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  1. I am looking for a new card and I think I have narrowed down my search to 4: ATI x1950Pro 512Mb ATI x1900XT 512mb Nvidia 7950GT 512mb Nvidia 7900GTX 512mb Which do you think is best as they are all similar priced. Something I read somewhere said the X1900XT beats the 7950GT but I was wondering how this compares to the X1950Pro?
  2. A mate of mine is having a few problems with his DVD CDRW combi drive. It only reads copied cd's. Any proper cds or software installation discs it jus thinks theres nothing in the drive. The code it brings up for this drive in hardware properties is; HL-DT-ST RW /DVD GCC 4120B. Hope this helps.
  3. Yeh i have never had one before but I thought it would be useful in dorm room at uni next year.
  4. Hi Just bought an ATI x1800xl all in wonder. When i have the TV section on I can't get into the TV guide. Earlier it said my listings were out of date. When i open the section for the listings they only seem to cover USA and Can. Is there any for the UK out there.
  5. Go AMD mate and if you are strapped for cash why not check out ebay as long as you are VERY careful and only buy things from sellers with lots of feedback that sell computer parts all the time and the parts are new with with manufacturer ROA warranty you can save yourself a small fortune. Then you could splash out on a better graphics card for example. If you get AMD save money by getting an AMD 64 3700+ over an X2 3800+ for gaming. I don't think you will notice that much differance hence I am going to make that choice on my upgrade. That money will let me buy an x1800Xl instead of an x800 GTO a worthy swap I think! I would definatly go ATI they are slightly cheaper and IMHO they are up there with Nvidia. Motherboard wise go LANPARTY they are specifically designed for gaming. Even if you don't go LANPARTY make sure you get a good motherboard as this is after all what your whole PC is based on. You could also save money using your old case providing its got enough space and is ATX. RAM wise if you don't want to OC but still want decent timings go for GEIL. I did and I am very happy. Cheap aswell. I got mine off ebay. The guy sells them all the time and offers really quick delivery a classic example of the kind of ebay buyer to make purchases from. Look at his items for sale search for geil.
  6. I think it could be your soundcard thats gone hence the output is buggered wotever you seem to do. Though it wouldn't explain why it works for a bit then goes off. If all else fails a full system reload could help. At least then you know it isn't some random bit of junk that windows left lieing around thats messing it about.
  7. I will probably get the TruePower 2 I think. Also I am not updating till summer so by then x1800's should be even more affordable I might even be able to afford a Pro! lol Also are any Hiper PSU's as good cos they seem slightly cheaper and you can get a 580w Modular one for about £60-65 which from what I can tell means its much neater? HIPER PSU
  8. Getting some very new high end parts and my cheap 450W bog standard PSU will not be enough to cope. Also I feel to do the new parts justice I should get a decent PSU. I have never really looked into PSU's before but I know enough about them to know that Enermax and Antec are basically the best so I want one of these I think unless of course you can now get better ones. My new rig will be as follows: AMD 64 3800+ X2 or AMD 64 3700+ ATi Radeon X1800 XL 256Mb DFI Lanparty UT RDX200CF-DR SKT939 This will be added to my exsisting: 1Gb Low Latency Gaming RAM 80Gb Hitachi Deskstar SATA 1 HDD 250Gb Seagate 7200.8 SATA 1 NCQ HDD DVD/CDRW Combi So far I have been looking at the Antec Truepower 2 550W and the Antec Truecontrol 2 or Antec Truecontrol 1 I have been mainly focusing on the first one as it seems like a happy medium price wise. Basically I want to know two things: Is the Truecontrol 1 good enough as I could buy one for cheap? Secondly what other PSU's are there out there that are on a par with or better than those 3 price and performance wise?
  9. I use my computer primarily for gaming with the very occasional bit of graphic design. I am going to update in the near future but I am a bit unsure of what to pick. I have decided on my mobo: DFI Lanparty UT RDX200CF-DR SKT939 My PSU: Antec Truepower 2 550W However, I cannot decide which proccesor and graphics card combo to get. I can afford either a combination of the following: AMD 64 X2 3800+ and a Hightech X800GTO IceQ II Turbo or AMD 64 3700+ and a Sapphire X1800 XL 256mb I know both combos are good but I want to know which will most suit my needs. Obviously the X2 is more powerful but will the dual core impact on games or is the better graphics card more important?
  10. I do not appreciate my posts being edited when I am merely expressing my opinion. I do not see how being glad of living in the UK is political. When it is a simple fact that gun crime is low in the UK and it is something we are all happy about as I'm sure the american people would be if it was the case in the USA. Unfortunatly for the people in the US some of them feel the need to carry concealed weapons. I feel that by editing my post you stopped me from expressing a valid opinion. I do not see how it can be correct to allow a discussion about a matter that has serious issues relating to criminal activity but to prevent some one expressing their view about being happy to live in a society with low gun crime.
  11. Personally I would go for the glock they are still very reliable, are light weight and have a large clip capacity.
  12. I would definatly consider either a 9mm glock 18 due to its large clip for extended gun fighting or the berreta 92f. As for 0.45 they are qutie beasty and perhaps a little much for concealing. Revolvers are more reliable but have smaller ammo capacity compared to the automatics but S&W 0.40 revolvers are qutie commonly used and are a gud weapon providing you only want to take out a couple of targets before reloading.
  13. Currently I have a 9800 Pro which, I am looking to upgrade sometime in the near future to an X800. Currently I have an AGP only motherboard so I would prefer an AGP X800. However the PCI-E versions are like around £100+ where the AGP version are like £200+ (on the sites ive browsed anyway). Is there anywhere where I can get an X800 AGP for like the PCI price? (perhaps a super bargainous internet site). It may just be easier to upgrade my MOBO. Currently I am on a E-Pox 8KDA3+ which is serving me well. However would it work out cheaper to buy a new PCI-E mobo and then be able to get the cheaper G-Card. The mobo only needs to be similar spec to the current one I have (better would be nice though as I don't want to upgrade my mobo again in the near future) as it is adequate. A new mobo must support a socket 754 AMD 64 3000+ and RAM in 3 slots upto 3Gb of DDR1 PC3200. Thanks
  14. Hi A few of you might have read my earlier topics on differant types of RAM and which is good and bad. Well I still havn't found a suitable revision to match my current 512Mb Corsair XMS PC3200 C2PT yet neither have I found a cheap enough alternative 1Gb option. Until perhaps now. Geil are within my budget however, I want to know before I buy if they have got a revision system like corsair and if they do how it works. The Corsair one is a real pain when you are trying to match cards. I know you lot probs recomend buying RAM in pairs every time you want a bit extra. Great world if you can afford to buy into it but I can't. After this initial outlay I want to be able to add another 512 to the 1Gb I will be buying without any hassle. I am aware that the Geil 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz DDR (Cas 3 8-4-4) is a little bit higher latency than the others. Does this matter to someone who probs won't over clock the RAM anyway?
  15. Has anyone heard of Mushkin RAM and is it any good?
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