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  1. As stated earlier too little too late This we have seen before, they did the same thing with RS Lockdown and RS Vegas, when all intrest for the game is gone then they drop a patch on us so they can brag about there comitment to the gamers and not the dollah. This patch should have been delivered when people actualy PLAYED the game and not now. I guess it's nUBI's decision in the end but the shadow falls on GRiN to
  2. Bah we made som simple misstakes we normaly dont do, guess we partialy can blame that on CoD4 ^^ Anyway was fun, let's do it again. Hehe tried to bunnyhop? Larsa did ^^ But more the fact that i have spent about 40 hours in CoD since last friday when CoD was released and 2 hours in GRAW2 and only in ladder ^^
  3. Bah we made som simple misstakes we normaly dont do, guess we partialy can blame that on CoD4 ^^ Anyway was fun, let's do it again.
  4. Thats ok, we know how hard it can be to get people togheter right now when both ET:qw and CoD4 is out.
  5. vU is waiting at "Server 1 - SCE Tourney Server" It's 4.10pm EST and no ICE in sight
  6. ty for a nice and clean game SCE. GG's. The gg thread is locked btw ^^
  7. Jumping does not automatically = bunnyhopping.
  8. That's a kind of wierd defination of dead IMO. Firstly, GRAW2 still has official support. So by your own criteria, it is not dead. The other point about knowing every other player online, someone quoted 250+ players a night earlier in the thread, if you know all them you make me feel like norman no mates. I don't mean to come across argumentative, I'm just not buying this "dead" business at all. If this website was getting a few hundred hits every day instead of the many thousand it gets every day, I might be more inclined to agree, fact is, we are as busy as ever therefore interest remains high, and if anyone is looking for an online server to play against 20 odd strangers (or even people they know ), they can do that too. Dead? Nah. On life support, maybe dead or close to dead
  9. Well i feel the game is dead or close to dead and i still put in some hours every day lacking anything better to do ^^ That's my point, how can you say it is dead when you are still playing? If there were no servers and no online players, and you therefore could not find a game, that is when the game is dead (for MP), until then, I really don't see that argument at all. The game is dead when there is no official suport and the playerbase is so low that you know most if not every player playing online and the stream of new players is close to 0. GRAW2 is a good game that deservs better then the treatment UBI have given it, but the fact remain that the games is lost.
  10. Well i feel the game is dead or close to dead and i still put in some hours every day lacking anything better to do ^^
  11. But... isn't a large portion of the players just SP-players, and by that not part of our glorious community? I don't got any numbers but if I would guess I would say that a substantial part (say 60%) of the copies never ever connects to Gamespy. Ahh well that would mean that about 99% of the 20000 copies that have connected to Gayspy don't do it anymore, since there seldom (if ever) is more than 100 players online playing anymore. That sas something to don't you think ^^
  12. That patch and the map pack came out so late that the game was more than dead when it arrived. If they do the same with GRAW2 i guess we will get our patch and possible extra maps sometime in may 2008. If they suport GRAW2 the way they suported Vegas then this game is dead.
  13. Why would anyone want RsE to do next GR? They did Lockdown and that games speaks for it self, i belive RsE has lost it completly.
  14. If u can't find decent teamplay and tension in any of those gamemodes on any of the 100's of servers and gamemodes with the 1000's of players that will be playing it then you will never find it in any game at all. ^^
  15. Good question Cell. It would be intresting to know if this is what GRiN wanted? Is GRAW2 as GRiN intended it or did they have other plans for GRAW2 but were stopped by UBI? What happened really?
  16. The only one from GRiN talking here any longer is Wolfsong and he himself have said that he has been told by GRiN/nUBI that he talks to much on the forum. You can argue whatever you want about GRiN still interacting here on the forum but the facts remain that after the gag thing there is less GRiN than ever on the forum. They might be here reading from time to time, but one seldom see them answer any question like they did before. Don't get me wrong, i would love to be proven wrong and that GRiN still is activ both when it comes to gr.net and GRAW2 but one gets the feeling that this game is way back in the past for GRiN.
  17. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44803 Looks like there was and still is one after all since there is no GRiN interaction here any longer from what i can see. To bad, to sad.
  18. What is wrong with the mod forum since these posts end up here and not there? ^^
  19. I have no problem with paying for a map pack AFTER nUBI/GRiN have released all sp/mp maps in all mp modes. As far as i see it GRAW2 is curently a BETA and not yet finnished for public release.
  20. This belongs in the MOD or Help forum an not here. Anyway you have to extract the files into your "Custom Levels" folder that is found inside the GRAW folder.
  21. Good input, i would love to see a detailed answer from UBI/GRiN were they do mee us and TALK to us again.
  22. Thats ok, ###### happens. I get more disturbed when i get suported by Rubbgutt ^^
  23. Your right i think half a chance may be wrong. 20-25% should be more accurat. Next time don't ask for what you don't want. And yes stock is always better than mods when it comes to accessability. EVERYBODY have the stock content and most if not all ladders prefer STOCK content before mods any day of the week. That is what i mean when i say Stock is always better than mods. I have played somewhat like 120-130 [GR] matches 100+ RvS matches and 20-30 or so GRAW1-2 matches and i think somewere around 5-6 of them have been on non stock maps. Was there anything else you managed to not understand?
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