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  1. You can pick weapons in each class. Click on the blue bars below the class picture. now you can select different weapons. Enjoy
  2. Anyone else having problems with the rate of fire not changing some times?
  3. Has anyone figured out how to port the rest of the maps into coop play? We are getting bored of playing the same 3 maps on our dedicated server.
  4. Host game and go into the command window and write "/help" (I think it's "help"... can't check right now but I think it is) Thanks that worked.
  5. Does anyone have a list of admin commands yet?
  6. NO Good old days are, like the past, welcome the new era. I remember them too and SP for treats, I never did and never want too for one. I love the availability of the Campaign missions nice one Grin. Treats are for my pets. Give me it all & give me it now plz I would like to see a dedicated campaing mode.
  7. Command line dedicated server that runs as a service would be ideal. Similar to Raven shield. Also a dedicated server download. Over at www.tacticalgamerz.com we plan on running a GR2 dedicated server(s) only if there is atleast command line. GUI dedicated servers are completely useless and crash far too often. And require VNC to remote on to the server to run the GUI and are insanely slow to manipulate. That is the only reason we dont host GR1.
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