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  1. I like the class system in co-op. We have been trying to keep that in are squads as we play. Plus I would like just a basic compass or mini map with no enemy markers on it.
  2. That's all I have on the hud screen is the mini map. I use it as a compass only really, but Looking around markers the enemy on it. It kills me that I can't turn it off. Besides wanting to know what way is north must the time is all I want it for. My team mates and I speak by to the north south west east kind of way when we play. On where to go and maybe what direction a enemy is.
  3. I like playing with almost everything off in the game. Only thing I want really is a compass. The game has a mini map which works as a compass, but I don't won't the enemy's marked on it. Sometimes it's nice for use to find friendly players that are down, but other then that I hate seeing the enemy's on there. I am hoping ubisoft are willing to update the hud to a compass or just remove the enemy from the mini map. I tried playing without it and it's fine I guess but very easy and so fast you can get turned around when things get heavy. Then I have to stop look at map and repoint where I'm heading. Which can be OK, but in coop is a pain. I am sure there is more tweaks the hud can use, but for starts this would be amazing.
  4. Thanks guys for the answers. I got the answers I needed.
  5. not asking about frame rate, lag or anything of that like. Asking about just over all polish of the game. Game felt unpolished with it being stiff controlling the guy and vehicles controlled horrible. Just wondering did they smooth them out with more polish or leave it the same as it was. Just felt very unpolished and nothing like a AAA game I would expect. Hoping for much more polish and smoothness in the controls
  6. wish I could say the same. It's not about what system. Game ran smooth as in graphics and frame. The control of the guy was stiff, vechiles are a nightmare and so on. But I'm just going to take your comment as it's the same and just pass on it.
  7. beta was stiff and glitchy. Plus many other things. But how is the main game going compared to how the beta played. Is it the same or did they smooth it out for the must part? I'm not really into the open world games since they all suffer from the same thing. But be as that may the real reason I haven't gotten it yet the beta was a nightmare of a mess and ain't smooth by no means. Felt like the game was fighting you every step of the way. So since I can't piggy back off another thread talking if it's better or the same I have to ask. Did they smooth out the rough edges or is it the same as what the beta was?
  8. Well thanks to you guys i did find mine, so that being said we know steam does give it to you. So maybe if its something you really want. Try a fresh install and hope for the best. Wish i could be more help, but im just figuring out steam myself and best i can do for you is that it does give it to you. Good luck let us know if you get it working.
  9. Hey Dannik I looked in mine in the same path. I do have both Igor and GR.exe in there. This is the path for Igor that i found "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost Recon\igor.exe"
  10. Thanks guys, i fellowed the basic path you guys gave and found it. Yes Igor was there!, and i got mods to work once i found the path. Thanks guys. I have for the last year been thinking of things i could have done in GR that i never did. Some been wanting to run some test to see if they work on GR. Now i have both GRAW's i will mess around with too once i get settled. Anyways again thanks guys.
  11. I just got a new laptop PC and was digging up old games. I noticed i didn't have GR around, so when i was on steam. They have a deal pack for the first GR plus expansions and the 2 GRAW's for a good low price. Anyways to the point. I got the deal on steam and been playing around with the first GR and felt like to doing some modding like i used too. Anyways steam seems to hide the games you install. I can not for the life of me find Igor to mission mod. Plus i got afew mods that steam is also stopping me from installing becuase i cant find where it is on my PC. I have windows 7, ASUS Im Looking where steam stores its games to find Igor and where to install mods for them games. Thanks for any help. I been out of touch with the PC world for some time. Im not sure if its steam hiding the games on me or if its Windows 7 or maybe even both.
  12. Yes I done that. Still stuck. Anyways not worried about it its just the point of it
  13. For what ever reason my leader board for myself is stuck. I can not advanced at all because its froze. I have friends play the game once and they fly right by me and I been playing the game everyday. Doing very good and almost never loosen and being the top player on average. And I got nothing to show for it because I swear its stuck on day one on my first match.
