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  1. I too would like to see those type of physics/ballistics in GR2. IMO, Lineing up shots and taking out targets was a bit to easy in GR1. Physics should come into effect on long distance shots. I know of far less realistic games that use that effect, why not the Ghost Recon series?
  2. Try turning the tree detail up to medium or high, and that will solve the problem. I think its a Geforce Video Card driver issue. Sucks dont it. By chance, Are you alx from DMI?
  3. well, 4 of the missions are taken from the Stealth Recon 2004 Tournament, and I have contributed one mission for the Cartel map that has a stealth aspect as well. I'm not sure how many "stealth missions" are in the MOD, though I can guarantee 5 of them are stealthy.
  4. Where can I find a Mac friendly version of this to download? also.... what does 6.1 have that 6.0 doesn't? On a side note..... I am a MOD converter for Mac, and we have a site called MacGamingMods.com where I, and a few others, try and keep up to date with all the latest MODs that come out that have to be converted to be 100% playable on a Mac. But the problem we are having these days is that modders keep forgetting us Mac players are still out here (and are a diehard group to Ghost Recon because we dont get new games as much as PC gamers, so we stick with [GR]). What I am tryin to say is please package your mods so ALL Ghost Recon Players have a chance to play them. If you would like more info on this subject check the link out here in the general modding topics forum. BTW - Kafee soundpack 6.0 is growing like a virus on the mac side, it's a must have.
  5. "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell!!" - Christopher Walkin I love the n52, now anytime i play i have to bring mine becasue the keyboard just doesn't feel right. I die alot more aften without it. I cant live without it, i guess its my crack. lol
  6. works fine on my end, thats one of my favorite missions in the campaign. You sure you are completing all the objectives?
  7. Chavez mentioned the tentative release date for AS MOD is October 15th
  8. I am hoping its not too much longer after the PC release. If you need webspace for it, we have plenty at macgamingmods.com. I pretty much run the Ghost Recon downloads there. The .wav files aren't that big of a problem, we just batch convert them in itunes, and voila. The missions do run fine on a Mac, at least they worked when we participated in SR2004.
  9. Sorry for getting back to you on this so late. I would love for this to be included in the Alpha Mod. Me and the scripter have been doing some small tweaks the past few days to get the environment, and final briefing just right. I can get this over to you within the next few days when we have the final product ready.
  10. will YOU be hosting your mod on your server? I wouldnt doubt it. The put to much time and effort into it, for it not to be ran on there server when it releases.
  11. I concur, the super-fast-tight-no-recoil is just not right. It's reminiscent of the SPV4 weapon mods..... way to accurate and powerful, practically cheating IMO. Lets keep this game challenging. Once that gets fixed the mod will be active in my list for a long time.
  12. This mod has really started to catch on over in the mac community. It really does add a freshness to the game. Thanks for the effort and time put into this. Its much appreciated.
  13. Thanks; we will try this for the Cartel Map included in the Alpha MOD. That sure would make it much more playable in a 110 FF oooo, that would be awesome! Thats nice you are including Cartel in the AS mod. My buddy scripted a tournament style mission that i designed for that map. The first objective is stealth (inspiration from SR2004), and the rest requires alot of teamwork. Looking forward to playing it without the tangos being able to see thru foliage that i can't see thru, lol. I'll make the serverside mission public when its final.
  14. ooops, i was mistaken than. sry bout that, dont mean to give anyone bad intel, heh.
  15. Good to hear....... don't worry about the sounds to much, mac players can convert those quite easily using iTunes or other freeware. It might not be as easy for you being on a PC. Also, is the updated version going to be in the Alpha Squad Mod? (I thought i read somewhere your map was included in there) If so I will probably be the one converting that to run on the mac side, so any long filename issues you can take care of before any mac converter gets it, makes the conversion that much easier. If not i'm sure i could spend some hours doing it.
  16. I wish this were a correct statement but it is not. OS X cannot read filenames over 31 characters either. Unfortunately the port for Ghost Recon was designed for OS 9 and the Carbon OSX version is designed under that.... therefore all filenames have to be 31 characters or less. If not the textures will not show up incorrectly in-game. Trust me there are tons of mac people out there spending countless hours converting mods to make them run 100% on a mac. Sorry if i'm repeating what someone already said, but there has been a bunch of mods released lately that have been a pain in the butt to convert, to say the least. Packaging is a small issue, the long file names and incompatable texture formats is the hard part.
  17. Cool, I'll try and get ahold of the author and see if he has any ideas. Thanks for the point in the right direction. BTW - enjoy playing your mods edit **after looking thru the readme, i dont see a credit for the mapmaker. Am I blind? Possible.
  18. Hey Blak, I have been working on converting your mod to play on Macintosh, and mission 10 is giving me problems, and it has to do with the map that is used. The version of Ghost Recon on the mac was ported kinda crappy and it can only read files that are 31 characters or shorter. Here is where the problem lies with the map that is included with your mod, alot of the file names are to long. Well we have worked around th at problem and have converted them, like we have to do with every other mod out there with long file names, but we are now CTDing getting an error on mission start-up. Here is my ike.log ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: 272 RAM: 640 MB O/S: 4136 Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version = HAL (hw vp): : Mac OS A1R5G5B5 RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb Cannot read ike_fx_fire_type2.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file lighthalo_effect3.rsb Cannot read lighthalo_effect3.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file .rsb Cannot read .rsb Loading map \mods\opaftershock\map\mlp05_av\mlp05_av.map Out of memory hope you can help
  19. i like it and all, but i wouldn't go that far, lol. You gotta get your priorities straight there pal.
  20. dito nothig like a coop session with some good teammates. I don't play SP that often becasue the AI aren't the greatest. I prefer gettin up to he minute intel from real players. The key is to find some people that you enjoy playing with that aren't all run & gun all the time.
  21. no problem on my mac mig =) some of us have it, i bought the PC version and converted to run on my mac.
  22. I'm lost as to why no one wnats to be apart of this project, this is one of my most anticipated mods to get aholf of, and if i had any skills at modding I would be all over this offer. Good luck in finding what u are looking for AS, ad I'll be waiting with bells on for the mod to release.
  23. thats what i want to hear!!! where do i find this mod? "PBR Street Gang this is Almighty over." **Radio Static** "Almighty this is PBR Street Gang, read you 5 x 5." "We are ready for EZ, over." "Roger that Almighty, we are in route!"
  24. I have use for a PBR in one of my missions... anyone ever made one for Ghost Recon? yar!
  25. You can. Simply open the RSB-editor and find the texture used for the foliage. Then go into Properties and hit the Game-tab. Check the following boxes: - Gunshot transparent - Grenade transparent - Foliage Uncheck: -LOS Transparent That will make AI look through bushes at a penalty (like you're used to in GR) Ofcourse, you will have to include the changes in your mod or the setting won't work for clients. oh nice, thanks for the info.... i will pass this on to my buddy, as i don't have access to Igor cause I am on a Mac. Thanks Deleyt
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