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  1. Gothicsnake, You hear Bad religion? thats my favorite
  2. LOL, I just got my tetnus booster and my polio vaccine today.
  3. Sgt Jamie

    Walk home

    @CME4WHOIAM Do you think that I would get drunk?? I'm only 13.
  4. I really want to play GR online (gotta wait till we get settled). Me and my friend play occasionally. I am 13, but I will never cheat or swear. I hate both. Cheating takes all of the fun out of the game, and Swearing makes you look immature. I will start looking into some clans, and I look foward to playing witrh other people who love Ghost Recon as much as I do.
  5. WANTED: USMC 8-point Patrol Cap Dragon Model "Jamie" (1/6 scale) 1/6 Grenade vests Slick shoes "wake up screaming" Please e-mail me if you have any of these.
  6. well, I can use my steel toe boots, my pellet gun, my baseball bat, my knives, or my hot glue gun. It depends on the mood that I am in.
  7. Ditto that You play "hide and seek" with advanced ghost-style tactics. You have the strong urge to blow apart your sister's teddy bear with your pellet gun. All I can think of
  8. Slick Shoes Rupert Parker George Friedric Handel
  9. Evolution is false. dinosaurs and humans were in the same time frame (kind of reminds you of the Flintstones).
  10. Here: http://image73.eguard.com/tickleinc/24722-...ent24722-0.html this was my score (pretty good for a 13- year old): 122
  11. Sorry for replying so late. Yes, I do have the ROE problems, but it doesn't bother me anymore. Try this. Before you go into a building or dangerous situation, be sure to check the ROE and reset if needed. For me, I put it on surpress. Also, the button that does the quick command (I think the Y button) usally puts the ROE on assult.
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