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    "Last I heard, the Brits were adopting the G36.... I was reading up an article on it....apparently they had the choice between the G36 or the FN F2000....." There was newspaper speculation after initial bad reports of the L85A2's performance in Afghanistan, but it turned out that the cleaning drill being used by the RM really was at fault and no bad reports appear to have come out of Iraq. Near-future British fireteam equipment is likely to standardise on: 1 L85A2 1 L85A2 with Grenade Launcher 1 L86A2 LSW (designated marksman role) 1 Minimi
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    There are a few too many inaccuracies here to let go unchallenged. - the rocket -- "the rockets' red glare", battlefield rockets had been around for a century and a half by WWII. - the jet engine -- British, early US engines were based on Whittle's work, Whittle and Ohain having developed the jet engine independently and roughly simultaneously pre-war. - atomic bomb -- multinational, US, British and a lot of expat scientists of many nationalities, some German. The actual German efforts didn't get far, See 'The Farm Hall Transcripts', Institute of Physics Press for details in their own words. - *** the UFO ** -- annular wings have been around since the earliest days of aviation. - laser beams (called death rays) -- The idea was common pre-WWII, but the technology was lacking. - flying wing aircraft (todays B2) -- another wingform that's been around since the earliest days, the Northrop XP-56 flew in 1943, well before the end of the war and the discovery of the Horten brothers' work. - the helocopter -- Germany claims the honours for first successful flight, but Sikorsky was working on the helicopter from 1909 (at which point he was still a Russian)
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