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  1. I've got an idea for a mission that I'm sure you've probably already thought of but, I'll post it anyways "just in case...". Please excuse my ignorance for not recalling names and/or exact particulars of this story as I don't mean to disrespect. Please excuse my spelling errors as well... During the US attacks on Afgan., CNN did a (inbedded) reporter's story that centered around two (2) US CIA operatives who were responsible for taking in the surrender of Al-Queda soldiers at a location in the desert that resembled a fortress of some sorts. Literally, truckloads of Al-Queda soldiers were being brought in and being disarmed, and it was quite apparent to an observer that the 2 CIA ops were clearly out-numbered (even with about a dozen or so Northern Allaiance soldiers there in support). Each Al-Queda member was taken aside individually, searched and interregated and processed. It was during this operation that the American (I'm very sorry for not remembering his name) traitor was found. Shortly thereafter, one of the prisoners triggered a grenade he'd hidden on himself and unfortunately one of the CIA operatives was killed. All hell broke loose and the prisoners scrambled to recover whatever weapons they could find. They ran into the fortress and took control of it. The aftermath consisted of called in airstrikes, the flooding of an underground area where about 50 prisoners took reffuge in hiding, and numerous other types of attacks that included Northern Alliance members scaling the Walls of the fortress and shooting on prisoners in the compound... etc... If there's an accurate account of this story floating around, I thought that it would make an awesome mission for your total conversion campaign! I'm sure I speak for the entire Ghost Recon community when I say "THANKS!" to those like you, who go out of your way in using your talents to work on and supply Mods for our enjoyment. Good luck with it! Regads, Mally
  2. To Jack (or anyone else who may have the knowledge to help). I've followed Jack's readme for setup of Brothers in Arms to a "T" and I seem to be having some problems with Mission 3. If/when I lose a soldier, and I try to restart by hitting "F-7" (to load my last saved game) I get the in-game pop-up window "ALL SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN LOST", and then the game crashes to desktop. So, I re-boot, re-start the game, and try selecting ANY of my mission 3 saves and keep getting that same message and crash to desktop. Anyone have any fix or ideas? - (other than not die) LOL! I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance! Mally
  3. I can't seem to find the download location of "Operation:Backlash". I read a review today and would like to try it out but I can't find it anywhere. Guess I'm not looking in the right place! Thanks in advance! Mally :0)
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