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  1. Interesting set of posts. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I ran one of the most active [GR] ladders there was ::TaG:: and consistently had to deal with the issue of cheating. Some observations I would like to share with you from my considerable experience of dealing with cheaters in Ghost Recon (Over 5 years) are as follows: GRIN Stop trying to update the Anti Cheat Systems, you are fighting a losing battle, every time you make an update, a new cheat will be created and you will have to produce a new fix. Instead of concentrating on your core operations (Game Development) You will run out of money trying to update a game you have been paid for. (Sorry Guys Its just simple facts) Grin give the ability to catch cheaters to the people, who want to catch them all the time and in doing so won’t cost you any more development time after the initial development: There is no point in trying to counteract different cheat code with new AC Code because they will find a way of getting around your code, what you have to provide is a way of people spotting the cheats being used not the code. The code may change, but because this is an FPS the cheats remain the same, they are as follows (and in no particular order) SIFF (The ability to spot and track the oppositions name no matter where on the map) Retlock, combat aim, or auto aim/Aim bot and its variants (No, or reduced recoil or the ability to one shot a person anywhere) Glass walls, Acid Skins Chameleon Skins (The ability to distinguish opposition with high visibility skins, or view that person through solid objects with a multiple of variations) Speed Hack, Game Speed (Obvious) Auto Nade, Max Ammo or variants (Obvious) Sever/Player Booming (Crashing server, or individual players from a game) These are the cheats used in FPS games, as you stop one set of code that creates one of these effects, another will be programmed. Rest assured most if not all will become apparent in this game IF it becomes successful. SIFF, Retlock, and speed hack can be caught easily by replays, give server admins the ability to save replays and provide the ability for someone (Third Party) to develop server admin tools to manage replays and so on (Tom from Mass Productions did a great one for [GR] and would stop you wasting time developing it www.mass-productions.com In relation to Game Speed, having an end game timer on each person’s end screen, showing the amount of time played in game helps a lot, As you speed up your PC your end time in a game shows to be a lot longer than everyone else, very helpful when you swap screenshots, however to make it stick you need to make player screenshots unique to that player, i.e. have the player ID stamped on the corner of the SS with a random GRAW 2 GFX background (otherwise team players will just send of SS from their team mate that wasn’t using the cheat.) Glass Walls Cham Skins and so on, can in some cases be caught with replays (when the player is stupid) But the best way is to have an SS tool that the server admins can use externally (We used the Match Mole which worked well and without lag, and I know there are others about to help with this. (This one is not your problem and can be sorted out from external 3rd party add on software) Auto Nade, Max Ammo (Replays) Booming (Sending data packets to the game server through the announce and join ports) I’m fairly sure you have this sorted In general, the game and players have consistently requested replays, and that’s what you need to provide, you also need to provide a tighter lockdown for keeping players banned, tie it to the game cd key, so once banned if they want to come back to that server, they need to buy the game again. I am against you developing and running a global ban system, it takes too long to develop, will cause you no end of trouble/complaints and drain your recourses. If server admins want to share information, they can set up a third party body to do it, or the ladders can create their own ban lists for players to download and use. Simple fact is, there is no point in concentrating on trying to stop cheaters with clever code. There are thousand of the spotty faced oiks trying to break your ACP as soon as you update it. Concentrate on what the cheats do, they all do the same things, then give the tools to the people who have the time and energy to catch them (The server/ladder admins) and make sure when they ban them from the system, they stay banned or have to buy a new game. Hardware bans are a pipe dream for this game, too much development work, too many complaints to UBI/GRIN and too many headaches. GRIN, you must have seen my posts about your game, I think on a multiplayer basis, it is without doubt the best game, by far on the market, however, without taking some direct action that allows you to move away from consistent ACP support, the game is bound to fail. Please don’t let it happen. I have outlined a number of requests that are deliverable and will allow you to step back from the cheating front line. It is my belief, should you deliver this, you will have on your hands an explosively popular game that screams out for chargeable additions (Remember Desert Siege and Island Thunder) Developing new map packs missions and guns for an existing game that has massive demand is a lot more profitable than developing another game for a dwindling audience. I am more than happy to help in any way, please feel free to email me admin@tagaming.com Kind regards. Belial
  2. Crash in application version: 30292.2658 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: binkw32 (???) : YUV_init Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sun Jul 15 15:28:10 2007 Crash in application version: 30292.2658 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: binkw32 (???) : YUV_init Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Any ideas?
