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  1. You are forgetting Return to castle wolfenstein played it thru probly 15 times what a great game. Have played all the campaigns in GR with all the different mods. By the way where is Jack57 produced the greatest campaigns ever in gr. SPR the all time best.
  2. I feel I need to reply to the ongoing discussion.Usually dont get in on any of the other topics. Im one that checks in on the new posts waiting for news on graw 2 and other stuff. On the gas prices. Yes they are high 3.18 a gal here I need gas to deliver my produce 4 times a week thats how I make my living. Sure the cost is up in fuel prices but before you all bash the oil companies do some research. Profit that they make is 10 cents on the gallon. Know what the govt is getting without one penny investment? 60 cent per gal. for those of you in UK its probly 2 bucks . I have a lot of contacts there they tell me what the govt is doing. Some more comparisons beer is like 5 bucks a 6 pack thats for the cheap stuff Im sure most of you pay it without bitching about it too much. Cigs are high but when you need them pay it. Somebody mentioned tomatoes are 2.80 a lb Love it because thats what I grow and its about time they are higher. We pay for internet access doesnt matter the price movie tiks are high we pay. So bottom line the price is determined by supply and demand . If our brite elected officials would allow more refineries to be built there would be more gas hence cheaper gas. So please quit blaming forces that are not to blame for the prices blame the money hungry politicians who love to get in our pockets for more more more. O one more thing I just heard here in US since the green people have been buying the priuses to save some gas, gas tax revenues are down now they are talking about raising the taxes some more. I thot it would be good to use less gas. If we do that the govt still isnt satisfied always need more taxes. ps if I hear one more time about global warming Im blowing a gasket for all you who think that please get rid of your pcs and cell phones ,dont be like that hypocrite algoreleone who sits at three pc monitors ,checking the weather, and than preaching to me about warming. Have a safe day ghosty
  3. Tort Im with you, I wont worry much who can afford a 60 dollar game in chihuahua? nuff said. ghostrider
  4. How about the one Parabellum was working on looked awesome cant remember the name that was the most anticipated one for me
  5. I keep getting the same error message. Cant join ant type of mp game to save my life. Either files dont match or its somethong else. I have all of the new maps in my customs level folder.What should I try to do to get on and play dm? Any help appreciated. ghostrider
  6. Likewise AMDx2 3800 and no problems. ghostrider
  7. I received this months and last. so for once not a scam wowowow
  8. so do I have to go thru all that create the mod folder and then extract all these in there/or can I just extract to graw directory. if not which folder do they all go to . the clear hud mod i just put in the graw directory and it works. tried the sepia one and cant see any change in color. thanks
  9. Question how in the world do you destroy the antenna? I have killed all the enemy cant use the zeus no heat detected grenades fly into blue sky. And is it the antenna where the bad guy has the machine gun? thats the only high antenna i could find.
  10. i notice you all have 1 gig of ram. as Ive said before add one more gig cause the game uses alot of ram along with xp. I had crash after crash added ram and no more crashes. only thing Id like is a save button. all in all great game some questionable things but hope modders and Grin will fix ghostrider
  11. upgrade to 2 gigs of ram will help immensely
  12. Hi all Been having a lot of both since I got the game. Had 1 gig of ram went and got 1 extra gig last night installed and whoopee no more crashes. am getting 35 fps at 800 by 600 with my geforce 6600 and is playable at 1024 by 768. Finally got to blow up the gas station wowow. Hope this helps some of you.
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