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  1. Thanks to all for the help, I f only I'd looked upwards!!
  2. Hey I love it so far!!!!! Did I miss something in mission 2, completed all the objectives except destroy helo, mmmmmmmmm can't find one!! Did something not trigger or am I daft??
  3. Just checked my spec everything flew.........but I got told I have 2 processors running at 3.6. Can someone explain in thicko language how i've got 2??!!
  4. Once again my marriage hits the rocks!!! Reason for divorce............Ghost Reconoholic!!!
  5. Downloaded it.............Played it................Loved it!! Good work guys. Not too difficult, just right imho. And no problems at all with GD3 Looking forward to more.
  6. Hi again Nuts Add me to the 'complete numpty' club. If you get anywhere finding servers to play on, give me a msg and I'll join you. Bet I die first!! Sid
  7. We must be related I love to play GR, I'm hopeless at it! and would love to join other hopeless players online!! Haven't got a clue how to host. The manual might as well be in Russian for the sense I make of it!!
  8. Haha nether did I!!. I spent half an hour hiking through the sea after we crashed........................doh!!
  9. Thanx Sixpence I'm looking forward to this mod.
  10. Where can I d/l this mod?? the link doesn't seem to work or is it me??
  11. Munz without a doubt his MG kicks butt.
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