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  1. amm.. I had this problem with an xbox game. If I remember correctly it was a setting on the xbox Dash not the game. I tihnk I had it set to a certain screen size and that made the game think it would be best for a vertical split. Try looking through your xbox's setting and put your screen size to a smaller one than what it is already. That should hopefully solve your problem.
  2. Just wanted to say, when its done could you contact me via PM or visit the www.macgamingmods.com forum? Thanks again.
  3. Yeah this game is very differnt from alot of other fps, its realistic. Like metioned above it not a game where you run from one enamy to another shooting them five times and maybe taking alittle damage its alot slower and tactical. The best advice I can think of giving you is play it like you would act in real, if they see you your dead, if you see them hopefully youl shoot them.
  4. This is from the Mac mod converter when i asked him about changing the names: This is just a plee to whoever said he would do to consider giving it ago? Thanks.
  5. ok thanks anyway, I'm just gonna have to get one of the mac mod converters to shorten the file names etc.
  6. Hi I'm from the Mac side and I was wondering if anyone would be able to open White Skull Valley.exe and change it to a .sit for me? Thanks in advance.
  7. Could anyone do this please? Thanks in advance if anyone dos.
  8. You should go here- planetrainbowsix.com *DAMN Its a Mac ghost recon site with mods and updates and you might find some help there.
  9. I'm talking about for the SR 2004 first mission, it will have mines that can be disabled and was wondering how?
  10. WOW! Im from Northern Ireland and am slightly involed in the army. It will be nice to shoot the SA80 without haveing to un-jam it every 2 minutes . Very nice work, good to see such a great UK mod! Dark.
  11. Hi, could someone please inform me how to disable mines? Is it just shooting them or do you have to go up to them and press 'space bar'. Thanks, Dark.
  12. You can change it but, mine is used instead of 'm' which is a map that you can view wile moveing.
  13. I still cant find which is the monkey? is the the very top one?
  14. There is wind in GR just not very strong, but you can make it stronger by opening a mission folder in a test based form.
  15. It needs to be converted to Mac, but this can done, and the Mac game server brower has an anti cheat mod on it so if anyone had any cheats they are long deleted.
  16. I agree with MoveingUnit and would be very thankfull if you brought this tourny to Macintosh as well. I dled the missions from last 2003 and enjoyed playing them as well as your Stealth Recon Game types, Nice Work you make mission that Ghost Recon was made for.
  17. Hi, Im just doing a little research. What Key tactic or aid do you think is most important to win a clan match? You can only list one thing, but I know its always a combination of things. Maybe its Communication on teamspeak? Coordinated movement? Sharp reflexes? well I dont know much thats why Im researching ...please give your thought.
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