. c&c are welcome {please reply}
  9. bah, does any have a ref pic of these optics cause im gettin nothin.
  10. its been a while since i modelled anything so i just made soemthing simple and i think it came out rather nice but the polycount is really high, because my dumbass forgot to change the amount of sides the cylinder had. if any moddeller wants this model i will remake it with a smaller polycount and you can have it. i just wont make the texture and export it. can i get some feedback on the model aswel,l all c&c are welcome. {sorry for the ######ty renders i just started using brazil r/s and im suckin at it}
  11. swartsz just a thought, on your little contact tab you should use a php contact form it would be alot better then just ur e-mail.. justa thought, great looking site by the way.
  12. prozac, i luv that texture it reminds me of the textures from mgs2 and 3. gj
  13. kudos to swartsz for the freelance project and congrats to chems for getting his cat back.
  14. I can't wait to see this G36C, but these MP5's I am intrested to see made with your new style that you have developed.
  15. yes, what IS this next god-like model that you are creating?
  16. i concur.. very nice tac swartsz, keep it up
  17. i would think if u moved the vertices just a little bit upwards and downwards you wouldn't be able to see that space and it would hide the crack. unless of coarse you like it like that really? lol yah, my next sig was going to look simular to that, but heh looks like u beat me to it
  18. bah swartsz u stole my sig idea. argh
  19. i was just now about to start textureing my m4, and i was going to use that method that swartsz uses on his. i am just wondering if it matters if my guns receiver inst one big peice.
  20. thats crazy, it looks like the end of the handle got tour off!
  21. OOOOR u could just make a small 10x10 canvas and make a diamond shape make it a pattern, then fill the handle area on the texporter exported canvas then add lightting effects to it. done.
  22. swartsz, first off i didnt mean to offend or insult. second, with that image that you would like to accomplish, and what u rendered, look diffrent to me because the refrence pic has more of a cubed pattern and ur rendered pattern looks more random while the other is organized and precise.
  23. that looks great. not to be rude though, but the handle doesnt look as good as the rest of the gun. although i am sure its difficult and i know i couldn't do it. i'm just sayin from the looks of the rest of the gun, it seems like u could do better.
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