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  1. The rets are similar to No Easy Day's, not too intrusive but shaped like the real sights or ret. The Iron sight rets are all shades of black though, instead of the default NED colors.
  2. Special Purpose Rifle (SPR), DTD Custom Carbon Forend Daewoo AR-100 Para(SD) 5.56, Rare Find! Eric Johnson's Actual Customized M4, and Specialist. Come home safe bud! M60E4 SF Version
  3. Mark 48 Mod 0? How did I guess! I gotta check the thermaldynamics site again, lost the addy. Need some decent profile shots of it. Not all that different from the Mark 46 in appearance tho, subtle forend differences.
  4. Just to put in my last comment on this, are you saying that a Helo model is copyrighted, but a character model isn't? Or a weapon model or a texture for that matter? What's the logical difference. I'd never add anything to a DTD mod because somebody else did it, I barely even play other mods. I just want to continue improving our work. There are modders whose whole mods are models from the mission packs. There are "top level" modders who just re-arrange the standard textures, or just change the colors, and call them new skins. Everybody knows that. I build every texture from scratch, just for that reason. Whether anybody notices or not, we've always made everything ourselves just because the product is better. Any modder who opens up a DTD mod can instantly see this. It may take 5 times longer, but so what, a modder has to set his own standards. In Rogue Spear, nobody got credit for re-using the RSE stuff, but GR's community isn't like that, here it's accepted. So I guess I'm setting a bad example now? I gotta get off this thread, no offense it's but getting ridiculous. For all the high morality, how many modders purchased their copies of 3D studio MAX and Photoshop? Exactly, because modders don't get paid. IT costs $19, 3DsMAX costs $3500.
  5. A few shots from the DTD Team Mod, check out the rest of the shots here! Thanks,
  6. Some lawyers would say otherwise. Well I don't want to go back and forth on this, I'm just improving a popular mod for the sake of the people who play it and the guys who worked on it with me. If anybody has been hurt by No Easy Day in any way, please contact me and I'll try to resolve the issue with you. 2 cents: Mods are the reason RSE has had the succes they have had, hands down. If it wasn't, they would not have put the mod system into GR. I've been promoting RSE for almost 4 years, from Rogue Spear/Urban Ops. We've gotten international magazine coverage 4 times for RS mods, think that doesn't promote their product? The second RSE starts going after modders for promoting their product is the day I stop modding. Until then, have fun playing IDF ,NED, US Tac, HK ITD, Official SWAT, Red Diamond Group, Expert Handgun, Operation Recovery, Operation Anaconda, RLTC, and the others. Of course, you'll have to own the games first...right?
  7. I don't remember your request, but I rarely say no to anybody. If you still want to borrow something just email me, I don't get to the forums much anymore. Later,
  8. It's so hot in here! I'll attempt to answer all these questions. First off, NED missions are not intended to be playable in MP, they are SP missions. The 1.4 patch does fix an MP crash with the team 1 sniper, but that is not to say that the NED missions are MP playable now. Standard missions should be fine. As for other mods, total conversions are by definition not a good idea to combine with other mods. The mod does not crash at all in SP, and should be fine in MP on normal missions. It's not full of bugs by any stretch. Previously we had the requirement of having IT and DS for NED. Our fans asked for the missions to be playable without IT, so we did the patch. Mac version has been this way for a long time. We mod for the fans and support the mods for the fans, not the critics. I really don't think that having the helo in an NED mission is going to stop anyone from buying IT, since the main reason to get it is the wonderful maps and new campaign. Plus, how many mods for GR have character models from IT or DS in them? Just doesn't make sense to me. As for the version of the mod to get, DL the 1.3 install (available in 2 pieces) and then update with the 1.4 patch. Go to my homepage and you will see the DL's and their explanations written there. I really don't understand the controversy. Nobody is being hurt in any way by our mod, financially or otherwise.
  9. Well, if you mean the DEVGRU plainclothes guys with the heavy black vests, they can't be used in the normal roster easily, because the face textures are custom for that model, and the normal ones don't line up. You'd have to specify in each actor file one of only several face textures for that model, a tedious process. Kind of like the way the Henry Ramirez character is. I originally intended to use them as support and demo in the main roster, but made them specialists instead. There's 2 versions, one with a cap and one with a boonie.
  10. If you are still looking for those Afghahan characters, I've got some extras. These aren't robed, but Mujhadeen with traditional flowing baggy pants, 3rd world tac vests and traditional hats, with long beards. Custom models/textures. I can hook you up, but only if you're going to put them into a mod, just let me know via email. These are for GR.
  11. All you need to script the Blackhawk in any mission are the blackhawk model, texture files, and actor file from the IT expansion. Also make sure you're patched to the latest GR version. Helo insertion/extraction makes a huge difference in the immersion factor.
  12. Hey Croc, Since Mac's helping u out I figure I'll extend some resources as well. I know a guy down there in Brazil whose company (DACS) makes tactical gear for use by the elite Brazillian military and police units. (modular vests and packs) He also does training with them as opfor, with painball gear, which is why I came to know him. If you want pics of the gear, let me know by email. I don't want to give it to everybody, but since you're from brazil.. Later Coco
  13. I believe that adding files from an expansion pack is against the EULA LOL...You're kidding right? Maybe you 2 haven't played NED yet, because the same thing was said when the mod was released (in November I believe), although I won't say why. We're still here. This is a piece of modding history, and I wouldn't go and say that unless I really knew it was true. Skins, guns, sounds, music, splash screens, rets, missions, random roster, new opfor, retextured maps, helo insertions/extractions, real world storyline, some scripting by active duty Army, original concept by active duty Airborne. Never before seen plainclothes DELTA CAG & SEAL team 6, down to the Oakley sunglasses. Don't sell yourself short, if you love GR or you make mods, you need to play No Easy Day. That's like being a war movie buff and never seeing Saving Private Ryan.
