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  1. so unless i give all the weapons and give the server admin the ability to pick the weapons then it will be below average? how 'bout ###### it then - ill release a mod that noone will play, and you can mod the ###### game how u want it. does not matter what you do for a community - still unappreciative ######. ###### off to say the least. how bout u just stick to the STOCK GRAW2 then and play it how u like to. # # # # # your call but do not ask for input if you don't want it and can't take it and behave like an adult. Or are you some 12 year old asshat with a temper?
  2. I was about to write a longer answer to why stock is better than mod, but Peace and Gripen allready did. If you get it fine. If you don't then fine to. It's your mod and you decid were to go with it and i decid if i want to play it ^^ But to be frank i find your argument to somewhat hmm, bollox.
  3. Thats still not good enough, as Peace sas options is the key to success. Find a way to let the server admins decid what they want in the game instead of you deciding for them/us. Do that and this mod have an above average possibility to be a success.
  4. Good, one of you might get this right ^^ But i still have hopes that GRiN will see the light and import the sp maps to MP and include RIZ. Stock is always better than mods.
  5. No, no kit restrictions what so ever. Unless you can make it a serverside setting, if so restrict away.
  6. Ahh well GRiN's way that forces us to pick kit's is in it's own a bad way to go in my opinion. Freedom of choice is much better in my book, so i guess i will not play your mod that much with kits even more locked or even removed. I put my hope to GRiN's patching abilitys and i hope they feel that the game in it's present state is in no way ready to be declared finished and that they will give us "random insertions" the way [GR] had it. Cheers
  7. So with your new version the server admin can change the kitrestrictions as they want? Freedom to choose is always better than locked settings. Cheers.
  8. You said what I was thinking. To ask for and get permission first should be the community spirit yes. ^^
  9. It does have the 4 random initial insertion zones, but respawns after dying are then in other random zones. Refer to his quote below. If you play without respawns (once Lightspeed updates the mod to allow that), then you have they game type your looking for. If you want to play respawns with just respawn in one of the 4 initial random insertions, I would ask why? The respawn point can be easily identified and camped. I prefer the old gameplay from [GR] with random insertion and no respawns. No spawn camping without respawns.
  10. Well i can see what you are trying to do Light and it's nice but what i would like is the possibility to have RiS on HH and TDM and no other changes to those gamestyles. Is that possible with yur mod
  11. More nades more GL. I seldom use them but they sure as hell feels nerfed the way they are now. If anything should be nerfed then there should be a safety distans on the GL.
  12. Agree .. Plz let us have the ability to set it to our own preferences... Beside that.. Great mod, keep up the good work Those settings "hardcoded" or can they be changed by i.e adding trr serversetting like this: (asking since i cant test before gayspy back online ) <server_settings type="trr"> <even_round value="false"/> <gamespy_ranked value="false"/> <match_length value="15"/> <max_deaths value="4"/> <max_players value="12"/> <round_length value="10"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> <start_condition value="4"/> <switch_sides value="true"/> </server_settings> As off right now, it is hardcoded (using the above settings didnt have any effect), hopefully it will be changed in the new version to come... I agree, it's a great start on doing somthing GRiN have neglected but i have to agree when it comes to let us "have the ability to set it to our own preferences" Let us do that and this mod will be rocking.
  13. Yes, would be nice to have it back and this time working the way it should have worked from the start in GRAW1. There should be no need to restart the game after the autodl have downloaded the map. Thats pure bull and a sure way to lose players.
  14. Both are good servers, nice to play some real GRAW2 with 0 respawns from time to time. And allways a pure pleasure to shot the ###### out of MiK ^^
  15. That is what i have argued from the start. I think it's just plain silly that private modders should have to do the work GRiN should have done.
  16. Am at work no so it have to wait until tnight.
  17. You sure? What if i run the game as TDM with infinite respanws. Will the game still end before timelimit?
  18. roflmao so tell me, if i have a server in Sweden. Then should someone from the US play on that since to them it's a high ping server or should only us Swedes play on it since to us it's a low ping server? ^^
  19. Can't say i have meet more than 1 cheater ever in this game yet, not that i know of for sure anyway so i'm not that sure that cheats are to common. Cheat accusations on the other hand is an entirely diffrent story. For me it's a good night when i don't get more than 3 accusations thrown at me by some 12 year old newbie who have played GRAW2 online less time then i have spent installing the game. But somehow i tend to take an accusation as a sign i play good so i don't realy care about those either ^^
  20. Ahh well but since Gamespy is part of the problem i see no reason not to bash them ^^
  21. http://www.forumplanet.com/gamespyarena/forum.asp?fid=27359 is a good place to ask Gayspy to stop enforcing a ranking/ladder system noone wants but can't leave.
  22. There is still alot of work to be done before this game is finished in my opinion.
  23. I agree, to most if not all you write. Especially this server drop or change side when loosing is destroying the game in my opinion. People drops like flies on the loosing side. Have had some disscussion with the jerks on Gamespy about this and the only thing they keep saying is "play on a non ranked server if you don't like it".
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