  3. Galea I didn't say the [GR] option in the game was good. I was on about the game "[Ghost Recon]" To be honest I will never look at it, I am only interested in TDM, DM and Siege for clan matches. On this base and in my opinion it rocks. The rest I don't care about, but I'm sure others do As for the quote of "if I had played GR1" lmao!! Anyone that played GR knows the TaG map packs, the most famous of all is GTC. Dont go there, you will lose And more importantly, for clan matches, this game rules
  4. OK spent 8 hours solid on it so far. I have to say IT ROCKS!!!! For anyone who likes [GR] multi player on a clan basis BUY THIS GAME Don't ask me about SP I will never load it GRAW 1 players, BUY this game it’s a million times better than GRAW1 I love the maps, awesome, flanking is very possible, choke points are not too tight. GRIN well done, now get on with the expansion pack and put in some [GR] maps, 8 maps is not enough, develop more and I will buy more. Great job If you liked the strategic thinking FPS multi player gaming experience of [GR] this is a deffo buy OMG I will have to give up work again YAY Regards Belial
  5. OK ban lifted, lets hold off on the emails On a plus point, the game rocks on muliplayer (full) Its just like [GR] but better So I have stopped whining
  6. OK my bad bad dvd rom Installed it through the network off another machine and now got it working Thanks for the help btw
  7. Windows is updated, deleted selected files no difference but thanks Installed latest player no effect, unistaled player and installed new player no effect, Cleaned DVD laser no effect Checked GFX Driver, on latest Stopped all AV software and services (Nod32) an got a bit further got loads and loads of errors then the install crashed ss ed most of them in to a word do (sorry for the size its 39.1 meg,but its on a fast dl site) you can get it here www.tagaming.com/errors.doc The errors may show someone something though
  8. ROTFLMAO Rocky I took your stance and went out and got the game this morning I am on my second disk from the shop and it still wont install Great job NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! error 1 auto run wont work I get this http://www.tagaming.com/instal1.jpg Then the screen shows this http://www.tagaming.com/instal2.jpg If I explore the disk and run setup I get a bit of an install and add the cd key then get this http://www.tagaming.com/instal3.jpg I have a AMD 4200 dual 2 gigs muskin ram and a 7800 gt GFX card the demo works great
  9. OK this is the second disk I have had from the shop and I am getting the same errors error 1 auto run wont work I get this http://www.tagaming.com/instal1.jpg Then the screen shows this http://www.tagaming.com/instal2.jpg If I explore the disk and run setup I get a bit of an install and add the cd key then get this http://www.tagaming.com/instal3.jpg Any ideas? I have a AMD 4200 dual 2 gigs muskin ram and a 7800 gt GFX card the demo works great
  10. I'm all with that, But at the end of the day, no matter how you color it, spice it up and make it look flashy a turd is still a turd. For far too long UBI have been delivering fat smelly ones on a PC near you. I would welcome some jumped up financial analyst try and worm his way out of the basic business mistakes UBI are currently making. I have heard all the arguments about Console gaming being more profitable and so on and that supporting a game costs this much and the rest of that tat. Some fundamental business rules are being completely ignored by UBI and in the end that’s up to both shareholders and customers to point that out 1) Customer retention can only be gained through customer satisfaction 2) Selling to an existing customer base is easier, less expensive and more profitable than selling to an open market 3) Concentrating and delivering excellence in your chosen core market fields provides opportunity for expansion, expansion at the cost of your core business delivers business disaster. 4) If profit margins are high in a certain area, you can bet everyone is trying to exploit the market, more business players means less market share, rapid depreciation in product shelf life, higher marketing and development costs. 