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  1. Hide it, it'll do no good opening it up. The patch is a done deal. There's no point in everyone going over old ground when it can't make any difference. I would also assume that some of the comments made in that forum would have been made by people because they assumed that the forum would stay out of the public domain. Best just let it rest and move on. FYI I'm not a beta tester.
  2. She plays Ghost Recon too??????
  3. The VBS community is second to none. Whilst I don't VBS due to a small timezone issue (i.e. I'm in the wrong one), when I did stay up into the wee small hours, the games and the people who were online were exceptional. I'm sure everyone would agree that there's a level of maturity that's not seen in many realms. VBS stands out for that. Missions can be 5 or 10 minute firefights, or 1-2 hours slogs from insertion to extract (or more usually death) with a huge rollercoaster of bits inbetween. You very much get out what you put in, but bear in mind that there are few if any run and gunners in VBS. God I miss VBS'ing :'(
  4. Good Job Dannik. Dunno what I'd do without my regular visit to Aggression Top Man
  5. Just tried Internet Excrement 6 and it would show the forums, until I tried to login, said it was logging me in, then gave me the same error as FF. Now getting same error in IE and FF. The people who can see the forums, perhaps they can confirm the the can log into Aggression. I could see the forums in IE until I tried to login, then got dumped.
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  7. Good to have you back Mark.
  8. I'd appreciate a link to the report where the neighbors got beaten. Didn't seem to see that anywhere in the news that I saw. Koyair and Kahars lawyer said they "started bashing them over the head" when the house was raided. I haven't seen anything around the "one big fact" you point to saying the neighbors were attacked. Sorry I mistook this as you making light of what happened. It might have been the smileys that put me off track, and I missed that you were concerned that armed police officers had been involved in a raid which resulted in someone being shot. Me Bad. Probably the truest statement you ever made.
  9. Anyone in UK been following this (Im sure you have) ... this is a "mendez" style pile of turd yet again. Nice way to stur up the "community" they speak of ... oh how people are played off each other. ....!? Come again? I thought you sort of staked out for a while and got the evidence you needed before you decide to steam in with god knows how many armed officers, surely this proves "resonable" is "not enough" .... ???! I call this "Shoddy by design" or another little phrase "Psy-Op". Calius, It's nice to know yet again that you are in possession of all the facts, and can after a week, conclude that this is the same as the Mendez incident. The IPCC will be kicking themselves that they never offered you a job. I'm also glad you can make light that someone has been injured during a police firearms operation. Since you are obviously better suited to running the Met that Ian Blair I've taken the liberty of getting the police recruitment website for you Police Could You? Quite frankly you make me wanna puke.
  10. Papa 6.1 And I'll always remember the advice that Rocky gave me when my first son was born
  11. The two "Cops" you point out. The second one is wearing a sombreo!!!! The guys jumping the wall are way too bright for the quality of the video, and the distance away. Funny, but not real. This would have been all over the news if it happened.
  12. I'm in a league, but there's no one else in it. I'm on my own.
  13. Wasn't it "There's not place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, ....."
  14. It's only a game, it's only a game , it's only a game , it's only a game , it's only a game , it's only a game , it's only a game ......
  15. Happy Birthday Zjj, what happened to a lady never revealing her age?? Belated b'day congrats to Gordo
  16. I think they are trying, sarcastically, to tell you that what you are saying is something that we have all seen before.
  17. Never having been to Mexico City I can't say what it's like, however don't imagine it's like the forests of Georgia (near Russia not the US one). I imagine that in most major urban cities the sun appears as a hazy yellow blob. Like Crowie, can't say I've actually looked about for it. Too busy looking for hard cover.
  18. T_1

    Monkey 1 - Soldier 0

    All that expensive training and he lets this happen .... Soldier Punched by Monkey
  19. A climb over function might be interesting depending on how it's implemented.
  20. Okay, I was surprised until I saw Finland and then Lithuania's songs. I haven't watch this for about 20 years, and I must say me and wifey had a hell of a laugh. In the end Finland deserved to win, not for any musical talent, it could have been any Heavy metal song they were singing, but the fact as wifey said "At least the got dressed up for it, they would never have won if they'd wore Jeans and Trainers" Terry Wogans comments made the night tho. Sarcasm thy name is Wogan.
  21. The tanks rolled over the hulks when I played the mission. Clear the way points and re assign them on the command map and execute all again.
  22. The entry from Germany is a Country and western song in English
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