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  1. There is many small companies back home formed from people both from Grin and Starbreeze, which are starting to need people now that they have established themselves with publishers and gotten their economy going, so I think there will be work for me sooner or later. But first of all... I'm getting married in august so that is a big reason I've decided to move back home even if there I can't be guaranteed a job right now.
  2. Back looking for work again. My contract is running to an end and due to the status of the current projects in their pipeline they can't give me a new contract so I've decided to go back home even if I don't find any work in games. Who knows it may be time again to find a new line of work as I've done so many times before. But there is still some hope that I may remain in game development in the future... time will tell.
  3. Might & Delight is only a few of the people from Grin who worked on Bionic Commando: Rearmed, but it's nice to see more companies pop up. Supersledge is the name of Bo and Ulf's new company, although they still haven't been herd off officially yet besides their empty homepage: http://www.supersledge.com/ Fatshark hired a few of the Grin people and took over Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, which was officially announced about a week ago, and also just released Lead & Gold which has gotten great reviews. Most of the game play programmers on GRAW2 are at Fatshark. http://www.fatshark.se/ Bitsquid, started by the lead engine programmers from Grin has built a new engine which was shown for the first time at GDC, and has released a DX11 demo called Stone Giant with help from the artists at Fatshark: http://www.stonegiant.se/ Whiteout is another company formed by a few ex-Grin guys and are doing facebook and Iphone games. Outbreak Studios was formed from some of the people from the Gothenburg office that worked on Terminator Salvation, and are doing handheld/downloadable games. 3 of the best artist went to DICE and worked on BFBC2 and now on the new Medal and Honor game. A lot of the Grin team ended up at Starbreeze although I know some of them have left since. Overall we are scattered over a wide area.
  4. Or leave it... it's kind of a relic now for people. We had our fist annual Grin reunion 1 month after the company shut the doors. We'll do it again.
  5. Bioware released the last Neverwinter Nights (2002) patch last spring, which was a big one with lots of the content produced for the DLC. I think in total there was about 50 patches for that game, many of which was to support the modders. There is no company which has better modding support, or better tools, then Bioware for sure. Oh, and the Witcher patch was pretty sweet even though the game is just about 2 years old. They fixed the language in the scripts, re-recorded all voices, redid all cutscenes, redid parts of the HUD, added a new mesh and texture variation system to the people and characters in the entire game and threw in 2 free DLC adventures with full voice over plus the 5 community made ones they liked. All in all I think I downloaded around 2-2,5GB, excluding the extras (making of videos, soundtrack, guides and so on) which was another 1,3Gb.
  6. Hi everyone. Just dropping by to tell you I finally got a new job. It took a bit of time in the current state of the games industry, but starting Monday 7/12 I'll be Technical Artist at Blackrock Studios in Brighton, UK working on the Split Second action racing game. Another update is that most of the people from Grin has found new employments. I think about 10-12 got jobs at Starbreeze Studios and 3-5 at DICE. A couple have started smaller companies to develop iPhone games and such, but many have left Sweden to find job at places like Blizzard, ILM, Splash Damage, Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, Frontier Development, Codemasters, Relentless, Blackrock Studios and more. The brains behind the Diesel engine has started their own company called Bitsquid, which has promised to show of a brand new engine at GDC next year, which will be interesting. So things have started to work out for most of us.
  7. True. There should be no problem using a polygon location ingame. It's just the editor that is not fully stable after using that tool.
  8. Nice work. Haven't been around much in a while (been working on 3 AAA titles at once can have that side effect), but I knew someone would figure this out eventually. Nice work.
  9. I know this has been talked about before in other topics. The rays are hard-coded to only work for 150m. It's in the compiled DXE Diesel script files. I did change it in the Extended mod, so there is a new compiled DXE file in that with a longer range. Remember to adjust the AI ranges, material ranges and all that though or things will get funny.
  10. Not including the full production time with pre-production and stabilization for gold master, no. All in all it was something more like 13-14 months I think until it was out the door. Production time was about 9 months with constantly changing directives from the movie company and crappy content from the outsourcing studio which we had to redo or heavily optimize to work on the consoles. In July last year the game was scraped and started over on though, so everything before that regarding game design and gameplay code was canned but most of the art was kept, so about 6 months from that point to first gold master submission, yes.
  11. Seen the latest rumors on the web? http://kotaku.com/5341365/grin-were-workin...l-fantasy-game/
  12. Today we where all laid off, so it's time to look for work.
  13. Thanks for the post guys. We are still a bit shook up over what has happened as the studio had stabilized after the cutbacks made earlier this year. So everything would probably have worked out fine if it hadn't been for the problems we just faced with our publishers, which caused the studio to go down. I wish the Outbreak Studio team good luck, which is mainly the people from Grin Gothenburg who worked on Terminator, and the Fatshark team which also worked with Grin on Terminator and consists of many of the gameplay scripters from GRAW2. For me, it looks very likely that I'll be leaving Sweden for work in the UK or Canada. There is still a small possibility that Grin can be bought by another company, but in the current climate I really don't see that happening. No one has left yet, and everyone is still employed by Grin, while we are waiting for what is going to happen. There is gonna be a big meeting early next week when we'll get more info. I'll still be around. Dropping by now and then...
  14. With Bionic Commando less then a month away from release on consoles, Capcom is having a bit of fun. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/48320.html
  15. The network code is only built for 32 players, the server settings is only to lower that number as you notice in teh graphics interface for it when setting up a server in-game.
  16. To clean out XMB files in Vista, go to your user folder, into AppData/Local/GRAW2 and kill all XMB files except those in the "settings" folder. Then it will recompile with whatever mod you are using. It usually works. Remember that to stop using the mod you may need to to the same thing again.
  17. No. They are Diesel scripting files. It's what we used for gameplay scripting/programming back then, and it's an in-house language built for the engine. Since GRAW2 we have switched to LUA for that. Only the Engine has ever been in C/C++.
  18. .DXE are the compiled gameplay script files. Diesel scripting language. No known way to un-compile those. But then again the community unpacked the bundles, so who knows what can be done...
  19. Good luck with that... Unless you've built something that un-compiles the diesel script files, I don't think you can do it. Check out my mod. I've fixed a huge pile of bugs in the original game. Most of the stuff that's left is in the script files sadly. Which are compiled.
  20. Vista or XP? You have compiled files somewhere from before the mod was activated. Make sure you have no custom files besides those that belong to this mod in the local folder you are using at startup. Also check you windows user data folder for any GRAW2 XMB files, and remove those. Don't remove any inside a "settings" folder as it will remove your progress in game. Vista has the XMB files in "user directory"/AppData/Local/GRAW2 (at least I have).
  21. I remember winning a competition related to this mod. Welcome to Alaska, right? OR am I mixing stuff up again. Was a long time ago. Anyhow, cool to see what is in it even if it's not finished.
  22. Just make a unit with a transparent material. Nothing is destructible by default, so even if you use a glass shader/texture from another unit it won't work like glass, just look like it. No lightmap stuff needed either btw. And special interaction is setup in the bodies, which you actually don't want. So should be simple.
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