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  1. Son of a ######, there it is.. I dunno what happened before, must be getting old. I'm gonna get whatever's around for YOTM... he he
  2. Hey fellas, been back playing GR and I want to get Year of the Monkey, but every link I find is broken. Anybody know a place I can get it? Thanks---!
  3. Missions are NOT MP compatible, as stated in the readme and elsewhere. I will look at the kit issue, but missions are SP only! You may get lucky and have them work in MP, but the missions aren't intended for MP, so if you have a problem, you know why. NED is compatible with most misson mods and characters and weapons can be used in other MP compatible mods. And thanks everybody, for the support!
  4. As somebody who's been modding RedStorm games for a lot of years, I can't say I've played a game from RSE that was as engaging as Urban Ops was. Since that, it seems like the franchise has lost it's way. I agree with my team mate Cobra, it's all about the story before anything else. When RB6 was written, middle eastern terrorism wasn't at the forefront of people's minds, but now it is. Look at the example of America's Army. I myself being a hardcore "reticule only" RB6 type player thought I'd hate the visible gun and the stereotypical FPS look. But I ended up loving AA, and feeling lukewarm about RVS. They're both Unreal based, but vastly different. RVS's online play felt clunky, like an add-on. Sp play felt familiar, like the older RB6 titles, but somehow didn't manage to immerse me the same way, even with the better visuals. It doesn't have that hectic feel of the old RS/UO. I don't think anybody will argue, especially in this forum, that the reason for RVS's comparatively shorter lifespan is it's lack of MOD suooprt! Modders can correct the things about a game that will increase the playability. Look how long we stretched the Rogue Spear series, and yet the sequel left us out in the cold. Some would even argue that Black Thorn was just a glorified mod... and look how long we've kept Ghost Recon alive. Missions alone won't cut it. Unreal is fully moddable, Half-Life is fully moddable, those are the engine frontrunners, it should be a no-brainer. My team has been waiting for RSE to come through with something we can do some work for, just like the "old days". The arms room's getting dusty!
  5. Hey, thanks to everybody that voted for us over on the DTD Pro Mod Team! It's nice to be recognized for Best Weapon Mod for the Team Mod, especially since if was such a fun project for us. Glad so many people out there enjoyed it so much, that's the best feeling. We're 4 years strong and aren't stopping now!
  6. As for the maps in No Easy Day, yes there were a couple SOAF maps in there. You probably couldn't tell because they were completely retextured for the most part, and flipped day to night.. The mod's been out for over a year. Version 1.5 update will be out soon, btw. DTD comin up on 4 years! Coco
  7. Looking good Lex! You have definitely done well with the vests especially, I could tell you were going to do some nice work. If you want to use elements from our stuff just let me know, I just don't want them to look too close to the Team Mod stuff. That tigerstripe is actually one of the finalist designs which lost to the digital MARPAT for the USMC contract. That's why I saved it for Team Mod, so it wouldn't be seen anywhere else... Tough to find!!
  8. Thanks a lot Stalker, we appreciate the thoughtfull interview! I'm glad people are still playing IDF, I really love the mod and as our first GR mod, we really were learning as we went along!
  9. LOL, try over $3000 for most. The dirty little secret of modding is that almost nobody actually pays for these big, expensive, applications...shhhhhhh Ever see "Office Space"? LOL, nah I'm a tech dept manager now, finally working steady again after 5 months thanks to our wonderful economy. Money is not an issue because modding is free except for the actual games, which I always buy. If you're making small mods, it doesn't take that long once you learn the process. Big mods require a good time commitment, so a lot of us are up till 4 in the moning and working a lot of the weekend for a while. NED took us almost a year. It's all self education. Depending on the type of mods you are making, you can hunt for tutorials, or download a mod of that type and open it up and look at what somebody else did, to learn that way. In the Rogue Spear days that's what I did. GR came along, but was essentially the same to mod as Rogue Spear, just simplified some. You ever download music from a place like Kazaa? Use your imagination....
  10. GR replaced Rogue Spear as the modders' game of choice, all the best RS modders just migrated. RVS didn't have this effect because there was little mod support. If GR2 supports mods, it'll be the new darling. I was sad to see RS fade, but you gotta keep it moving. I gotta say it looks a helluvalot like America's Army, actually looks like a mod for AA from the screenshots. Since UBI aquired the AA franchise or something along those lines, I'll bet money that's what's going on. AA can't be modded, at least the tools aren't released, and it's wildly popular. (I play it more than anything else) If UBI thinks GR2 will be as popular, they may forgo the mods system, who knows. Of course AA is free...
  11. Yeah, saw the problem with that ret. Anyody who wants a quick fix to the m60 ret can do this, paste the following lines into the m60 gun file and the ret will appear in the correct propotions. <ReticuleTextureName>reticle_fliptac.rsb</ReticuleTextureName> <ReticulePipLeft>111.5</ReticulePipLeft> <ReticulePipTop>0</ReticulePipTop> <ReticulePipRight>118.5</ReticulePipRight> <ReticulePipBottom>3</ReticulePipBottom> <ReticuleBaseLeft>0</ReticuleBaseLeft> <ReticuleBaseTop>0</ReticuleBaseTop> <ReticuleBaseRight>111.5</ReticuleBaseRight> <ReticuleBaseBottom>111.5</ReticuleBaseBottom> <ReticulePipBaseOffset>2</ReticulePipBaseOffset> <ReticulePipMaxOffset>240</ReticulePipMaxOffset> I'll correct it in the 1.1 download, I don't think a new version number is needed for just this, but if there are more small issues I'll put them together for a real patch.
  12. Sorry, when you remove something that you don't want in there, you can't use a patch to pull it out. I'll try to split it in 2 if I have some time tomorrow, hectic weekend though.
  13. It's been my experience that you will get the best result/best ppl by asking the ppl you really want on the project directly, otherwise you may get a lot of semi-serious ppl or multiple ppl who do the same type of thing etc. It's not easy to have a random group of people all working on something with differing levels of dedication, time, etc. Just my .02 Good Luck
  14. Yeah, the M21 sound is also fixed, along with the reference to the M16A1 kit which caused a problem in the team spec kitrestrictions file. Other than that, just a few improvements, but not really fixes. I wanted to get the update out asap, before most ppl DL'ed it. I was kind getting tired of doing all the patches, confusing to ppl. The mod isn't that big, plus I removed a couple things so I just made a full version upgrade. Enjoy!
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