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  1. Well if you live in canada or mexico and your english is good then i think they'd make some exceptions
  2. No need for that at all buddy. [3.2] Personal attacks : Any posts containing personal or racist attacks will be edited or deleted and the originating account risks banning.
  3. if your looking for an active clan that plays a few times a week instead of every 3 months join VMC jk SCO i still have some good buddies there that are active and dont just take up space like some ppl i know like.......BISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can try. i messed around with IGOR a bit so i know my way around it more than just alittle but i never made a mission and played it so just IM on msn chems and we can talk about it eh?
  5. of course it is!!!!!!! what are the french going to do with a FAMAS? make love to it? they can do the with the SA-80
  6. The French suck they dont deserve a wonderful weapon like FAMAS that british deserve it more since the SA-80 sucks badly with mags falling all the time. lets give the SA-80s to the french and the FAMAS to the brits
  7. take a look at VMC and www.vmcnavy.net we are in need of some more GR members
  8. I'm a big fan of the German KSK and GSG-9
  9. the question is which parallel world is he fighting in. if your going to lie make it more convincing
  10. on SWAT3 i had a really nasty name bust i'm not goint to say it
  11. 10/10 and this is sick please remove it
  12. tex is a redneck and he gets offended very easliy so lets try to respect his tender feelings shall we?
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