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  1. I had the same damn problem with the 3.9 cat drivers. Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb, textures replaced with usually pink colours of varying tone, the sprites come up the same, all the fonts get replaced by little black squares, and quitting requires a ctrl+alt+delete press. So damn frustrating becuase every other game works fine but GR and the old drivers i was using didn't have the options i needed to enhance the brightness or gamma in say, Raven Shield, for some reason the game totally overrides the cards settings everytime i launch it, but thats almost all the games i have, BUT, hotkeys work. I have to load the game and actually get into the stage i wanna play then use alt+f1 to increase the brightness or gamma, however i set it in the cards advanced colour settings. But like i said the older drivers didn't support this so I needed the latest CAT drivers, low and behold Ghost Recon doesn't agree... But now I'm downloading CAT 3.8(why do they have to be so big?!) and I'm confident that will solve all my problems, according to Tozzifan anyway.

    The point of this post? Well, can anyone explain these two incredibly annoying yet tiny problems?


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