5) Niche markets are more profitable UBI needs to take a long hard look at the massive demand in PC FPS Gaming and decide to either address that demand and deliver what is required, or give up. If they take a look at the reasons they bought Redstorm in the first place and what was delivered in [GR] they should understand why it was successful and why they wanted to buy it. [GR] was supported with patches for a very long time, [GR] released expansion packs. As well as being a lot more profitable than creating a whole new game, this ensured longevity of the product and brand name. Basic business sense is give the people what they want, milk it for what it’s worth and keep giving the people what they want. The current trend of develop a turd, spend a fortune marketing a turd, then send the turd to the bargain bucket in less than 3 months, is a cycle no business in any market can sustain. My guess is someone at the top is already thinking on this, and a lot of customer and shareholder pointing in the right direction could do nothing but help. Buy the shares and let them know, or just let them know as a customer, if enough of you shout in the right direction at the right people, they will listen. Start at the top, because s hit always rolls downhill. I have posted the board of directors UBI France email addresses in another thread. May I suggest this could be a good starting point. PS Sorry about the enflamed language, but I think the expletives where very relevant. Regards Belial
  11. Very Interesting decision by UBI Let’s consider this from a business point of view. A Business buys some application software for the company, it’s an off the shelf package that promises to deliver all the business requires, however after installing the software there are a few errors that need fixing, only at this time the company finds that the software company won’t let you speak to technical support. Business demands money back and buys something else from another software developer. Big similarities. Personally I think that the corporate bodies at UBI think they can get away without providing a holistic supported package to home users because we are perceived as having no power, we will buy the game anyway, and the people at the top NEVER get to hear our opinions on the service their company provides. As most of you will know, I am a passionate supporter of the GR series and have run a ladder website supporting these games for many years. I am concerned that the decisions made to gag GRIN and provide only a small amount of support will be detrimental to delivery of gaming experience from GRAW 2 which promises to be one of the best FPS’s ever. These decisions could lead to the final death knoll for the GR series, in the same way they have destroyed Raven Shield. I am convinced that the people at the very top will have very little insight as to why this is a bad idea and indeed why the games they are delivering are not being as successful as they should be. GRAW 1 if it had been done properly could have been further developed as [GR] was with expansion packs and could have been a great game. GRAW 2 has even more promise. Someone at UBI must understand the financial benefits of creating a great game then adding to that game with chargeable expansion packs and continuing patches and bug fixes, rather than publishing second rate games that go to the bargain basement, then facing the massive spend on complete new game development and an expensive re-marketing strategy. If you look at any truly successful software company, they have upgraded and improved on the original package to ensure they gain maximum market penetration and customer loyalty. With this in mind I suggest you contact the people at the top that matter and can get this changed to ensure firstly they get the maximum return from their investment and secondly that we receive the gaming experience that we expect when spending our cash. The main board of directors for UBI Soft in France and their contact information is as follows: I have left out CHRISTINE BURGESS-QUÉMARD the Executive Director of Worldwide Studios because I cannot get a working email, the rest is live and will get through. Customer power does work when you speak to the people at the top, just ensure that you get your message across, but remain succinct and polite. Hope this helps. Regards Belial YVES GUILLEMOT President and CEO Yvers.guillemont@ubisoft.com ALAIN CORRE Executive Director, EMEA Territories Alain.corre@ubisoft.com LAURENT DETOC Executive Director, North America Laurent.detoc@ubisoft.com SERGE HASCOËT Chief Creative Officer Serge.hascoet@ubisoft.com ALAIN MARTINEZ Chief Financial Officer Alain.martinez@ubisoft.com Tel +33 (0) 01 48 18 50 00 Fax +33 (0) 1 48 18 52 82
  12. LMAO Yeah thats the one, dunno how it got in there, or why I couldn't find it in search. Bear with me while I go and pick all the toys I threw our of my pram Ooops
  13. It was just deleted any idea why I wasn't flaming, in fact it was the opposite It was titled "Amazing" It could have, from the most narrow minded point of view been considered advertising, but I notice you move those posts, not delete them. Was just wondering what I did wrong to get it deleted? Regards B
