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  1. Kafee, Can you please post your old sound files as well. Your new tweaked version is not working to well with my rig. The old one was perfect. Thanks.
  2. Thanks but I never recieved it. Can you try another email with a new address: paul.brophy256@comcast.net Thanks again
  3. Thanks but those links are dead, I was hoping someone downloaded here. Still looking for soundpack. Thanks .......................and HAPPY NEW YEAR
  4. Does anyone have it? and if so can you email it to me please. Thanks It's a really good mod pbrophy@hotmail.com
  5. Those skins are beautiful. I just looked at all the skins on your site. I really wish you would reconsider about not releasing the Australian skins..They are fantastic. As a matter of fact I wish you would release them all. Thanks for all the hard work
  6. Any new updates, I'm really looking forward to playing with boonies in woodland camo. Camo weapons are great too. Thanks a bunch
  7. "Jap guy" .....try some manners and you may get some help here. Mean time, try expanding your vocabulary to something more appropriate.
  8. I have a question. Does it make any difference if you use silenced weapons as opposed to nonsilenced? Sometimes I think I can sneak up on enemys other times I'm not sure. Any opinions out there?
  9. My favorite weapons mods together. Standard Upgrade, Yodasplat's M-4 Mod, and Sniper Armoury. These mods (and many more) add so much more to the game. Thanks to all the modders out there for your great work. What are some of your favourite mods that work together? What are some of your favourite mod combos?
  10. Must have patience, must have patience. Good LORD, that looks awsome. Keep up the updates, they are a pleasure to see. Thanks
  11. Anybody hear anything about this upcoming mod??
  12. Wow, those weapons are approaching photorealism, expert work. To me the realistic weapons add to the fun and immersion. Thanks a bunch!!
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