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  1. ^has a funky way of spelling his nickname^ Welcome back thread!!
  2. ^Probably liked the series Band of Brothers.^
  3. ^all the numbers in his profile (total posts, date joined...etc) can be divided by 2^
  4. sell out just kidding. Congrats.
  5. is not stupid!! you're stupid!! (ie. this would be the beginning of a flame war if i wa actually serious )
  6. "what do you want for breakfast?" girl, "huh? what?" "well after we're finished it'll be time for breakfast"
  7. so now you're stuck with one kit for each mission?
  8. "KEEP YOUR RIFLE OUT OF MY ASS!!" edited for affect or effect, patent pending.
  9. I could try kicking some "wasps nests" if you want...maybe breath new life into an old thread where i saw signs that the U.S military was being stretched thin (which someone told me i was more or less an &%^$ ). But i dont think it's worth it.
  10. happens to everyone from time to time.
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