  14. Ghost Recon Multiplayer is back. At last and thank god for that. If the Game is as good as the Demo then fun times are back for the next few years. I’ll have to give up work again! Seriously I am so impressed with the games playability on a multiplayer basis. The action is awesome, its graphics are very nice and the tension within the game will take some beating. Some very nice things for clan v clan/ ladder players are the settings and server lock down abilities. Grin I really think this time you have done it, I love the game. So much so I will have a GRAW 2 Ladder up tomorrow with full match capabilities/rules and will run a number of tournaments and give away GRAW 2 games to the winners as soon as the game is released. Thank you GRIN for eventually developing a game from a manic GR Multiplayer Ladder fanatic that can at last replace [GR]. For those that want to comment on the graphics or accuracy, please that’s for another thread, this is just about this games ability to be used on ladder matches. By the way, I love the recoil, the peek options and the tip toe, I also love the near disappearance of players in bushes after a certain distance and the ability to pick up dead players weapons. The lack of sensors is compensated by the indicators on screen that are not as crude as the old threat indicator, however I’m slightly concerned about spawn points or lack of them. Overall Freaking Fantastic job, it’s just like GRAW but with the crap things taken out and the good things from GR put in. After all, the vast majority of us just wanted an updated GR, this is delivery in full. If you want to see what it’s like I highly recommend downloading the demo, if you want to try it in a ladder environment Join TaG at www.tagaming.com and join the ladder, you never know I may end up buying you the game. I will be running an 8v8 tournament and a singles tournament, I may do a few more if the take up is ok. Either way if you’re in to ladder matching, it will give you a good idea to this game's capabilities. Thank you once again, from a very happy man AT LAST. Can’t wait for the game, it’s a dead cert buy. Belial
  15. Papa you can trial our Tagaming sever thats always in the lobby if you want Or Ask =XE= what our servers are like if you want. If your looking for prices contact pitviper@tagaming.com Hope that helps Regards B
  16. Beaver, thanks for your input However let me re-state. The severs run very stable nearly 99% of the time even when both are maxed out with 32 players each with no lag. If we had a CPU issue (I don’t set that stuff up, I have game server experts that do that) Then logically the problem would happen then. However, I have noticed this began to happen as soon as I kicked someone for suspected cheating in game (Only 16 ppl in server at the time), He was kicked, returned in game then boom bye bye server, We are also noticing that you can be happily playing in game with 20 or less people in it, then systematically one by one each player is dropped leaving you the only one in the server. As I say most of the other times the run fine maxed out. I say Boomed because exactly the same thing happened last night in a GR server I was playing in (Not Mine) and that was 100% a boom. Sorry mate, I just don’t see it as CPU, I see it as script kiddie. I will however get with the Server Set Up admin find out how he has it set up and re post once he is on.
  17. You can run 2 GRAW Servers only on a system but in order for that server to run with no lag and to have both games servers maxed out at the same time you need the very highest of kit in including a Dual Chip. You also can’t run any other type of game servers on the same system as GRAW eats everything else's resources (Doesn’t mind sharing with another GRAW Server though) It’s not what you would call very sociable with other games. Bonehead is quite correct, if you are going to run multiple instances (more than 2) on the same server your gonna have issues. Unfortunatly because of the games requirements, the server requirements for the game are extensive, this means cost. It’s down to the old adage of peanuts and monkeys. Yes we do servers, but only one type Maxed out at 32 players, we don’t see much difference in selling a couple of 10 player servers on the same box, if its set up to run maxed out, it doesn’t make any sense to us. If you want to talk out our servers contact pitviper@tagaming.com and speak to bonehead as well, he seems to know what he is doing, but be warned we are not cheap.