  14. Thanks man, I gotta agree. Just the sheer amount of work in No Easy Day, a true total conversion made with input and work from active duty US military personnel in Iraq. Plus we just updated it to Version 1.4, you really owe it to yourselves to play it. later
  15. Hey all, We have upgraded No Easy Day to version 1.4 with a small patch, less than 1MB. The update fixes a bug in the MP team 1 sniper .atr file, and also adds all the Blackhawk files to the mod so the NED single player missions can be played without Island Thunder. This update is available for both the full NED version, as well as the "Core mod" versions. (The Core mod is the version of NED without any missions included) We also have released a small NED add-on standalone mod, which when activated with highest priority, will enable the woodland camo operators (normally seen only in Island Thunder map rosters) to appear on the standard GR maps, replacing the Plainclothed DELTA operators. It does not affect the mod in any other way. Enjoy! NED woodland camo variant NED version 1.4 update NED version 1.4 Core mod update
  16. Choose the "NED only" kitrestrictions file and you'll access all NED weapons available in MP. Not all the weps in the mod are in MP, keep in mind. I tried to get all the issues adressed that I had heard about, the grenade thing I didn't hear about till after the patch. There is a MP mission mod add-on which will have versions of the missions that don't have the cinematics which seem to cause crashes, removing them from sp was not an option. So look out for that. I'm glad those of you who liked the mod took the time to post about it. Mostly I only get to hear about this little problem here and there, but this is a huge mod with a lot of innovative stuff in it, and the overall conversion and realism factor of the visuals I believe is unique. It's nice to get some compliments! In the future, we will probably not do another big mod like this for GR, instead maybe we'll do some smaller, faster to complete mods. I'll also be collaborating more with other modders, and there are a few 3rd party mission packs being built right now for use with NED. If you're interested in building a mission pack for NED, you'd have access to the entire contents of the mod, so let me know if that interests anyone. As you can tell, we're not all over the place advertising NED, because it's really the players that know about us that'll get it first, and word of mouth will spread it. I think the work speaks for itself. Have fun, Coco
  17. Sorry Cocobolo but first mission requires extraction by chopper so the related files are necessary. Therefore even if NED doesn't use IT maps it needs IT activated Jeez forgot aboutt hat chopper not being in Desert Siege, it's been a while. Sorry bout that. The helo insertions are a major factor in the immersion of the game!
  18. Reading this thread, wow I never really think of the mods we do as a really big deal, after all it's just a game guys. The file sizes are listed on the download page, if you DL the file and it's not the same size it should be, it didn't come down clean. Try re-Dl'ing it. Also, Fileplanet sometimes takes a few tries to correctly link to the file, just try a few times if this happens. As for the installer, the file is an exe, self installer. There's an MP patch that should be up today, and the main files will also be updated to version 1.2 to reflect the patch has been included. The few small sound issues with he M16 ans M16M203 will also be fixed. Thanks for the compliments on the skins guys! If you liked IDF you better not sleep on this one!
  19. Glad everybody likes the mod! The MP issue will be fixed by an official patch and also the installers will be updated to version 1.2 to indicate they have the patch included. As for the M16, M16GL issues, you can either use the NED kit restrictions files for your weapons selection (those weapons aren't in the NED kit restrictions files) or you can open up the Equip folder in the mod's directory and delete the M16.gun, M16gl.gun, and M203.gun files. Those are basically slightly modified GR files, and aren't even in the No Easy Day kits. The only place you can see those is when you use the standard GR kits. This issue will also be adressed in the updated 1.2 version downloads. The early beta was intended to use Island Thunder maps, but the final version does not require IT. As for the first mission, no demo charges are needed for the first mission, which is NED-01 Stutter step. That's a Karzai protection and extract mission. Please read the briefings thoroughly as they contain vital info! Thanks guys, All in all, not bad.
  20. I'll take a look, or better yet, you should be recieving it with the character pack shortly. Hey Eric, I'm usually in my forum so sometimes it takes longer for me to check the messages here. Here is my direct forum link, feel free to IM me there or post in the forum. Mac can also help you out with weps. cocobolo ops fourm direct link
  21. I know it's rough yet, but if you could I'd love to tak a look. The previous scripter would send me small mission pieces, like a helo patrol of the cuban resort map, or a small mission script with test mission where you could pick up dead tango's weapons. The latter is available for use as well.
  22. X69RZX: Please email me an example of a few of your missions, what you'd consider to be your favorites, and I'll get right back to you. Also let me know what you're best at? My email is in my profile or cocobolo_dtd@arcticmail.com, and thanks! EricJ: ( I assume you are the Eric I have spoken to via Email)I am looking for a couple missions with actual Helo sniping involved, and generally just helo/boat insertions to add to the feel of the mod. What you're saying sounds good, in the context of this mod it'd prolly make more sense if it was an assasination of a HAMAS or Queda high-up, but that's minimal details. These missions will use real people, real places, and real situations (or close enuf!). Great input!
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