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  1. I woke up at 4:00 AM to stand in line to pick up this exact monitor! It's pretty sweet, eh? I've been on cloud nine playing GRAW and Flight Sim X these last few days!
  2. Welcome. I am getting into simming; although, less combat and more passenger routes.
  3. i've been enjoying it for a little vile now, when time premits me, and also started flying with vatsim. having online atc is nice ps. : big flyin in northern norway this weekend btw ) not sure if i'll amke it though, since i've got the house filled with guests :\ have a nice weekend though, and have a safe flight I thought about attending the Fly-In but then decided against it as I have only flown on VATSIM once so far. I'm pretty sure the ATC wouldn't be too happy with my having to make an emergency landing!
  4. 1st try, 57 WPM...4 errors...
  5. Open your background image in Photoshop (i.e. the bike). Then add a new layer on top of that. Add a layer mask to it. Then begin to paint on that mask to reveal the layer below (unmasking it). It looks like they used some funky sort of brush to get the jagged edges. Photoshop comes with quite a few brushes to choose from and a quick Google search will reveal numerous more free brushes that you could download and use.
  6. DeUcEsWiLd

    The Xbox 360 sucks

    I was downright close to purchasing a 360, yet never did. My normal telly and the the cost in getting the console, a few games, and Xbox Live subscription was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I'm glad I didn't. I picked up a new PC game instead...and gaming life is all good. Consoles are just not for me. Not when I've spent the money to upgrade my computer to a pretty decent rig. I do still park myself in front of a 360 when I visit a BestBuy though. I got to play GRAW for about 45 minutes. Was quite fun, but different from the PC version. Took about 44 minutes to get used to...
  7. I have FSX and have really been enjoying it. I don't have much history with flight sims but I'm slowly picking up the pace of flying technique. The full-service airports are freakin' cool too...
  8. I figured they'd be playing [GR] Coop with objectives....
  9. hey, ill be going to the release party next week, so ill make sure to send your regards sorry I cant give you any more info on the patch, not my info to give out im afraid. "... the patch" At least we at least know for sure there was/is a patch!
  10. I downloaded it a few days ago...and my wife has similar thoughts. "Black and Orange? That was SOOO last week!"
  11. Thanks for your thoughts.... Love the song. Got a score of 870 on the first try...
  12. Which is a game that I have found myself nearly addicted to since I picked it up this last weekend...
  13. I've been a loyal GRIN fan and GRAW fun, and still am, though my interest is waning a bit. The disconnects (whether from SADS or GameSpy) are getting old, the numbers of online players seem to be dwindling with the passing of each week, and bugs that were in the Beta release of the last patch never were fixed...not to mention new ones that seemingly have popped up since then. I sit here a bit frustrated...
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