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  1. Just a trivia thing - the field reversed flag is worn on the right so that the flag's stripes are streaming behind you, as if the flag is advancing: From Stars and Stripes: Why do American soldiers wear the U.S. flag insignia "backwards" on the right shoulder of their utility uniforms, with the canton (the rectangle with the stars) on an observer's right? It's a question that soldiers hear frequently as they travel through civilian airports, or talk to members of other services. And it does look "wrong," because U.S. federal code calls for the canton to always be positioned to the left. The soldiers aren't wrong, however, and neither are their tailors, Lt. Col. Stanley Heath, an Army spokesman, explained in a Friday telephone interview. The Army actually has two authorized flag patches, one to be worn on the left shoulder, with the canton facing left, and another "reverse field" patch worn on the right, with the canton facing right. The two different orientations are mandated because Army regulations call for the flag "to be worn so that to observers, it looks as if the flag is flying against a breeze," Heath said. What does a stiff wind have to do with this custom? In fact, the rule is a nod to the U.S. Army's early history, when wars were fought as a series of carefully choreographed battles — two armies meeting on a field, clashing head-on until one side emerged victorious. In those battles, both mounted cavalry and infantry units would always designate one soldier as "standard bearer," to carry the Colors into the fight. As the standard bearer charged, his rapid forward momentum would cause the flag to stream back. And since the Stars and Stripes is mounted with the canton closest to the pole, that section would always be forward. So if a soldier is charging into the battle, the flag would give the appearance of forward motion. For the right shoulder, the flag only appears "backward." And that's why soldiers wear the flag patches on the right shoulder "backward." Because retreat in battle, as any soldier will tell you, is not the Army way.
  2. If the game 203/GL is modeled after the real thing (and there's no reason to believe it isn't), the round requires a certain number of revolutions before it is armed. I've gotten jumped by a sneaky ###### AI when i had the GL equipped and knee-jerk clicked the trigger at the badguy from about 25 feet. The round bounced off of the bot, the bot killed me. Finally BF2 got it right, but it seems like Grin modeled the thing properly to start with.
  3. I've been lurking since before the demo came out. A note to the management and to the developers from a not-very-vocal player: Illegitimi non carborundum (Don't let the ###### get you down) I've played GR for more than 2 years, off and on. The demo maintains the feel of the original while breaking some new ground. Grin, you guys got the feel of the game right as far as I can see. The other issues such as AA are non issues to me. I think the game looks great, and the brown hue in the air is indicative of what I imagine the air looks like in Mexico City (I've been to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Even though they're on the coast, the air in those cities can look like that. ick). As for the minor rough spots in the game, I'll live til a patch comes out. Just because someone says something negative doesn't make that statement true. Opinions are like ######, every forum has em.
  4. Or stop by wolfservers.com's GR only game server. We're on triple t1's and host games with up to 26 players with very little to zero lag. If you're interested please see our threads in the 'Games Room' forum. Cheers man!
  5. The Sound issue, that's a tough one to troubleshoot. Ugh. If you haven't already done so (and you probably know this stuff since you're an engineer, but *shrug*): Make sure you've got the most recent drivers for your Herc card. Might also try going to dxdiag and check your sound acceleration setting. Tweak it up or down and see whether that helps/hurts/doesn't do anything. Oh, if it's an older setup (dual processor though, so prolly not) the sound card might not support EAX. Try disabling that, and/or enabling the 'alternate cache' setting if it's an older sound card. If your system sound has surround capability, might want to check the dolby protocol you have your speakers/headphones set to. I had an odd problem (very faint weapons sound from my own weapon) that went away instantly when I changed my speaker settings. I'll have to give up there since I've exhausted my limited knowledge/suggestions. On the gameplay side of things, I can offer this advice: Take your Single Player missions slowly. This game is so immersive, you'll be jumping out of your chair when you die. That in mind, play as if you're one of these guys. Make sure you're safe before you move. Switch between fire teams so that you don't have one team out of position. Use the orders map to tell your (goofy, incompetent) ai troops where to go and how to move. Oh, and go to www.tacticalgamer.com's forums, go to the SOP area and read up on their excellent tactics section. When you're comfortable with the controls (remember, go slowly and you'll be more successful - then you won't be fumbling for controls you can't remember in the heat of battle), you'll be ready to give the game a shot against humans. That's when it gets REALLY interesting. [shameless plug] When that time comes, swing by our servers and play with some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet. [/shameless plug]
  6. Hey man, my pleasure. Glad to hear I convinced you to rejoin the multiplayer games at our place. Anubis, Zantar's a stand-up guy, our kind of player. I secretly giggle when he starts going off at the ding-dongs that don't bother to acknowledge his advisories/warnings/requests for help. Ahh, Zantar, good having you around. Makes me seem less um, demanding Cya soon.
  7. Nah, we'll be back soon. The dedicated server is cranky and needs a whoopin'. That's the Maintenance that Anubis is talking about.
  8. I'm waiting for this one too. Looks really, really good.
  9. Good post. The drawback as I see it is that the vehicles will become a sideshow and will detract from the immersion that GR offers. But the setup as you describe seems like it'd be optimal. Not sure how to pull it off without unbalancing the air aspect (as in BF1942 where a great pilot renders armor and infantry irrelevant) though.
  10. Heya Swartzs, Glad to hear you had a positive experience on our server. That's what we're trying to provide. Please come on back anytime. And fwiw, you'll get much better much faster against human opposition. The bots rarely miss, but their behavior is much too predictable when compared with us loony humans. So slap a smile on and head back over to our place, we'll be more than happy to help you get into the swing of things. Cheers. Wupjak GR Admin, Wolf Servers
  11. I don't think usable vehicles would fit with the purpose of the ghosts, whose raison d'etre is to insert, carry out their mission and exfiltrate without (or with minimal) detection. It'd be fun to play around in a humvee or an Abrams, but I think it would detract from the great atmosphere that GR has of a tactical, squad-based infantry shooter. Regardless, I'm looking forward to whatever improvements/enhancements they implement in the sequel.
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