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  1. There are bold riders, and old riders, but not many old bold riders. Tell her to Ride safe, and keep the rubber side down. Nice bike. Not as good as a Honda tho
  2. I concur with Rocky. The boy done good Good to hear from you D.
  3. 3rd Person view is nice when you're getting transport from one location to another. It allows you to spin around the vehicle and look at the scenery. Personally I don't like it when the action starts as I find it a bit disconcerting, but as has been said, it your worried about the cheat aspect, then the server settings can turn it off.
  4. On that note have you got ArmA yet, or are you planning on getting it?
  5. Take it easy man, and good luck.
  6. Not as polished IMO as it could have been. All that hardware and not one shot fired ??? No badguys seen? Is this the future of Modern Warfare??? Doesn't do the game justice. Nice music tho. T
  7. And he was, right to the end.
  8. I'm happy switching between Green for GR and this for ArmA. Let's me know I'm in my special dark secret place
  9. It's pretty good. Will need to arrange some games soon. T
  10. Crap, got caught up with stuff in the house, now ad to much to drink. Soz(elled). Tomorrow?
  11. I'll make some time this weekend, been tied up at work so to speak.
  12. I'm not playing it at the moment, but I could fire it up if you let me know the addons I need. Ranger? You up for to "get some" Sart?
  13. She'll be No 4 for a while. AFAIK the voting is over, and they have a winner. Sadly not Bec's Good thing is tho Mrs T didn't bust me
  14. Rocky do you get an "Object moved" page when you click 10? I'm not convinced it's working.
  15. ###### she's at 10 now Whooo up to 8 with 2 clicks
  16. Downloaded this last night, and just spent four hours on servers. I forgot how good this was for a free game.
  17. Dear God Rocky don't give this lot any ideas
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