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  1. Ok, never had any problems like this before, was playing the game last night also. Log on this morning and no servers are showing up whatsoever. Log out and log back into gamespy, nothing. I can create a server, but none are showing up for me to join. Any ideas? [Merged with existing thread]
  2. I'm glad to finally see a positive post about this game! I'm on mission 6 and have been loving every minute of it! The squad movement is much easier now, thanks! I love being able to set up my squadmates in recon mode and then turn them to assault to take out the enemy! Thanks GRIN!
  3. I tried to get my demo guy with Zeus to take out this tank, but he didn't. Quickload - I grabbed the Zeus off the Mule, went by corner near Mexican soldier guy, waited for tank, popped out, fired, moved back behind corner. Worked like a charm.
  4. Ooh got another one, right in the middle of Coop on mission 10 Crash in application version: 30292.2673 data\lib\managers\pickupmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: weapon_data in type <void> Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded
  5. Yep, here's my error that I get quite often, crashes in SP and MP. Crash in application version: 30292.2673 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded
  6. Definatly gotta have co-op. One thing I really wished we had in GR1 was a map that the whole team could look at before going into battle online. That way we could create a much better plan instead of just trying to remember what the level layout was when we played it in single. It'd also be great if with that map, the commander or someone, could point on the map and maybe put temporary waypoints just for viewing before playing. Hmm, if I think of more, I'll post.
  7. OMG! That is freakin hilarious. LMAO!!!
  8. Yeah Argyll and Ultimate Force, you're right. I think on the DVD special features they speak with one of the SEALs who helped with it and he said that they would have done it much differently and wouldn't have trapped themselves in there. But obviously, the story wouldn't have been very interesting to the general public if the SEALs just took the place down and ended the movie lol.
  9. Yeah, you can get Stew Smith's workouts at pretty much any bookstore. I bought the 12 Weeks to BUD/S Workout at Borders last year, and you can get Maximum Fitness and some other books by him there. If not, check out www.stewsmith.com or go to www.getfitnow.com which is a great workout site and has some forums for SEAL and other Special Forces workouts.
  10. Great thread guys! Thanks for putting this up and giving us all a real heads-up into military life. I myself am planning on enlisting into the Navy in about three years (after I've graduated college) with the SEAL Challenge Contract. For awhile now, I have been working out physically by accomplishing the Warning Order workouts and am now going through Stew Smith's 12 Weeks to BUD/S Workout, and I must say that anyone who is seriously determined to go into the military, let alone Special Forces from any branch, should give one of Stew's workouts a try. They will test your mettle and give you some goals to work towards as you head towards your main goal, or in my case, lifelong dream .
  11. Ah, you guys forgot the greatest movie of all, Predator! Army Special Forces, kickass action, mean mother######ing alien, and Auhnold. How much better can it get lol:)
  12. Awesome! Thanks man. Gonna check that out right now.
  13. Ok, thanks for the reply. I didn't really think it would be possible to remove the trees, as they are already built into the maps I think, but I would like some basic desert ones. Yeah, I know, that's what Desert Siege is for lol, but I want some that are original and I need more that would fit better with my mod. If anyone is interested, it is going to be about a SEAL Team that is conducting operations in Iran, and it will be based in a few years from now. I would like to include a single player/maybe coop campaign, maybe some new skins or weapons, and hopefully some new maps.
  14. I am creating a mod based in Iran, and I was wondering if any map modders out there would like to create some desert maps for the mod. It wouldn't be anything too complex, just some flat desert ones or some dunes. I was also wondering if it would be possible to change some of the original maps to desert ones, like get rid of the trees and color the ground like sand.
  15. Great news! All the best to ya El Nino, and it's best to start teachin em while they're still young GR that is.
  16. Ya gotta change your ingame name in the options screen for GR. Go into multi I think, somewhere in there is where you type out your name. It doesn't have anything to do with your name on Ubi.
  17. Yeah, that was fun guys. Been wayyyyy to long for me. Gonna practice single a little lol to get the hang of it again before our next run.
  18. Just FYI Fehyd, we were playin on the FLAVA map where you escort the tanks and the server crashed. GGs though tonight. Cya all tomorrow.
  19. SERVER DOWN! Hey all, come join us on Anyone welcome:) GGz guys we don't need no stinkin respawns! lol, cept me
  20. That would be great for a mod! That's funny because today when I was working on a mission for my mod, (which is a night one) and I was thinking of a way to make it more challenging and realistic, such as taking away night vision. Thanks for the tip Wolfsong! One question though, could you make it so, just for one mission, you can't use nvg, but in other ones you can?
  21. I'm creating a mod for the first time and it is going to be about a SEAL Team in Iran based a few years from now. I did think about creating one in Iraq, but I figured that would be disrespectful, and I did want to make one about something in the middle east, so with Iran, I can make up my own missions and story line.
  22. Yeah, ggz guys, love those assassination ones, Oh, and....llama
  23. GGs guys, look forward to playin some more with ya this weekend.
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