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  1. Not bad at all, but a few things could possibly be tweaked to be better still. The rear idler is too low, the axle should be almost level with the top of the roadwheels (this does seem to vary with specific model, but of the images in Janes Armour and Artillery most are noticeably higher than that on the model). Tracks are typically drooped to run along the tops of the roadwheel (though I don't know whether GR will let you model that). Putting the typical skirts on the model would hide it and make it a non-issue. The glacis angle doesn't look right to me, but that might just be down to the angle of the model in the image. Most A2s seem to have the external fuel tanks at the rear, but apparently that's an option rather than a definitive part of the vehicle.
  2. Looks pretty good, but that should be M1 Abrams, not Abrahams
  3. HK-91 is simply a semi-auto G3 for the US civil market, the HK-93 is a semi-auto HK-33. The Saudi soldier in the clip you referred to would have been using a G3. There are quite a few mods with different G3 variants.
  4. Neat, retrofittable to the Mi-8 and Mi-24s?
  5. Aerospatiale SA-365 Dauphin, aka HH-65 Dolphin, aka AS-565 Panther, aka Eurocopter EC-155, aka Harbin Z-9. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_Panther In service with lots of folks including USCG, France, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil etc.
  6. First time I've heard anyone call a Humber Pig a tank! 1 ton truck with delusions of grandeur might be more to the point. See http://www.joseph1.demon.co.uk/pgpigturret.htm As pointed out the fins on an RPG aren't robust enough to stop the warhead (and the stand-off distance isn't great enough, the fuse would have impacted before the fins met the fence, but in any case the main anti-vehicle threat in NI wasn't the RPG-7, which saw very little use, but culvert bombs and 'mortars'. The 'mortar' in question wasn't the 81mm trench mortar everyone thinks of when they hear the term, but a remotely fired improvised device usually hidden in a roadside hedge and fired horizontally as a vehicle passed.
  7. Or download the Return to Kosovo mod....
  8. Probably makeshift applique armour, but potentially just extra stowage.
  9. How does the armour work. Does it actually stop RPG rounds? Sounds great. There are basically three kinds of add-on armour: spaced, reactive and applique. RPGs are a shaped charge warhead (just like those of ATGM and tank HEAT rounds), the explosion of the inverse cone shaped warhead converts a copper liner into a high speed jet of metal a few millimetres wide that basically bores through the target armour. Penetration is often stated to be roughly equal to the diameter of the warhead. Spaced armour, from WWII era Schutzen skirts through to the 'fence' armour on the Stryker and the chains dangled from the backs of some Israeli tank turrets, works by making the charge detonate early, allowing the jet to dissipate to a considerable extent before it contacts the main armour of the vehicle. It's disadvantage is a bad habit of getting caught on things. Reactive armour works on a different principle, by disrupting the jet with an explosion directed outwards, but isn't used extensively by the US forces (ISTR the USMC had some kits for their M-60s, but can't think of any other use). Reactive armour is usually easily spotted as a series of thin, angular boxes tacked on top of the existing armour as an add-on. The disadvantage of reactive armour is that it also has a reputation for being easily damaged and even a successful detonation of a box leads a hole in the armour array until you can replace it. Many ATGMs now feature an extended probe with a small charge to trigger any reactive armour before the main charge arrives. Applique armour covers everything from the purpose designed add-on armour sets used by M-1s and Bradleys and the Kevlar inlays being produced to up-armour Hummers and other softskins, through scavenged bits of metal to spare roadwheels and the crew's personal kit and simply functions by giving the warhead extra material to penetrate before getting to the innards of the vehicle. All three types will work against shaped-charge warheads, only Applique has a significant effect against KE rounds (though the new Russian Kontakt-5 reactive armour is claimed to be able to defeat a KE round) There is a fourth type of armour with considerable promise for defeating shaped-charge warheads, electrical armour in which a very powerful electromagnetic discharge is used to disrupt the formation of the jet, but that is at the very early demonstration stage.
  10. That 'M113 with MG turret' picture is actually an Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle rather than an M113. The M-113 picture shows both M-113A3 (front) and M-113A1 or A2 (back), the primary visual difference is the external fuel tanks at the rear of the M-113A3 (one either side of the ramp).
  11. My fault, I forgot the icon files -- mostly because I rarely bother copying them. The icon file is specified by the <KitTexture> tag in the .kit file and can be found in the directory shell\art\kit. The reticle file is missing.
  12. I'm not clear what you mean, there's certainly several extra double quotes in your example and you seem to have editted the lines you copied to insert ' _nmm_', where they should be copied unchanged. As an example, three lines from my strings.txt: "AI_AW50" "AI AW50" "AI_L115" "AI L115" "AI_AWC" "AI AWC" If I'm copying the L115 to another mod, then I need to copy the line "AI_L115" "AI L115" to the destination strings.txt. Nothing needs to be changed in this line, it just needs to be inserted in the destination file. Notice that the entries in strings.txt come in pairs, one pair to a line, each member of the pair surrounded by double quotes. The left hand entry needs to be exactly identical to the <NameToken> value from the .Gun file -- in this case that would be <NameToken>AI_L115</NameToken> This is one of the values where Ghost Recon is case sensitive, so "aI_L115" or any other variation won't work. The right hand value is simply the text string that will appear in the HUD. If you get the values in strings.txt wrong the game will still work, it will just display the <NameToken> value in the HUD instead of the right hand. That's right. Sounds are the other value you can get wrong without causing the game to crash, if the sound file can't be found, then the weapon will simply be silent.
