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  1. I´m sorry, didn´t mean to make so many. My computer hacked and I had lots of problems so I had to reinstall everything. Too bad I disturbed you.
  2. Edited due to the Merging of 2 of the same Topics in the same Forum as well as a Duplicated Post by that Merging. This was done for the Benefit of "GR.net" Member - CIA.
  3. What kind of a HULK do you have? A big one or a small one?
  4. Hi! I would love to join a clan. I have been playing GR for 14 months. It has to be a honest clan that don´t support cheats. Cheats destroy the fun of the game. The clan also has to be supportive to newbs. Trying to make them feel welcome and as a part of the game. If your clan are recruiting you can contact me here. cia
  5. There is nothing wrong in saying " Look what I did." He never said that he did the whole thing was his work. He only showed the parts he did. (Please go back to shool and learn some more english. ) Stop complaining. These guys are working their butts off to make mods that we all can download and play for free. Thanks to "them" we all have been playing and having a good time and you still complains. Very ungrateful!
  6. Who are you to complain at him? Let him do his stuff and you take care of your stuff. He has already said that he didn´t do all the work himself. Persons like you that likes to complain shouldn´t be in here. You should be glad that there are guys that takes time to make different kind of mods for all of us to play. Why else are you here? To download mods, right? If not you can take your whining and leave.
  7. Where can I download that mod? Thought you linked to a download site.
  8. Hi. I have heard that there are some weapons that´s not allowed to play with on Ghost Recon multiplayer. Can anybody tell me which weapons that is. Where do you download them. I don´t want to risk to download the wrong weapons so I´ll be banned from the servers. Hope you can help me. CIA
  9. April is good. Makes a great birthday present for me.
  10. Cool. Can´t wait. I´m getting tired of the old mods. Finally somebody got a GREAT idea for a mod.
  11. When do you think your are done with it? How many weeks? I can´t wait. How can I get the mod when it´s done? by downloading it. Really??? Do I have to download it??? I meant on wich website I can find it to download it.
  12. When do you think your are done with it? How many weeks? I can´t wait. How can I get the mod when it´s done?
  13. Mac is a waist of money. It sucks! Mac you have to wind up before using it. You should have used that money for a PC instead. If you think it´s the Mercedes of computers you could have bought a regular one instead for that money. Seems like you used a whole years pay for it and has to eat noodles for dinner everyday. A PC is the Ferrari of computers. Did you sell your house too to be able to buy your Mac? And now lives in a tent out in the forrest.
  14. Guys!!!! I need your help. Anybody have any tips on what weapon to use when I play Ghost Recon on multiplayer? I´ll be thankful for all the help I can get. Regards, CIA
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