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  1. Bullet casings? really? That's pretty sweet. I guess I've never played that kind of Paintball before. And yes, the airsoft pellets can hurt...but not nearly as bad as a frozen paintball ;-)
  2. sweet! congrats. I sent in a few bug reports (when the tool would work for me)... I'm glad someone got something though...
  3. Played the map tonight but we all had some serious lag issues. It was fun though. I died twice trying to get out of the spawn! Nice Work!
  4. RAP seems pretty cool. I've never done it, but have you ever played airsoft? Seems to be a bit cheaper to get into... I love my M4A1 tactical carbine airsoft gun.
  5. I can't help but notice that GR.NET seems awfully quiet lately. Well, it seems to have started somewhere around the release of MP 3. At that point, things seemed to have quieted down some. I don't really know the reason. I know some folks aren't too happy with the way GRAW has turned out; could that be it? There are still posts being made, but they seem less...I dunno...meaningful. I used to spend the better part of an hour or so getting through all those "posts since last visit"s...now it only takes me up to 10 minutes...tops! Is it that I read faster? Is it that my concern with the GRAW community has waned in some way? Or is it truly that GR.NET has been on the decline (at least in the area of good, meaningful posts)?
  6. Makes me nervous just watching it...
  7. Played my first multiplayer SWAT 4 games tonight with my clan. I really like the way you are almost forced to think more tactically than in GRAW. We seemed to work more fluidly and coheasively through all of it. The missions are also a fresh deviation from the streets of Mexico that I have spent many hours upon in GRAW. Anyone else SWAT fans?
  8. Ah SnowFella working on some GRAW weapons! Good luck mate. I sure look forward to their release!
  9. I had this crash tonight that I've never seen before. We were playing Coup d'tat Coop mission and I was the last one left. Upon my dying (just entered the car park area) I, and the other two watching from deathcam, crashed to desktop: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecooperative.dsf(-1): cant find member: base in type <destroyed c++class>[/code] Just to let the authorities know...
  10. DeUcEsWiLd


    Mmmm...backups. I need to do that sometime soon. Best of luck with all that content. It's nice to know we aren't posting in vain were something to go wrong with this site!
  11. Ok, so I'm proud to finally have a squad that is kickin' and havin' fun. We recently got our first dedicated GRAW server from MonsterGamingServers.com, and oh how we love it! Since we got our server we have added nearly 6 new members to our team and more come daily to play with us. Our TS server is alive and kickin' as well... So that is what it feels like to be a part of a sqaud that is alive!? Rock on, I say. Rock on.
  12. Ha! ...my thoughts exactly... But, I must be honest. I definately had to bring it up in conversations with her...and at times she wasn't the most encouraging towards my birthday present being in the form of a GPU...but she agreed in the end...and was happy she made me happy! And oh boy am I happy!
  13. Cutter, our Indy Colts! Another record breaking Sunday for Peyton, Harrison and Coach Dungy...
  14. I haven't seen too many Grin boys around these parts lately. Just taking a vacation? Am I not looking? We aren't forsaken are we?
  15. You know you can sort the server list by clicking on the column headers, right? That's how I sort out the empties from the fulls. Just sort the list via the # of players column... And, wham-bam, thank-ya m'am, you got yourself an easily managable server list...
  16. Up until two days ago I was in the same boat in GRAW. I editted the XML to get textures only up to medium. I was running a GeForce 6600+. Got it prettty cheap at Newegg.com. This new video card can honestly take your breath away compared to my prior card. Best of luck with your new rig. Treat her nicely!
  17. Yes, congrats. Grow 'em up good!
  18. We've had numerous disconnects from players between rounds and even a few mid-game with the "altered gamefiles" reasoning over at ToW. I wonder if it is GameSpy related?
  19. So, my wife will be the first to admit that she doesn't care much for the Ghost Recon series. First is was GR 1 in college, now it is GRAW in marriage. She doesn't like the hours spent sitting here at this very desk nor does she understand how I can enjoy a tactical, team-oriented FPS like GR. With that said, she is an amazing woman. So amazing that tonight I received my early birthday present... an ATI x1900xt. Ok...so I ordered it...but she allowed it...and that is a great thing. Thanks be to my wife...thanks be to ATI! Tonight i played my first game in GRAW with all settings maxed. To be honest...I was running more fps with these settings with this card than i was with all low settings and my previous card! Ok...so I'm happy!
  20. Welcome to the community iburkey. Well thought first post...though I may not agree on everything.
  21. Very cool. For a guy looking to get back into the modding scene, I'd love to see something like this.
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