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    I don't think North Korea is behaving properly for a country its size. Countries like Russia are the main adversaries in Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint, Metal Gear Solid 2, Freedom Fighters, and countless other modern games. Russia takes it in stride and buys these games which their degraded in.
  2. I'm personally waiting for the Falklands mod they got coming out and Invasion 1944. If any progress has been made on the Unsung mod I'd love to hear about it.
  3. To my knowledge they're still working on it or its dead in the water. Some mod teams don't keep the community posted until the moment of release.
  4. As a fan of both the original Rainbow Six games(none of that Raven Shield stuff) and Ghost Recon I'm somewhat perturbed about the direction RSE is taking with their newer games. If I wanted to play Run and Gun games I've got a copy of Freedom Fighters and Soldier of Fortune that more than fill that role. If all else fails Xbox owners can get a hold on a copy of Operation Flashpoint if they truly want a game that conveys military realism. [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising] will hopefully correct some of the horrendous animation problems present in the previous game. Plus Earl is working on it from what I've heard. I just hope Ghost Recon 2 doesn't turn out as a shooter resembling SOCOM and Counter-strike for the ultra L337 players, but something military gamers can enjoy.
  5. You guys just give a me a guideline and I'll whip something semi-convincing up. I write for a living so this wouldn't be a problem and would give me something fun to do. Let me know what you think.
  6. I quite enjoyed the single missions as well as the total conversions like Battle Over Hokkaido and FDF. The game's great to be as dated as it is. I can hardly wait for the sequel or modern update or whatever they're calling it to come out.
  7. Eras3r999

    WOI MP

    Hey Guys, I decided to open a server for this great total conversion and allow some fresh faces to come and play a little Hamburger Hills. Teams are set at U. S. and Germans with infinite respawn and 15:00 time limit. Two teams with eight men a piece, come if you want. [EDIT] Sorry about that forget the IP Address. DOWN
  8. GR - Ak 47, no chance beating the most reliable assault rifle ever made. Mod - Steyr Aug Phantom from Op Stabilise(sp?), thanks AusViper for a wicked bullpup.
  9. Interesting. Do you have a link with more info besides the video? That's something I'd like to read up on. Thanks for pointing out an error on my behalf due to ignorance. But, we're all supposed to learn something new right?
  10. How about China invades the small nations of Taiwan and Japan. To protect American interests the Joint Chiefs of Staff give the go ahead to launch a preemptive attack against the Chinese forces. I don't have an idea for the name for the spec ops unit, but I'm sure you'll get an idea eventually. Cheers mate on getting enough guts to build a game from the ground.
  11. That's the name of it. I just found it on my HD this morning. Odd thing is that the Hectate 2 SD doesn't sound all that supressed, just like a quieter Barret.
  12. I was playing Elite Firefight on the Ghost Town map and was pinned down by two of the opposing force. Set my M4A1 on full auto and swept across and killed both of them in my blind attack. Didn't quite believe it at first.
  13. First off, your grammar needs a little work. No offense, but it just hurts my head to read stuff like that. In regards to your want of a supressed M82, no such thing could exist without completely removing the muzzle brake which helps to eliminate a portion of the recoil. If you want a supressed .50 cal sniper rifle look around with a mod containing the Hectate 2 SD, that's about the only true to life .50 cal special needs weapon I can think of. Hope that helps you out a little.
  14. Kudos, I'll be keeping something like this on my hard drive for months to come. Is an Ak 47 Armoury coming up from someone, or is that just wistful thinking on my behalf?
  15. To my recollection the Russians used Mosin-Nagant bolt actions and Tokarev rifles. War of Infamy has a pretty spot on representation of Russia's small arms in the 30's and 40's if you got it.
  16. I used to play Infiltration after the hackers took over CounterStrike, quite a fun game reminds of a faster OFP when it really gets going. After I uninstalled UT I had went to OFP and Rogue Spear and finally Ghost Recon. I just wish they'd make a newer version for UT2k3 or 2k4.
  17. Stechkin APS, Mauser Schnellfeur, MAC 10 or 11, Micro Uzi, one of the older Astra 1911s with the 32 round single stack magazine, Steyr TMP, and a Wilkinson Linda. Hope that helps a little.
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