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  1. True. but a picture speaks a thousand words. and by judging from the screenshot above by sleepdoc, tells me this will be just like GRAW, oh sure except more gametypes. Just from what I've seen, I won't be buying into GRAW2. I'm not as susceptible to the hype as I have been before. unless they get another DEV, for me or from my point of view, GR is dead. I think this game engine isn't able to produce the goods. -Papa6 your final decision is based on a few screenshots?
  2. That picture looks frightenly like Roco when someone tries to take an unfinished beer from his table. no, that's George W. Bush
  3. That's me your talking about....don't consider myself "extreme right." But won't let my kids become a part of the Harry Potter world, or any other similar fantasy. My right to feel that way, your right to disagree.
  4. against my better judgment, i'll say I was a captain for 7 years and declined a promotion once to stay in the job i was in. Remember real life ain't a game and there are many reasons for not making caption or major to quick. Like getting your schools, gaining experience, etc. When I was looking at getting major, there was a CAS3 school we had to go to, now it's called something else. There is a lot more to it than some of the things I have seen posted here. I realize everything posted thus far has been in good spirits, with good intentions, and I appreciate everyone's interest in the US military and in particular in the officer corps.....but remember, NCOs (Sergeants) are the backbone of the Army, and they have an equally important job. There are no one man wrecking machines out there like in the movies, we have to work as a team.
  5. how do you expect to keep cattle IN and Goblins OUT? Fences that appear in the middle of no where are likely property lines. good fences make good neighbors.
  6. good for you thinking way ahead of the game...I am currently on active duty and wear ACUs every day. I love them. They fit so much better, and now every time I see the old woodland patter BDUs, I think they are way to dark. the ACU patter is fine, because I don't plan on fighting in the woods of North Carolina any time soon!
  7. NYR, I am making the assumption it is mod-able, but instead of taking the heat by making this an Iranian/Iraqi environment, they will let the modder take the heat. They have given us the sandstorms, lighting, effects, cities, etc., up to us to make it better. What do you think?
  8. Operators sometimes like the extra reach of a 20 inch over the short M-4. I'm glad it's back, not only because I like the M8, but because it's one more weapon to add to the roster (besides, since the animations, model, and texture are already done, it makes sense that it would stay). I'm sorry, it makes NO SENSE. This rifle was ditched. I know you know it, and everybody else knows it, perhaps except for GRIN who continue to include a rifle that will NOT see service in the US Army. GET RID OF IT AND INCLUDE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR SINCE GRAW.... M16/M4 !!!!! pwease??? In your logic then the M16 and M4 should be ditched since it is going to be replaced rather soon as well. It's not some space rifle firing lasers or anything, I don't see the problem. Besides, the MR-C would be a better one to cry about (no pun intended). OHhhhh this is rediculous....Gene Stoner's design served us since the 60s....the M-8 never served us...period. No comparison.
  9. most of the small charges I had any dealings with had a minimum safe distance of 500 feet, and I'd try to stick with that where possible. so at around 330 feet per second (if i recall) then yeah, about 1.5 seconds from flash to boom
  10. He's with Luke and Daisy driving the General Lee to Uncle Jesse's Ah, you noticed I'm from South Carolina! You do realize that I am across the interstate from Ft. Jackson right now don't ya? I drive past the main gate everyday (well, not for the next few days as I am at the folks house for the holidays). I hear rifle fire on the weekends sometimes from my hotel room. I have been there for 3 months now and hope to be there for 3 more. You need to show me some of the rock bars where I can listen to live music. hey there WK! what are you doing in SC? Im not much for rock bars....but maybe we can catch some lunch together?
  11. Why would he not come back? perhaps I need to understand what was said, but surely the swarm of troublemakers that arrived concurrently with the lead up to the release of GRAW, and that left shortly after the release were seen for what they were....those guys were either never real fans of the title...or perhaps a small group of vocal troublemakers who registered with about 10 troll accounts each just to stir things up.... The rest of us are still here. I'm still rooting for GRIN! EDIT: Bo, sure would be nice if you would check in with a "smiley" emoticon, just to show us you are still thinking about the fans! No questions, no answer, no dialogue, no exchange of information, other than to let us know you are still there for us.....then I ask the thread be closed, and made a stickie, so folks can see you are still working for the fans!
  12. He's with Luke and Daisy driving the General Lee to Uncle Jesse's Ah, you noticed I'm from South Carolina!
  13. I've been gone a while, (but not THAT long!) and i just sort of expected to see more of his posts/comments, especially with the new GRAW 2 announced. Where's he at? The other GRIN guys?
  14. I found his thoughts on mayonaise intriguing. what a translation! haha.
  15. It won't come out in Q1. The only Q1 titles released these days are ones that were originally intended for Christmas the year prior and they just didn't make it. but by projecting a Q1 release, you can lay the groundwork for E3 buzz! It won't come out in Q2. To release it then would completely fail to capitalize on that yearly event dedicated to mass marketing video games - E3. So no Q2 release.
  16. the opinion of a soldier means a lot to me. I assume there are many who would agree. Doesn't mean their opinion trumps all others, just that it carries a little more weight on certain issues.
  17. zulater, you have burned my ass. those guys stretch their necks out to give us information, at their own peril since many final decisions are out of their hands, and like a child you throw it back in their face?
  18. OK, you just crossed over in the world of Gayness. Turn in your man card.
  19. nah, I lost the latest one while working 24/7 to finish up a little game called "ghost recon advanced warfighter" hehe well then, to pay you back a little, make another game and I'll buy TWO of them as well!
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