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  1. Is it ready yet??? How about now? Now? Soon, right? How about now? NOW???? OMG! NOOOOOOOOOW?
  2. So I 've been a GRaholic for a couple of years now, mainly just LAN play at the office between a few guys. One thing I've NEVER been able to figure out is the mortars. Cool, so you get this neat mortar round, load it up and what?? The sights show a neat sight grid that doesn't seem to be adjustable, without even moving an inch, you can fire two rounds and they will go in opposite directions?!? What's the dal with mortars, I've played in the training filed and it lets you blast away into no mans land but how do you actually use targeting and sights?!?!? Is there a page that explains any of this or is it easy enough someone can at least get me started?? HEEEEELP!!! I WANNA BLOW THINGS UP FROM MILES AWAY! OM
  3. Yes I believe that is the one. I can see how the word used in a specific context would be unaccetable but the word itself is not, just how it's commonly used. Let's just say 'backward', 'slow', 'not so ghosty?' Opposite of advance. OM
  4. Was digging around for something different and saw Ghost ###### (Forum edited that word) sounds a bit dumb but so was the chicken launcher and I just about wet myself when I saw that one. Sounds a little tasteless, probably why link is down, but funny all the same. I was wondering if anyone else has a copy I can get somehow. Appreciate any help, OM Moderator Edit: If the forum edited the word, we don't want it printed here. IIRC, this mod is not supported by GR.net so you won't find a d/l link here.
  5. I have been a GR fan for a couple of years now and have tried almost every mod made (thanks guys you REALLY keep the game alive for me!) I was digging through some older mods and converts to fins something new and saw Ghost ######. Now I can see how wanting a copy would make me seem like an a**hole but it does sound like a good laugh at least. The link to the fileplanet file is dead, I've been getting nowhere for a few days now, I can only suspect that either it is too old or was deemed inappropriate. Would ANYONE know how I can get a copy? Cheers, OM
  6. "Cirque Du Soleil goes Army" "Only YOU can prevent enemy fire" "The old woman knew, just what to do. DO YOU??" "Look, this damn thing gave me a blister!" "I was the sailor from the Village People last Halloween" "YOU kill him, I have a mission to compile" "IGOR want's YOU!"
  7. Screaming man needs to go. Caption? "This gun's been hired" "Join the Ghosts, visit your friends house, see the world online, sit in your mom's basement and kill the foreign ######!" "They aren't like us, eliminate 'em" or in true Dr. Who style, "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!!"
  8. Well DAMN theres a map and a half for ya!!! Played all three on the lAN today with th eboss, what a hoot! Great texturing, color is VERY vivid, would be nice to see some new uniforms as I've shot most of these guys over and over again and they just keep coming back for more, suckers! You did a ERALLY good job on this one, i can't belive how many mods I have downloaded and played that have extended the life of this great game by years. If it wasn't for you guys (I was Gonna mod a map once but just don't have time) this game would have been another Finished=Garbage can game. Thanks to everyone who keeps this alive for me, YOU GUYS ROCK!!
  9. I wasn't sure about the forums, I figured general MOD was for modding help, don't have the time to mod yet. I looked at technical support but that forum also didn't seem appropriate, apologies for the mispost, it is a MAJOR pet peeve on an IT peer site where I am quite active. As for the mod itself; there was only ONE folder and all the sounds inside it. I thought it went into MODS, but thought I would have to select the mod just like any other and it wasn't there, so I started C&P'ing it everywhere. Thanks for your help, I'll try again. OM
  10. Well, I liked the idea of Kafee's new Sound Pack and made a mess trying to set it up. The readme didn't gve any install/extraction options so I just started copying it everywhere (like I said, "Dummy seeking sound mod help") DOH! I overwrote my origimiss1&2 sounds (gee now I have no sounds except the OOOOH AAAARGH as I die, DOH #2!) I managed to copy a set of sound files from another PC to restore the origmiss sound files but still do not know where to place this new fantastic sounds file I downloded. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I figured I was quite the GR dude after playing almost every mod found so far but this one has put me back to kindergarten again. Cheers, OM
  11. "No problem honey, but you're wearing the Darth Vader suit tonight." "Army Girls Gone Wild video shoot" "America wants YOU " (talk about a campaign poster, where do I sign!!)
  12. A wicked looking hottie with a gun and cam on! Does it get any better? Maybe the whole game will be women only !!!
  13. I GOT IT!!!!! NO NEED, I FIGURED IT OUT. After two days of this and that , installing stuff, uninstalling stuff, cleaning reg etc. I decided to give it one last grunt. Took a deep breath and relaxed, uninstalled sound drivers, uninstalled GR, uninstalled DX, rebooted reinstalled sound, upgraded DX, reinstalled GR and voila! I'd already tried that but probably, due to frustration, missed a rebooy or a reg file or something. Ahh, time and patiance, wish I had some. Well.....I guess I do when it comes to waiting in bushes with a sniper gun!
  14. Hello andplease help me snipe once more! Here's the deal: IBM Thinkpad R31 PIII 1.13 with SoundMax Integrated Audio. 640MB RAM, 32 Meg integrated graphics Intel 830M chipset. I have been playing GR happily for a year or so and now have lost my ability to play. I had a problem with a DX pgrade with it not completeing after reboot, not resuming etc. I used the DXRemoval tool and reinstalled DX8 then 8.1. Still had problems with a missing video dll with WMP so I got one from DLL files and WMP worked OK. Then noticed that GR wouldn't boot. A very long list of missing links to the same dll file were shown. Click for Pic I've downloaded and added the dll to the WINNT/SYSTEM32 file although the identical file was there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I will reformat my notebook against my willif I can't get my GR running. Thanks in advance for any and all help offered!
  15. Thanks for all your help and tips everyone. I'll try the EAX check and it sounds like I'm not alone on this one (which was main main concern) it's always irritating if YOU have a bug and nobody else does.
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