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  1. This is the only thread dedicated I could see. Will GB go in the Tac FPS section some time??? Any way News letters, the latest one press sig. Previous ones check the forum. You need to be a member well worth the read though. http://www.blackfootstudios.com/forums/ind...hp?showforum=34
  2. Ideas are cool, it depends on who is doing it though. The present Distributer dosent take much notice of forums or its members, see last 2 years. Asking for cool things in a game only gets you no tactics and lots of Bells and
  3. GR 1 was a tatical game. Graw 1 and 2 are tatical but only against the console version, if you compare the 3 games pc wise GR1 comes out on top all the time. Its simple really you cant play a tatical game with 3 players especially when they dont follow orders all the time or dont use the correct weapons for the type of engagment. Ths mp side can be tactical only if you work as a team, but it does have choke points in it which make it predictable. Once you get used to the maps and download some modded ones and get used to them the game seems repatative, this is confirmed by the ammount of players online. People get bored and move on. Or as in some cases like myself move back.
  4. Im not sure if you guys remember, but loading previously saved games after a patch is bad news. The chances are they will not work, the game sp progress will be ok but not indevidual saves. Just a heads up although it does tell you this prior to installing. The new coop map previously mentioned, using c4 is fine but the whole point in a tac shooter is not to go any where near a bleeding tank FGS. Thats why AT was invented come on. Been on the TUG server tonight and see guys get repeatly killed by a tank thats has super human aim is just not fun and gets very boring after 5 mins. This problem has been posted time and time again, but still no action. The game needs to be playable, people just get peeed off and just leave the servers.
  5. Did you search for an RPG or TOW that you could pick up? I seem to remember reading that they had a fix that made sure items like those were spawning correctly. I haven't had a chance to play the map since I'm at work so I'll leave it up to you fellas to check for now. Yer had a look mate no weps, ta for the heads up though.
  6. Do you need a server to host this ?? if yes drop me a pm. Arr sp der
  7. coop_retrieve You have some tanks to see but no kit to get rid of them ?????????????????????????????????
  8. I think this goes for the software as well, I spoke to a guy in you know where a while back, re not being able to set up a server sided hard drive. I just could not log into it. Vista 64 bit. I felt after about 6 mins I knew more than he did, and I just hung up in disgust. In fact the tec net forum is where we got it sorted between 6 members with a similar problem, no MS help at all. I do feel some times the best place to sort out issues is a forum, so much experience and knowlege.
  9. Well it depends on how many guys worked on it and how long, also cost to those who did work on it, I imagine it comes under some form of contract. MattiasWiking and GRiN_DrHanke did I think most of the work, Ubisoft did the QA testing, I am pleased and would like to say thanks to those 2 for the work, it must have been hard seeing all your mates working on a new project and nearly on your own whilst doing this. I know some of the bugs were hard to nail, but it looks like most of the work has been done and well. I would have liked to see more content for sure but I really dont think it will happen now. Best thing is do the best we have with what we got until some thing new comes along.
  10. http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter_2/ Change notes: - New speedhack check. - Improved Anti-Cheat system. - Added server log file. - Open the console with a command in the chat: ( /open or /console ). Close it again with /close. - Screenshot bug fixed. - TDM tagging issues fixed. - Playernames now visible in server info window - Added a punish_suicide option to the server_settings.xml file. - Fixed the mounted gun so it will be counted in the statistics. - Added Night vision to the mounted gun. - Objective markers properly removed now in Coop. - Fixed some ordering issues in Campaign Coop. - help_server_settings.txt added to settings directory. - Several tweaks and bugfixes. - 2 New weapons added, M240 Machinegun and M1014 Shotgun. - 3 levels reworked for Multiplayer: coop_retrieve dm_dominion dm_industry dm_sierra hh_industry rvsa_dominion rvsa_industry rvsa_sierra s_industry tdm_dominion tdm_sierra EXTRA NOTE: You may have to have your DVD in the drive when doing a none auto update, Windows 32 and 64 Bit. Also remember the save file issue some saves may not work after installation. Game progress is saved.
  11. You really should not rely on any release date information, then you wont get so disapointed. Ubisoft normally will release info onto the net between 1600-1530 hrs UK time. If the patch comes out today this will be when it comes.
  12. Colin

    RIP Roy

    Yes shame, a good actor, good legacy though.
  13. I am seeing in the last 18 months or so Dev and Publishers talking to fans directly. It really does make a world of difference, I cant say where or who but I have the last few months had a real education in Development, and its only because the Team talks to its fan base, as a project progreses. I am not left in the dark, I do know whats going on, and above all I now relise the problems that happen along the way. I dont have to post to ask how is it going or how are you going to fix that, it already is an ongoing conversation. So I believe treating us like mushrooms, you know the saying, has had its day, its bad for all concerned. Involve the community and you will get a much better responce.
  14. Too funny, yer the file was originally a video of swimming with a commentary in the back ground also music behind the commentary. I used Adobe premier pro to split the video from the sound, as I wanted to work on the sound, this can be done in this programme no probs. So I am left with an mp3 sound file that needs a doctor to extract the voice section, I will take you up on your offer, drop us a pm with your email and Ill send it over. I have been trying to do this for about 4 hours and Im all out of ideas. I thought if I re recorded the file in a software programme straight from my speakers I might be able to sort it but you say no, thats cool. Ill just dump it on you. Thanks for the help mate really appreciate it.
  15. Cheers mate I kinda guessed as much, what if I re record the sound file which I have extracted. What software would allow this??
  16. I dont think it can be done otherwise it would have been done already, the console versions have got some great maps.
  17. Try this. http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/19369...arfighter_2/psp
  18. Hi guys, I have a video that Im using in a seminar for swimming. In adobe premier cs3 editor I can remove the sound part, but dont wan`t to as the comments are really good. I would like remove however remove the music in the back ground while the guy is talking, its a really good talk but the music spoils it big time. Any one any ideas please. Simon ?? Thanks
  19. Just a wee note here on oc card, this does cause and is reported on more than a few occasions causing problems. Your memory is what exactley one 1 gig one 512 are they compatable, is the MB dual channel. Glitch gpu is more than likely OC, driver, or memory problem.
  20. Regardless of whats in the Patch, how long its been comeing, and how long its taken Ubisoft to release the information, again after the console versions recieved thire updates. I will thank the guys that worked on it. Thank You to GRiN_DrHanke and GRiN_Mattias, they I believe have put most of the work in. I am sure they have both been pulling thire hair out wanting to say, well anything. There can`t be any thing worse than being creative and fixing code, only to know you are always waiting on big brother to say yes you can now talk. Ubisoft needs to take a leaf out of the Crysis team book also Capcom, which I am, glad Grin now works with. Guys good luck in the future, thank you for your patience and understanding. Look forward to playing with the new patch in the game. Colin
  21. This mission game guide should help, slow and low bro. http://guides.gamepressure.com/ghostreconadvancedwarfighter/ The mission list is on the left side.
  22. The first 2 do tend to go into the correct directory, just check to make sure the third one does as well, I had this problem on vista 2 weeks ago, it put IT in a none default directory for some reason bloody OS. oH AND MAKE SURE YOUR DRIVERS ARE ALL UP TO DATE TOO.
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