  13. So that's what's in the install.iit files... It's not something you need for moving a weapon between mods, though. You need to copy the following files: At least one .kit file using the weapon, be careful not to pick one that uses a weapon you don't want to copy as a secondary (or a primary if copying a secondary weapon). Found in the sub-directories below \kit in the mod. The .gun file that goes with the .kit. Found in the \equip directory, look in the .kit file to determine the name of the .gun file. The .qob file that goes with the .gun file. Found in the \model directory, look in the .gun file to determine the name of the .qob file. The texture file(s) that go with the .qob file. Usually found in the \textures directory. Sometimes the name of the appropriate file(s) will be obvious, but to be sure you get everything necessary you need to download Skinner and open up the .qob file in it to see just which textures it uses. The .wav files that go with the .gun file. Found in the \sound directory, look in the .gun file for the files listed following <Selective>, depending on the weapon there will be one to four files listed. (If the weapon uses default GR sounds then there is no need to copy them) The .rsb file for the reticle that goes with the .gun file. Found in the \shell\art folder, look in the <ReticuleTextureName> tag for the name of the file. (If the weapon uses a default GR reticle then there is no need to copy it) Open strings.txt in \shell, find the entry matching the <NameToken> tag in the .gun file, copy it to strings.txt in the destination mod. Open effects.xml in \sounds, find the entries matching any sound files you copied, copy them to effects.xml in the destination mod. Increment <count> in the destination effects.xml file by the number of entries copied. That should be it. In all cases it's vital you do not rename the files or change any of their contents (you can, but then everything else has to be changed to match and this isn't recommended for beginners) and in general they should go in the same directory in the destination mod as they are in the original. .kit files can however be copied into any of the folders below \kit if you want to swap weapons between snipers, riflemen etc. Most mistakes will unfortunately cause a crash to desktop.
  14. Edit modsset.txt in the Ghost Recon root directory, delete the line for the mod giving you trouble, save the file.
  15. Don't forget Afghanistan is also perfectly valid for French SF, though that would need desert pattern gear.
  16. It might be worth pointing out that some of this is only necessary if you are using the .atr files unchanged. The <name>.chr, <name>_a.chr, <name>_b.chr system is intended to allow the graphics engine to use models with lower levels of detail when they are further away (hence LOD2/3 in the .atr files). If you aren't worried about saving the graphics engine some work then you don't actually need multiple LoDs, and you can dispense with the _a.chr and _b.chr, but you must modify the .atr files to match by deleting the LOD2 and LOD3 lines (and their equivalents for Desert and Cuba if used). It's more applicable if you aren't trying just to overwrite the default characters. if you are using Skinner then dispensing with the additional LOD .chrs means you only have to do one third of the work and also makes the eventual download a tad smaller.
  17. This is a thread discussing taking out tanks with AMRs, I'm not sure reality is real high on the list of priorities here....
  18. IIRC the Bohler is Austrian built, was used by the Austrian army and the Austrian weapons were adopted by the Wehrmacht after the Anschluss -- so it makes a perfectly valid AT gun for WWII German forces. A quick bit of checking says the Austrian designation was the M35 and that it was also used by Russia, Romania, Lithuania and Italy (Cannone da 47/32). The Allies later captured and took into service some 200 of the Italian variant, converting 96 for parachute delivery.
  19. I've just come across some clear pics of FN's winning candidates for SOCOM's SCAR-L and SCAR-H requirement that may interest the modders amongst us: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v257/Fra...ri/SCARjpeg.jpg
  20. I've seen a variant of the Commando family in film clips from Iraq, a quick web search suggests it's the M-1117 Guardian Armoured Security Vehicle used by the USAr's Military Police -- http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys.../ground/asv.htm For the timescale of Ghost Recon the Marine Corps' Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (ex-AAAV) should be starting to appear, and the Army's FCS APC variant should be in evaluation. We know what the EFV will look like, but the FCS is still too immature. I barely count Saxon as an APC, the uparmoured Hummers are just a protected utility vehicle like the Armoured Landrovers we use. Suitable for patrol in low threat areas, not for serious combat use. The UK designates the new Panther as a command and liaison vehicle, which is a good measure of what they should be used for.
  21. ROFL! Sorry, but you do realise the original weapon may have been designed with CATIA? CATIA has the possibility to produce an absolutely accurate model, because the source file for the model and the source file for the real thing may be the same file. Get back to us when you've successfully designed the real Airbus A380 or Boeing 7E7 in 3dsm. 3dsm is a good tool for low cost 3D graphics. CATIA is the world's leading tool for 3D engineering design. 3dsm is an accessible tool for modders, CATIA only makes economic sense for serious engineering companies. A is better than B doesn't make sense, they are simply too different.
  22. Potentially it violates the reverse engineering restrictions of the US Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and the US claims the right to prosecute DMCA violations no matter where in the world the law was contravened. Not something to try without a waiver from RS/Ubi saying they're okay with it... DG
  23. If you make any mistakes while doing it, yes. If you want to integrate the selected weapons completely so that you don't need the mod activated then you would need to move the kit, gun, model, sound, reticle and texture files (you'll need Skinner just to figure out which texture files you need) and the appropriate lines from the strings.txt and effects.xml files. KitMatrix? If the files are in the mod folder, you need the mod active to get at them. As those are used by the opfor and friendlies in the missions, entirely possibly -- you really don't want any AI controlled characters with explosive only weapons in a confined space.... The best option for your purposes would be to identify the kits you want and delete all other kit and kit restriction files in the mods. (Note to mod makers, naming your kit files as <primary>_<secondary>.kit makes life much easier for those of us who like to twiddle with mods)
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