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  1. Just to throw my 2 cents in real quick. I think GRIN did an awsome job with this game considering they never built a tac sim game before. I just hope they realize they are on the right path and keep going and doing what they have been and not to second guess thier direction they took which was to make a sophisticated,difficult, challenging game to play. PLEASE dont think you have to dumb down the game. Of course ther is always room for imporvments. I personally think the game as is would be PERFECT if 1_everyone had better gaming rigs 2_No Freakin Dimonds Option 3_Mission Scripting capabilities. If Graw had hundreds of missions to play with story lines and scenarios, just like we did with [GR], this game w ould be an all time classic game.
  2. Thank you so much for the info. Yeah, I usually sharpie the info onto the cd since the manuals usually get lost or thrown out at some point, just didnt do that this time darn it. Oh well Ill update and see if I will be helped.
  3. I have the box, the cds, the invoice from newegg, its even installed and playabble on one of 2 OSs that I have running on my computer, .......Im screwed huh? Well any advice here is apreciated, I must have tossed out the manual with the cd key at some point and am left without the ability to install the game. It is still on a secondary OS I no longer use (windows 64) Because the network stopped working on that OS. I hope that because it is installed with original CD key, maybe its written somewhere there?
  4. I want to first say that all things considered, GRIN did a great job. OK, now with that out of the way, ...... Im tired of the "blame it on UBI" mentality. Its a cring shame to see gamers defend developers this way. I dont know the industry, I dont know the process, I dont know the polotics, but I do know it is a creative process and at the end of that process, the devs sign thier names to the credits. So what does it mean when someone signs thier name on credits after a creative process, that means I dont give a rats ass if UBI or "they" made a deadline cause the devs signed thier names for credits, I dont care if "they" drew the game's outline, the devs signed thier names for credits, doesnt matter how much was spent, the devs signed thier names for credits! When anyone signs thier name, they are calling it thiers. When the credits roll, and they list the guys for sound, it says "Desmon" (i asume) not UBI. Yeah Im sure the guy prob wishes he had more time, more of a budget, better this or that, but the work is HIS. The sound was awsome, but you wont see me saying "Thx UBI for the great sound", so why does it make sense to say, "Damn ubi, sound sucks and its your fualt!" (it doesnt suck BTW Des). Gamers seem to be giving developers alot of slack these days and opting to just blame it on publishers. While yes I have no doubt that UBI is a great influnce to what we get, there is no bigger influence to the end product than the Dev guy actually directing the teams, and there is even a bigger influence from the dept heads taking direction, and the most influence come from the lil underlings actually creating the game. Every creative process is influenced one way or another by outside forces, and while it should be considered, that should NEVER be an excuse for what comes out, EVER. The process on how a team or indavidual deals with those influences seperates the good from the bad and even the great. OK, off soap box.
  5. You know, Im kinda tired of hearing the whole "its UBI's fualt " I know I dont know the polotics or exactly why things transpired the way it did, but to suggest that RSE had nothing to do with GR2 PC not getting released is flat out redculous. They were given a task to do, build GR2 X-box Build GR2 PC. They didnt do it, I dont care what excuses they cite or the situation, they didnt make it happen. The best anaglogy I can use if player whining at refs cause they lost. No, I mean GrAW and only GRAW. They produced a game that went in a direction that I havnt seen that from RSE since the expansions of GR1. No I havnt, but I dont see how thats a point, its spin. Lemme ask you somthing, if a train going south at 70mph on the I5 and another train is going north @ 90MPH, does that still mean RSE still hasnt produced Jack since GR1 for the PC crowd? Whats there not to get, there is a reason why I play PC games. Thats because they are more challenging to play, usually have more production value,ussually have ######ting edge ideas and gameplay, the colsol versions get the watered down dumbdown version of the same thing. Whatever the console can handle and with a few bottons to control GAMPLAY. For me consols have ALWAYS been dumbdown compared to a PC game, always tailor for simpler gameplay run and gun types. It wouldnt matter if the age bracket for x-boxers was 90, I'll still simplify all that by saying that consols are for kiddies. You act like like Im attacking RSE, when in reality, its all just true. They have turn into really good consl developers, and if they can return to thier hayday of producing the best PC games then GREAT, but Im a realist, they have obviouslt made the effort to be console minded (focuse on flash VS substance)and thaats prob where they are going to live . I still feel PC gamers would be better off is GRIN has the oportunity to expand on what they've already started. They got the right idea, all I think they need is a lil more maturing time. BTW, Im curious, .... If i took the credits off of Rouge spear, or GR1, ... how many of those poeple would still be in RSE? Id be surprised if it was alot. If you supstitute is for was, ..I agree 100%