  18. It would appear the old tradition from Ghost Recon has followed us to GRAW Not only does it appear that servers can be fully boomed and crashed but also player booming (Kicking players in game) Works as well. To say I am non plussed that this hole in the game security was not plugged for GRAW is the biggest understatement this year. Have any other server owners or Server Admins found this happing to them yet, or is it just the ::TaG:: and =XE= Servers that are being targeted? There is no point going down the its your hardware route, it isn’t, we have Very high spec systems that only run 2 game servers to a system. They are all dual core Opteron 4200 running 4 gigs of Muskin redline. They work perfectly with no lag when full, But every now and again some little ###### bag script kiddie will either start kicking the players while they are in game, or crash the server completely. Will GRIN look at doing something to stop these attacks. In GR we used to manage to stop them by changing ports and password protecting servers. However that only stopped it happening in matches. As GRAW hasn’t even got off the ground yet, never mind matching neither of these options is viable (Not sure if port change is possible) Any ideas would be welcomed Oh and I posted this in the main area, not support, because I will post the crash specifics in support and secondly I wanted to see what the community had to say, not the small amount of ppl that go to support. Thanks B
  19. OK I just noticed my post was moved to GR Clans and Ladders Forgive me if I am wrong but the post was specifically dealing with GRAW Not GR I am always careful as to where I place my posts and having spent a long time navigating your site, I felt that the post was most Relevant to place in the GR:AW PC version. Perhaps it might be an idea to either Expand on the description of GR Clans and Ladder so its not left out there in the completely irrelevant sections, create a new section for GRAW or move it back so that the GRAW gaming community can view a post that may very well be of interest to them. Either way it would give me a bit of a clearer idea of where to post in future Thanks B
  20. TaG Launches GRAW Ladder with ACP Total Assault Gaming ::TaG:: has launched its brand new bespoke systems and anti cheat for competitive clans to match on. The systems are completely bespoke and represent the most advanced ladder systems available to clans on the Net. Chris Littlewood, player name “Belialâ€, one of the owners of ::TaG:: states “ We have spent some time developing our systems to ensure they truly represent both player and team achievement and failures within the game. Our systems are structured in such a way that we can configure them to produce a gaming ladder that has real meaning to the game itself without having to continually recode. We believe our systems coupled with our Anti Cheat Programme will be a great attraction to the already strong following within FPS gaming. ::TaG:: has been in existence for just over 4 years and had primarily concentrated on the game Ghost Recon where it is recognised as a world leader in terms of match activity, fair play and innovation. They intend to have an even bigger impact upon Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. ::TaG:: Anti Cheat Fair and Free Play for All ::TaG was built on the principles of fair competitive play on a free basis and has a highly active admin membership to enforce their no cheating policies. To assist both their Admins and the Player and Clan Membership ::TaG:: has just launched its Anti Cheat Assistant ::TaG:: Match Mole The ::TaG:: Match Mole is an innovative programme that is used for all matches on the systems. It takes Screen Shots of all the players in a match and uploads them to a secure central admin server. Admins for each game then view them through a secure website. People caught cheating are banned from the ladder systems and have their Screen Shots Displayed to the public. Belial states “This is the next step in our continuing battle against the cheaters. Although we know this is not the ultimate answer, this programme stops the very worst of the cheats such as Wall hacks, Chameleon Skins, No Fog and the like. We have other methods for catching aim bots and speed hacks. This is another and very important tool to our arsenal against the cheats, especially with games that don’t record demos or replaysâ€. He says “By using the ::TaG:: Match Mole it makes games that where difficult to administer in a ladder environment now fully viable. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a prime example and we are pleased to provide a solution that can bring this great game into the competitive match arena. The beauty of the ::TaG:: Match Mole is that it is none game specific and none intrusive to the game itself, this means it can fully function alongside other tools we use for other games such as Punkbuster, Vac, =LT= ACP and PAM to name but a few and wont conflict with any future improvements made to gamesâ€. ::TaG:: is confidant that the significant leaps forward that have been made on behalf of the gaming community will be greatly appreciated by the vast majority of competitive on-line gamers. They welcome you to visit their site at www.tagaming.com join up and try both their systems and their anti cheat protection.
