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  1. I knew i forgot something . . .
  2. you first make a stationary gun (Duh! ) and then zoom in really far in igor (mousewheel or page up) and place the tango a little behind it. then, make a defense station, and put its beginning right on top of the stationary gun. THIS MUST BE LESS THAN 90 DEGREES! then, make a plan for the tango, which is on surpress and cover, and put the cover on top of the gun and make it less than the defense station.
  3. You could try the console command setalert and a number between (i think) 1 and 100. I know it works because i typed in once setalert 1 and you could run up to a tango and he wouldn't react till you shot him But, i haven't tested this except once (mentioned above) so it may work the way you want it. Also, i believe they DO Follow there paths after. I hope that solves your problem. BTW: I joined a clan (*AFZ*), how do i change my nickname to show this?
  4. Argh! you people, listen carfully now. It's not the ghost's fire at the tank, it is the tank fires at the ghosts because it sees them. not vice versa. now, does that kindle any insperation? (i thougt this thread would end 4 posts ago)
  5. Could someone make me some kit icons? I need a Aks74u (same one that came with the game) with all of the demolitions secondaries (demo charge, anti-tank, etc.) Anyone?
  6. It's fixed, it was using a barely capatible driver, Curse that windows update, posting malfuntioning drivers.
  7. Look, It is that enemies are immedietly in sight at startup, meaning that the player could start sniping and not be able to be hit. Also, the spotting distance could also not work because to simulate enemies knowing excatly where you are when you fire, the spotting distance is increased after a death of the Enemy company, so after a kill then the spotting distance will immediatly changed back. So thats why. Now, if you still dont get it them maybe you sould see the mission yourself.
  8. It worked before, actuctuly, it didn't work a long time, then it worked again, then it stopped again. (same problem) i dont think i changed the drivers. it worked before, it should work now.
  9. Well, ghost recon starts, shows the logo, then it needs to close without explaination. can anyone make sense of this? ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: GenuineIntel 666 MHz Pentium III Coppermine RAM: 384 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows 98 4.90 build 3000 Igor (RELEASE) version = RSDirect3DRenderer::BuildDeviceList: No compatible adapters found RSDirect3DRenderer: Could not build device list RSDisplayMgr::CreateRenderer: Could not initialize renderer RSUIMgr::Initialize() : Could not initialize mDisplayMgrIkeGameMgr::Initialize() : Could not initialize UI_MGR: -1
  10. Darn. I guess i'll move the tank more to the side of the embassy, where it wont see the players, i also note that spotting distance wont help and neither would invisibility, becuase it could immedietly be implemented. Thanks anyway guys.
  11. Well Jack, if you saw my mission you would know why. You are at the embassy and you are looking south, and on that street is where the tank goes up the street to defend the area up there. You see, it is a sniping mission, and thanks to the tank, everyone knows your there when you spawn. Meaning that everyone knows your there immediatly and starts firing, which is a problem, because there is a penalty for not killing the right guy (the general, aka Papashvili) and that another group of enemies surpress you. Now that you know why, tell me, can you have something disengage and later re-engage? (to defend the Area, after all a tank that doesn't fire is Very Threatning. )
  12. Simple. first, when the actor appears, you give him a path to go around the corner. assuming you dont know how (no offense) you click path and place it on a map and make path points by holding down shift and clicking. after that, setup a zone around where the path ends, then go to the script, use proximityactor, then select hideactor (hidething?) as a response. That should do it.
  13. Sorry Mr. Pibb, it's server-sided. either way, does anyone know if disengage work?
  14. First of all, that is not what i mean. The tank is supposed to go on the path, and it is not supposed to fire until It finishes its path.
  15. In my very, very near completed mission there is a tank on the embassy, and your on the roof facing the south (direction of M05's insert). It is to provide a sort of 'warning' not to go where it is going (no rockets in my mission) the problem is that the tank may fire at the player, then alert all of the other enemies in the area. The point is, how can i make the tank not fire but fire after the tanks path has completed. I dont think disengage works because i dont think you can turn it off again from my experence. Any ideas? ( I tried putting Combat ROE at recon, no or little help)
  16. Ok, Im good to go, ROCO_*AFZ* is going to put my mission on his clan's web site (i'm trying to join the clan), I'll tell you people when a good link is up and running. Thanks Jack, probably wouldn't of thought of that. Your good at keeping potential missions out of the recycle bin.
  17. Thanks Jack, I noticed during my game that with AI backup and me in charlie, the message pops up saying, "AI_123, Switch your weapon with a sniper" and the first guy in alpha's kit changes to a different kit.
  18. What about the message for the player? im going to post a summery of the blocks i used for the loop. Group: <Default> Comment: Display Message, set Vars Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set Player Platoon to (The player-controlled platoon). Use GetRandomPlayer to loop over all actors in Player Platoon after this block. Group: GetRandomPlayer Comment: Randomly give sniper to player Trigger Event: An actor loop is ready to process SniperPlayer. Responses: Assign "jack_stone-01.kit" to SniperPlayer. Display ((The owner of SniperPlayer) + ", Switch your weapon to a sniper.") to all players for 3 second(s).
  19. Can't you open the origanal mission in notepad and copy and paste the sounds? i heard of someone doing that.
  20. Would that assign a random kit or a random player a kit? I'm going for the latter. kind of like this, At startup, one of the players in the Co-op mission is auto-assigned a sniper rifle, and is told so, so that the player wont be totally suprised or confused when this happens. I wonder which sniper i should assign? maybe the L96a1? what if the person dies and respawns? would their kit still be the sniper? i can see the problems in that.
  21. oh! now i get it! so it would be something like this? Group: GetAlpha Comment: As there is no BlockPreserve it will only execute once. Trigger Event: A team loop is ready to process NextTeam.[This is loop team trigger] Responses: Set Alpha to NextTeam.[This is just variable set team response] Assign Alphaplan to NextTeam and execute **I made this line up EDIT What about kits? I wanted for a sniping mission a random sniper rifle randomly assigned to a player platoon member.
  22. im still confused is there a simplier terms you can put it in? also, how would you assign different plans to each team?
  23. actully he says "Chort" not "Short". as for you problem, no idea.
  24. Thanks for the explaination, but how would you use it to identify fire teams? if I knew that earlier, i might not of gave up on one of my missions. maybe it is still in my hard drive somewhere Also, can you then assign plans to player platoon fire teams? that would be cool to have a certain fireteam to automaticly carry out a plan, but i would think there would be a few bugs, as in showing it on the command map.
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