  6. I feel more comfortable with Grin creating GR4 PC version. Not one good PC game has come from RSE since the expansions for GR. You look at what they've produced they have steadily proven that they create game for the consol crowd in mind. I personally,couldnt care less how well a consol game is doing on a consol market, thats a weak argument to suggest that it somehow means they would have made a sucessfull PC version. RSE introduced Medipacks into GR2 and have stedily dumbed down everything they produce to wow the kiddies with x-boxes, thats the exact same reson why i would rather not see them have a crack at GR4, because of GR2, GRAW PS, GRAW X-box, Lockdown, Spintercell, OTher Spintercell consol games) See a pattern, THEY ARE CONSOL MINDED DEVELOPERS. You also forget RSE DID have a crack at making a GR title. They F_ed it up, we didnt get GR2 because they were focused on the CONSOLE version.Thats a great thing for consol players, but Id rather see Grin who have made some serious strides in the right direction making a fun challenging game to play. Yes alot of room for improvment, but thier history of how they produce PC games look a hell of alot better than RSE's does now. RSE didnt produce GR1 from thin air, They started with R6, the Rouge spear, then GR. Its took them some generations to get to the point were they could ###### away all that FPS developing talent for a more consol minded bunch. LD in 5 months sounds a lil BSy to me, Ive seen them advertising and talking about the games soon after Ravenshield was released, ... eh sooon enough for them to have a hell of alot more than 5 months to work on it. 2 new companies? !@#!@ dern. Might be done with FPS, its been a while since Ive played one anyway.
  7. I got a question, ... when are you schedualed to start producing GR4? Has it already begun? Eh, ok, I know you wont answer that, but i hope UBI give you the opotunity to continue where you left off. Allow you more time to perfect the engine and max out its potential with the added time. Care to drop any hints on this ?
  8. Its not about being for or against anything. I simpply realize the time restraints and the position Grin was placed, Grin took lemons and made some pretty damn good lemonaid. Its really not too hard to understand though . For me, best chance I have to see my perfect game to play, is if GRIN wakes a standalone expansion or the next GR, yeah sure patch what you can, but if there is plans for the expannsion, I hope they start thier efforts first on improving/maturing the engine they have now. (i.e direct ip connect, # of coop players, doors, peeking while prone). Continue the directiono but improve the engine quite a bit. Its a pov viper, you dont really need to like it, understand it or police it, , but eh whatever floats your boat.
  9. Im so glad to hear that you dont regret the direction you went. I think Grin is the best thing tac sim fans had in a long while, because you had the balls to put out a game with some challenging, non linear gameplay. Im realistic, I think the best thing you should focus on is the modding tools for the fans. More options and abilities we have to keep this title going and the intrest going, the better. There are a few things that I hope can be finished such as : The leader dieing in coop, shaky cam in cross com needs to be toggable, tweaked or somthing, and of course optimization of everything possible really. It'd be nice if you could also even incorperate an officcial HARSH insane dificulty for the game (one shot = 50ish-50% chance of death). Anyway, I'll be honest, no amount of patches is going to make this game perfect, but I am SOOOOO happy with what you've done, and I hope you will produce the expansion or next title(thats where the real hopes lay). I really thhink if you continue to work on your engine and continue the direction you took, you'll be one of the leading FPS dev teams around. One of the key ingrediant this game lacked is layered attention to detail IMO, some of the more obvious, unfortunatly core engine issues, where never resolved. Get past the graphics, you did amazing job there, and look at what OG GR1 had and what this game didnt, and just fill in the blanks.
  10. 1600x1200 not sure about FPS, but I'd guess 30-40 n up. Amd 4800x2 2gb pc3500 x1900xtx all high.
  11. _Direct IP connect _8+ players _Cross com shaky cam needs to be redesigned. Its all great for the first 30 secs, but then depending on playing style, things get a lil nausiating.(at least let us disable the shaky part) _Captin dies game over needs to go.
  12. Its a shame more people arnt suporting the game more. I have mixed feeling as well about the game, and the game score of 7-8.5 I feel is fair, but GRIN is still the best thing Tac Sim fans have. And if we dont suport them, chances are we wont have them for the future. We'll be left with concolse minded devs like RSE . Eh, just my 2 cents. I seriously hope grin has the oportunity to expand on what tthey have accomplished, they were so on the right track with the game.
  13. Yeah, I was lazy and that was the only thing that caught my eye, totally a mindless RSE bash. Still all true though. lol
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