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  1. Good thing to add about this map...is Spawn raping...its gonna be hard to do it..AT LAST!
  2. Lol @ TAW request....man our guys get lost on a Flat landscape good to see the GR.net communities picking up interest in ya works Born...must admit it plays damn well:-)
  3. Hi all nice Mod Chems I heard you was doing a GR Starship Troopers Mod....Heres a screenie that I rendered up perhaps for a Stargate Mod (Warp between maps...camo is the same etc etc) Aint posting the pic here but review from the URL its 2400x1600 Pixels at 880K. Click to review Im working with BorntoKill_TAw with assistance on tearrains etc...But Born is doing like 99.9% of the work heres some other renders of terrains as tests etc....Unfortunately GR wont support all of the details but the meshes can still be used 1 2 3 ...hope GR2 supports some of these stronger terrains.
  4. " I told YOU I'd be on the shelf in 2004...but i didnt say it would be good!" "YOU....yes YOU.... XBOX gamer ...its time for bed!" "..well YOU mod it into a good game then!" " YOU say demo one more f^%^%^%g time...I dare ya!" "YOU WANNA UNLOCK THE NEXT LEVEL....well ok ..press...O O O X X X left right right left jump duck jump X" " YOU seem to have missed the point...I do this just to get outta the office" "YOU spent 20 minutes in the weapons selection.....& picked THAT!" "YOU cover the hills...YOU cover the buildings....YOU cover our backs......I`ll wait & kill the last man standing & be the hero!" "YES my f&%^%&g G-Strings too tight!" "OI...I give the orders here ...OK Sir!" " I SAID GO BACK & GET THE THERMONUCLEAR DEVICE!" "MOVE! ..QUICK!... there charging with TACHYON RAY GUNS!" "Why did you park my Lamborghini over THERE!" "THERES the medic...now pick up your leg & see him to get patched up!" "TRY AIM TO FOR ...THERE!" " You moan about the HOSTs setup one more time... & I`ll..." "How do YOU expect NOT to lag with that 9.6k modem!"
  5. "taste this ...its come from my a-RSE" "dont blame me...you f^&^&g wanted it like this"
  6. Sorry Im no modeller....but check out the guys hand in the pic (waving on the team).....***t thats some deformity
  7. Just interested wether most people play GR as SP or MP nowadays? May aid with what should be in game for GR2...more MP attributes or less? I play MP nearly allof the time after i completed SP 3 times on elite...it got boring. <POLL?>
  8. OHHHH....FS....re-read what the guy said.... Is that something you'll change for the PC version? Edwards: Well, potentially......it's much easier to do it in the PC version. I foresee a patch ...or re-modelling for the PC. Thank Christ driveable vehicles isnt included as well Personally I dont care if the game goes to the Xbox gets GR2 first, I just want a Good game from it all!
  9. On the medic comments been posted up...if the game only allows 1st aid to be issued by another team member ....one nice sniping tactic to get 2 for the price of 1 ...I think yopu`ll find thats also a realistic tactic still used today to draw the enemy out. Sooo many mixed viewpoints across the whole of the GR community & not just in this forum.....on Gr2...wether its based upon what "x said" ..."the E3 demo"....or other material. Im making some assumptions here so bear with me: RSE & UBI are in this to do what...please you or make monies?......ANSWER: Both......How can they make more monies?......ANSWER: Sell more of the product.....How can they increase their sales?......Design it for the mainstream......Who is the GR Mainstream....ANSWER: the GR communities?...anyone? ...the real issue here is you cant please everyone all of the time. <ask my Mrs but best not go there > ...personally like so many others I think I`ll wait for a demo to be realeased & then make my own judgements. Q> is a lot of the scepiticism about Gr2, beacause the demo isnt currently available & only limited perspectives are reporting on what was seen rather than PERSONAL experiences? .....If so then the only solution would be to get a demo out ASAP
  10. ...hmmm seems like the GR1 enginwe alright with some minor mods,,,,as others have already commented. The trailer has some impresive footage & at first I thought I was looking at the game....but thereagain...I realised it wasnt so. The actual in game footage....didnt show many aspectswhich "us" the "GR fans" had been looking for in GR2. ...LOSE those damn bullet/strafe lines...nothing quite like telling you were the enemy is than a line pointing straight to them. Id rather have not seen them & wonder where the ###### that killing shot came from. Interactive vehicles??? Didnt see any...thank christ. At least we have destructible environments, although they are probably only scripted areas??? I just hope that there is much more work to be finalized as Rocky has already stated above....before they release the official demo version. ...at the end of the day...the proof will be in the pudding...& the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. <I hope RSE heard that>. Lets see what the demo offers
  11. lol...completed all 3 on elite & played them all twice & that was about 12-18 months ago. Now I only play on Elite in co-op mp & train on defend elite....creekbed is a nightmare on ya own....try it.
  12. ...same Brainman2....I only use auto when in close proximity.
  13. ...when can we expect the next official announcements from Ubi/RSE ?
  14. Within GR1 the only vehicles I can remember the Ghosts utilising were the helo, truck & motor dinghy. All of these were used as vehicles to get out of & was controlled via the cutscene, therfore you never actually interacted with them. As the Ghosts are supposed to be a "tactical get in, get the job done & get out" troop, where stealth plays a major part in the game...then vehicles seem unviable UNLESS: - They are interactive to get to the point of insertion <bearing in mind that to keep realism....you wouldnt drive a truck right into the enemies location...youd do that on foot> ...therefore whats the point of having a drivable vehicle if your not interacting with the enemy? - You interact with vehicles that are at the "target area" to get out QUICK! <say theres a convoy of enemies en-route...60+ all heading in your direction> ...other than that I cant see any real practicalities of having interactive vehicles, that would keep the game realistic & true to the Ghosts purpose(s). If you want fully "Gunho" interactive vehicles...look at Joint Operations. ...only my 10 cents worth
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