  14. I have had this happen afew times when a friend first gets the game. After they reset the game it seems to work itself out. Also I have done system link with a friend that don't have live but he does get the update as the same one I have. Get the same msg. So w both have to clear are cache and stay offline to get it to Work. There its something going on there that nds fixed yes, but if you keep messing around it does work after awhile.
  15. From my take on it, its pretty much like gears of war trying to be ghost recon with just a splash of cod action! Beside the name I don't see anything I know of as GR oh except for siege game type being in there. It is fun don't get me wrong its just not ghost recon a we know it. I been telling friends when you play it don't think of gr just think of it as a whole new game all together and you might enjoy it.
  16. I been saying pretty much the same thing since graw came out. The true feeling i want back in GR is in the name itself. The tactics of splitting up in small teams around a camp as we recon. When everyone is in there place we do a ghost aprouch attack on the camp. Tring to take all are enemys out without the enemy every knowen what hit them. And we all meet in the middle happy days when you have team mates that can work together and pull it off without ever alerting the enemy. Everyone had there part in the mission and if one fails it all falls apart and the rest of the team are normaly to deep in and its a hell storm getting back out or getting it back under control. Great times we could play a mission over and over until everyone got it right cheering everyone on the whole time. I have always said.. If the ghost make it in the news, they failed! It was great in the first gr games. We had tactics 'team planning', recon 'stealth', open maps to achive the mission how ever you pls and if you just want to let loose with a friend. Some of the best firefights ever! Then there was the team games with no respawns. I could go on, but yes the spirt of gr is in the name and thats how we all played. This is why almost every time i post now i say change the name Ghost Recon because i don't see it no more. Besides i starting to hate this future tech they going for. I would like the ghost too go back in time to when they where first being put together or even just todays specail ghost teams doing missions that CANT make the news or WWIII would start if anyone know what they where doing!
  17. Nice trolling. Do you feel better now?
  18. Bla bla bla, i just want Ghost Recon not a new game they tring to make going off of the name of Ghost Recon. Then saying suck it up GR fans this all together new style of game that has almost nothing to do with what you love about GR. Is now what you must call Ghost Recon even if you dont see or feel it. Just scrap the name gr and use another name on all this new b s games they calling Ghost and i think we all can enjoy it so much more. Its hard to stand by when you loved Ghost Recon and you stillhear the name being used on another game altogether. They wonder why we are vocal. Then they dont understand what GR truely was and what ths whole new totaly diffrent game is today.
  19. Looks fun, now between battles like cons72 said. I can say just what i want before next match or even respawn and i can make good use out of this.
  20. What really made me think of the Wii was the bad auto aim i was seeing. It looked like the Wii tring to adjust for lack of a true controler. Then it was the graphics from there that made me think it was maybe the new Wii. The game looks fun that part i am not putting down. I like this kind of gameplay,but sometimes you just want to play a real GR and thats why as long as they slappinG a new game with GR in the name its time for a name change. Then from there we can enjoy this game for what it truely is.
  21. When i first saw this i was coming inside and stop to watch. The whole time i was wow that looks great on the Wii then to my suprise i saw it was on the x360. I almosted thought it was for the new Wii2 or something because it looked in HD. As a x360 or even PS3 title im not impressed! As of now i want a classic remake more then ever. This one looks like it can be fun yes, but as a GR fan im not feeling it as GR. more thinking of it as a whole other game completely and i think i can enjoy it as such. Plus the graphics looked ok i thought it looked more like a HDWii title then a x360 or PS3 game.
  22. I dont mind MS LIVE model for paying becuase im getting much more then just playing online and it covers anything and everything i do. However paying for one game at a time to play online never, or unless im getting MMORG input and nonstop content everyweek i dont ever see it happen! Shooters and games as simple as the like online dont have any pulling power to get this off the ground and become standered! And if for some reason this ever does happen back to PC gaming and anyway i have to mod cheat or what ever to play online!
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