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  1. I could have sworn you were Halli with an English Accent
  2. Yea, mate, once we had lulled them into a false sense of security we had them
  3. Very nice Map Durka. Something to suit everyone IMO. Nice open(ish) spaces, long streets, cramped alleys, multilevel buildings. Good work.
  4. I thought you said you had slipped Liking the Crash Map the best on Sabotage, total mayhem.
  5. Depends ...... does your dog have a sister?
  6. T'was a hoot last night. First off I have to apologies to anyone who was on my team and thought I was Ignoring them on TS. 'Specially Custard as I TK'd him more than one. I had been apologising on TS for it, but only when everyone had cleared out and I was speaking (or trying to) Halli and Rocky that I realised that my TS wasn't working (as per usual. Rocky can confirm me and TS don't work too well together). Also I'd like to see a feature added that bans Rocky from using text messages like "I took your base while I was on the phone", which he expanded to "I took the base while I was in the shower on the phone". Not big and not clever. Next time, the car will be running Mister
  7. Good games last night again. If only Virgin would sort out my net connection
  8. Didn't come on last night due to persistent internet trouble, and I had the cold Maybe tonight
  9. You forgot to say if you shot them or not?
  10. My connection was too flaky for me to hang about tonight
  11. Is this worth adding to the first page of this (ever increasing) thread ?
  12. Good stuff last night. Really must try and work out the maps, this not having a compass seriously messes with my sense (or lack) of direction.
  13. Good fun. Good to see Saint, Rocky and Zebb, and to meet the guys, who are nice peeps. from SPARTA.
  14. I would hope there are more than just me and 1 other around who remember that
  15. I made the third screenshot (Well a previous incarnation of me) Hard to believe I was in the first 1530 members before life caught up with me
  16. Tragic news. He was well respected in motor sport community and a real ambassador for his sport and his country. That there were children on the helicopter as well just makes the news even sadder. RIP.
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