  21. ::TaG:: Has opened its Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter League for registrations. For those of you who don’t know ::TaG:: (Total Assault Gaming). We are the most Active Ghost Recon Ladder around and have been for several years. Our Battle Stats Speak for them selves, at one stage we where conducting over 250 matches everyday and we have had over 1 million battles reported on our systems. Because of the great systems and support we provide, we fully expect to see the same activity on GRAW. Our Current Systems Provide the Following: Points Based Ladder System that takes into account Player and Team Experience, Number of Players in a Match and the Skills of the Opposing Teams Fully Integrated Challenge Systems Automated Match Schedule system to guarantee a minimum amount of games for your clan Integrated Chat Systems Integrated Member Message Systems Live Help Admin Systems Medal Awards Systems depending on Player Skills Internal and External Player Ranking Systems Open Ladder system that allows you to compete in singles or any type of team battle including allies without having to join different ladders In Built Stats Signatures Multiple Tournament Systems linked to the Ladder allowing singles and team tournaments World Domination Event Tournament (Like Risk, But you fight in game to win each country). You can sign up on the ladder today at this link http://www.tagaming.com/graw/game.php?gameid=1 as we prepare the rules and ladder settings Our development does not stand still and we will be bringing new and exciting things to our ladders over the next months. New Add-on’s will be New Battle honors system This will provide medals for multiple things such as: Long term Service with the clan Battle Honors based on number of wins Personal Achievement Medals Based on % Win Rate, of Highest Kills or amount Of Deaths Top Kills in a match medals Top Points Awards Medals Rank Advancement Badges In total over 40 new awards plus new awards that can be given by clan commanders Full Xfire integration, allowing you to contact all site members through the site In Built Dedicated Server Management Software, this will allow to manage your servers from a web interface within your clan area on the site More stats, including frag rate, win ration, team best, worst and favourite maps. A sneak preview of the new site can be seen here http://mp.tagaming.com/tag :TaG: Already delivers the most sophisticated ladder systems available on the planet, we are improving this every day, I look forward to seeing you on our systems (for most it will be a return visit, or an addition to there current registration). If Ghost Recon was fun Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is going to be a blast. You can guarantee ::TaG:: will be there ::TaG:: Is free to use for all players and always will be PS TaG Will be supporting the Domination Multiplayer Mode and a Co-op mode with Ladders, leagues and tournaments.
  22. Wow man, 13 pages so I could make sure I got my facts right (Hope so anyways) Respawn can be turned of or set to an individual number Yippee, wonderful, this was the biggest problem for Lockdown in my opinion. This allows ladders to work correctly and different types of competitive play to arrive and stops a game being run and Gun LMS/DM/TDM not coming with the game. Shame but the will come in a patch, that’s ok sort of, I am sure they will, GR1 needed some patches before it was really good. Domination I will be running a ladder for this, I will base it on objectives gained in the match as well as kills. If we can set re-spawn and we can work in teams then we can ladder It will do until we get LMS. Then again it might be better, who knows I will also be running a co-op ladder, which will be interesting. As far as I can make out we have not got all we wanted (Never would have) But we do have what looks like an awesome game, with Team Play and Ladder Play Capabilities. That’s a lot more than Lockdown has. I look forward to the release. Any more info on multiplayer set up, and in game scoring would be an asset in order to make sure the ladders represent the game. But if it doesn’t come I can wait.
  23. OK I can answer these for you TRR Maps are all ok as they are in the missions folder and work just fine Night and Day Environment maps are not ok if the .env files are in the map folders. if so just move the env files in to mission (They still work) Or download some new ones. I have them on my site Command maps Overwirte the command maps in mods/acp/command mpas/ and you can use whatever command maps you want We have comprehensive help and information on our forums on this and are now making every the =LT= Anti Cheat Mandatory for all matches on TaG There is a fully completed download and eithe of these links TaG GR website http://www.tagaming.com/1_ghost_recon/game.php?gameid=1 Or the LT website http://www.legion-of-terror.cl/download/=L...1_installer.rar A lot of people have been testing this and it works great, whats even better is its supported and updated. If you have problems with installing or running it we will all be please to help you
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