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  1. DS, I wish we could get graphics like that! What are the chances you'll come work for Gameloft as lead artist on our next title? I figure with you on board we could really push the envelop even further of what this revolutionary hardware is capable of. And since you're obviously such a huge fan of the nGage it should be right up your ally. -MoOk
  2. All, More updates. IGN has released another batch of screens. Check them our if you're interested. http://media.ngage.ign.com/articles/506/506677/imgs_1.html -MoOk
  3. Hey all, I missed this before, but the first ever movie showing off Ghost Recon in action is available too. Go to the following URL: http://www.n-gage.com/en-R1/gamedeck/ngage_qd/index.htm In the top left quarter of the screen is a picture of the new nGage QD along with 5 buttons. Click the 4th button to watch a movie of a short Ghost Recon mutliplayer clip. Sorry I can't link directly to it -- its flash. Enjoy! -MoOk
  4. All, More details on GR:JS for the nGage finally announced: http://www.n-gage.com/en-R1/games/gamedata/jungle_storm.htm Also check out the main page (www.n-gage.com) to read up on the new nGage QD! As suspected this device does indeed correct many of the nGage's original faults. I know I plan on buying one. -MoOk
  5. All, I realise the nGage is a little bit of a mystery to some of you, and perhaps a bit of a joke to others. I figured I'd try to point some details out about this device. The nGage is Nokia's 'hybrid' mobile phone that was meant to cater to the growing wireless gaming market that is becoming more and more important to various handset manufacturers worldwide. Mobile gaming is a huge growth industry right now and a lot of money is being pumped into this industry. Nokia took it's most powerful cell phone series (Nokia Series 60 -- similar to the powerful Nokia 3650 and 6600) and added s
  6. All, Some more screens have been released on IGN. Again this is from an older build. Our soliders look much better and I prefer the new interface to this one. Screens showing the latest build will probably be out in a coupld of weeks. http://ngage.ign.com/articles/500/500585p1.html Enjoy! -MoOk
  7. Hello all, It's not much, but the first screenshot of GR has been leaked so I can share it with you here. http://www.n-gagefrance.com/breve.php3?id_...&id_rubrique=44 Note this is from an old build so some aesthetic changes have been made since this was done. The interface is different, there is a hand holding the gun now (sorry GR purists...), etc. As more shots come out be sure I'll let you know. -MoOk
  8. Hello again all, It's been a while since I've been on here, sorry. We've been burried neck deep in making Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm for the nGage the best mobile game yet! I can't _wait_ to be able to show it all to you. Just a few more weeks. As soon as Nokia officially announces it (should be in early April) be sure that I'll notify you all here. Forget anything you ever thought you knew about Mobile Games. GR:JS on the nGage is looking to raise the bar for what people expect in 'large scale' mobile gaming productions Just a couple more weeks and I can take this lid off. Mor
  9. All, I'll address some points brought up in recent posts. First -- mods. Obviously this is something we'd love to support. I don't think the mobile gaming world is that far off from this being a reality either -- but right now, its not yet really feasible. The nGage games are purchased in the store and come on an MMC card (multi-media card) in 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 MB varieties (no word yet on how large Ghost Recon will be, ask me again in a couple months). Due to the way the nGage copy protection system works, we can't change the size of the game dynamically (ie: we can't allo
  10. Hello all, Thanks for your feedback so far! It looks like Capture The Flag is a popular gameplay style. We'll definatly keep that in mind for our multiplayer maps. I should probably clarify a couple of things. First, the nGage isn't your typical mobile phone, and Ghost Recon won't be your typical mobile phone game. Ghost is fully 3D rendred, with much of the effects you'd expect from a current FPS. Obviously the device has lower procesing power then your XBOX or PC, so some concessions are being made to keep the framerate up and the action fast, but I think you'll be pleasantly surpri
  11. Hello all, As some of you may (or likely, may not) know, Gameloft (www.gameloft.com), a mobile games developer with access to Ubisoft brands, is currently developing a version of Ghost Recon that will play on the Nokia nGage (www.n-gage.com). I am the producer on this title. We are currrently in the stage where suggestions and ideas coming from the community still have a chance of making it into the game. In a month or two, we will likely be too far into development to include any radical ideas or change requests. So, if the idea of playing Ghost Recon multiplayer on a mobile device w
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