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  1. Well, I ended up getting it on XB1 at release.

    I'm not going to go over what's already been said many times, and which I agree with.


    But, I am enjoying it mostly.  There are things I would change, as we all probably would, but I end up policing myself in terms of weapons/loadouts/and the "C" word.

    It's a pity I couldn't afford a decent PC to run it on

  2. On 30/09/2019 at 03:54, Rocky said:

    T!! So good to hear from you again haha. 

    Congrats on managing to log in lol. 


    Yea it's been a long time.

    Remembered my password and everything 😎

    Currently trying to convince myself not to buy Breakpoint on the XBox .... but I think I'll end up getting it.  I liked Wildlands (PS4) and it's not only PvP so I might dig deep and hide the credit card statement from Mrs T.

  3. On 11/09/2019 at 20:06, Rocky said:

    .. but when I see my Breakpoint character picking up purple plants as he runs around so he can craft something, I have to wonder what the heck's going on with this series.

    Purple Plants??? Sure your character wasn't trying to make Buckfast Rocky 🤣

    How you all doing.  Haven't had the funds to keep a PC up to spec over the years to play shooters, and the XB1 open beta was fun, but I wouldn't go anywhere near the Console Kindergarten for co-op.

  4. Thanks for letting me play with you guys T_1. Sorry about shooting that BMP too early, I honestly thought someone said it was OK to fire.

    The only thing I didn't get was the map. I could never see anything on it, not even myself. I didn't understand when you said switching comms changed stuff on the map. Anyway, good game.

    You did fine. That was the Tactical Server which we were on, the Public Server is a little more .... dynamic shall we say.

    Someone did say fire btw, the other person didn't hear them, so when you let loose with the jav, it came as a surprise to them. No harm done .... except to the BMP :thumbsup:

    I'll PM you with stuff about the Comms Set up in game to do with the map markers etc.

  5. Anyone know where T1 has got to, it's not the same if I'm not being tk'd by him every game.. :hmm::P

    Hmmm, has anyone noticed when Krambo is on, T1 is missing, and vice versa? Could they be DUM DUM DUM, the SAME PERSON?! :ph34r:

    Never fear I is still here. Not had anytime to get online the last two weekends. Busy with stuff in the house and at work.

    The TK'ing will resume shortly, and to quote my alter ego

    "Jog on!"

  6. First off I'd like to apologise to my teammates who I TK'd during the S&D round after Halli had offered my a beer to do it. It was a pure accident (on both occassions <_< ). However I did recover to win the round, so no harm done .... apart to Tinker and someone else IIRC.

    What a laugh last night, apologies to everyone for the comms where I spent a lot of time gasping for air because I was laughing so much.

    Great night :thumbsup:

  7. Picture the scene, "Bloc" map, I had just spawned and made my way up onto the first floor on "B" side to see what's happening across the way when from behind me about 10 inches away .. BAM :o

    "You have been teamkilled by T1" we had not even seen the enemy yet let alone open fire.

    LMAO, I was laughing so hard it was difficult to talk if I didn't know better I would say it was a retaliatory tk for all my previous ones on him.

    But on the upside I think I was the catalyst that drove him on to win several of the games during that particular map for us...

    GG's all, :thumbsup:

    But I agree that TS is a must have if you want to play these games with us..

    In my defence ..... :(

    Okay, I don't know what happened, for some reason I assumed that no one would have made it to where Zebb was from our side, so when I saw some one ... I shot them.

    I couldn't believe it when the TK message came up :wall::blink:

    But on the upside I think I was the catalyst that made the other team laugh so much that picking them off was easy and allowed us to win several of the games during that particular map w00t

  8. Would've been a better night if we could get more people to play in the States. I leave for half an hour, come back to see 5 left playing, by the time I join in they have all left. :(

    Where are you yanks! :)

    sorry is 1.30 in the mornin now, and my kids show no mercy, they wake up at 6.30....

    Good games though

    I remember playing till 2 or 3 am on WK's GR1 servers, then up at 7, then back on Sat.

    Ahhh, to be young and foolish again.

  9. Great laugh last night. Highlight was Krambo sneaking up on me, then saying "Oi, T_1" on TS. I knew what was coming spun round and saw him standing there. So I shot him. Krambo then informed everyone how lag seemed to be an issue ... in only the way Krambo can ;)

    Also, Adder TK'ing me with a knife. Still makes me laugh that does.

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