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  1. @Phoneycam.. Yup they moved on... And.....? edit: ooops. sorry. @Phokofyam edit: LOL.. Sorry. You know..
  2. Guess you didnt take the point here... New skins are good, when they are NEW. I been a part of this forum for 3 years. Ive seen good skins, and Ive seen bad ones.. But my point is, dont show off skins we all seen before.. bla bla bla.. Try bringing something NEW into the game. Something we havent seen before. I dont play GR anymore. But if the mods get better I might. I really miss some of the "legends" in this community. Like Argyle, Bajabravo and that swedish guy (dont remember his name). They gave me 1000s of hours of playtime... I miss that. But I guess they moved on. And I guess this game is dead. Anyway, keep up thew "good" work,,
  3. I rather go with the old school-guys Copy pics into GR-textures is kinda hard. They sometimes just dont look realistic. Havent been here for some time. GR-mods dont need another "skinner", it needs more models. I`ve said it before, and I guess I say it again Give me more models... Drop the lowclass-skinning
  4. It`s not making any progress. I guess it`s dropped a long time ago.. Nobody wanted the skins , and I deleted them from my pc. so this topic is dead..
  5. Dl Bajabravo`s generator and figure it out for yourself.. It is easy to use and very good.
  6. Its been my pleasure to play your mods, Argyll.. I just think you guys didnt get the credit for what you did. Nowadays, people think they taken the hole world each time they make one new skin... I dont think it should be that way---
  7. One of the things that ruined this forum whas the untalented people that didnt have the patience to stay and watch the work of the masters... Me my self , stayed and watch, masters like bajabravo and argyll... But lately, people been putting all kinds of weird work out.. I understand that they need some feedback... But, hey, It isnt to hard to make one singel skin.. You dont have to tell everyone each time you make something that could make us roam or something.. I`m not an "Argyll" or something, but I think you all have to pay some tribute to the guys who made this game... It isnt to har hard make a new skin... do you really need to put every single stinkng skin out to view?
  8. This is what I am talking about But with desert camo..
  9. I would really like to see a G36 with a C-mag and a carryhandle.. In desert-camo..
  10. If this is your first skin, I say you did a good job
  11. Don`t think this was a mod... Guess this was only a request for a mod.. I wanted to have a try on it, but I don`t think people responded.. Now I got enough pain with my project.
  12. Don`t worry about the names.. This is an exellent mod! Perhaps the best mod ever made with of the germans.. I think this mod beats every attempt so far.. So what if the names are goofy?!!! It doesnt matter.. The skins and the weapons are top notch. That does matter.. I think D-Z is one talentfull modder.. Better than many of the modders out there...
  13. I love the thing you did with the knees, Stalker.. It looks pretty real to me.. Dirt.. Its kinda hard to make.
  14. Good CHR.. I just wonder.. Why didnt you put the flag on the middle of the chest? I see that the us Spec ops always got their flag on the middle.. Perhaps its just me
  15. Did you get Nishi`s permission to use his Delta model? I`ve been trying to reach him for ages. Anyone know how to get in touch with him?
  16. Lancer, that`s some of the best weapons I ever seen.. Good work!!! Can`t wait to see more..
  17. Why don`t you check out some of the enemy face textures.. Not all of them look like badguys That`s what I do when I make my textures. And when I do guys with face paintings, I make 4-5 layers with different colours. Then I adjust the opacity and fill.
  18. ok.. So I got this copy of GR2.. And I am not too happy about it... I am a bit disapointed actually. I havent tried it out xbox live, but I have almost finished the singleplayer part. To describe this game with few words: It is like a 48-hour version of "Black Hawk Down". My ears are totally fxxxed up right now. I hear bells ringing. I just wonder, where is the RECON part in this game? And the control system is really lame. And hard to use. I have played this game the last 8 hours, and my arms really hurts But the goodies: It is a fine game to watch. Its all detailed down to the smallest part. And the rivers/waterfalls is just super.. But thats it. You cant just make a game and just base it on waterfalls and rivers, can you? When I was playing, I thought of good old "PACMAN". I kill you, I kill you, I kill you, I kill you and I KILL you. Its shoot and run all the way. So. I think. I guess my son will love this game, and he is 8 But for me, I guess I will stick with GR1 for now.
  19. Hehehehehehehehehehehe... What can I say? Nothing.. You said it all
  20. "If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon, you will be a minister of death, praying for war..."
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