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  1. lmao ok this is very funny i since rebuilt my pc and was very busy to complete my retextured winter map mod. i fired it up today to do the last little bit that it needed so i could release it, but when i started a game the snow flakes are huge (golfball size) and look very wrong i have no clue how this happend. anyone ever have this problem. i never messed with any snowflake textures.if there is such a thing in gr. i did all the maps on my old pc i now have a bigger and better vid card i wonder if this might be the problem. help. heres the link to a ss. http://www.savepic.com/freepicturehosting/...&fn=SNAG-05.jpg thanks all Blu
  2. i agree with preacher and the sound from ventrilo is way better than teamspeak, we have never found a issue with ventrilo yet and we have 40 members from around the world. we run it on a dedi server and never get any comm lagg.
  3. yeah thats a thought to i even did that ,there are no missions for this mod since its for league matching, so that would be alot easier to do
  4. lol im lost on it, ill either start from scratch on this map or just uncheck all the maps for single player style.lol ill keep at it. thanks again
  5. thanks guys i couldnt save in photoshop didnt have the ico ext. i did find a freeware from downloads.com very simple program and worked great. thanks for the speedy response
  6. ok my mod is done and in testing right now, im looking to create a installing icon beside the same old little harddrive icon. I know this can be done frostbite has its own icon and some other mods.is there a plugin for photoshop for this or do i need a differ program. any thoughts? thanks Bludawg
  7. yes all boxes are checked for playing styles, and i havent checked the log yet heres what the log says from three peeps. SimGun: Gun node w_1 has no camera offset helper point. whats this mean?
  8. ok this is very funny and i cant figure it out. The map is riverbed its been retextured to winter, This mod is complete just testing it today what we found was that the map crashes on single player every time, But if you go to multi player and create a game and run the map its fine.Now if you go back to single player quick missions and clk riverbed now it wont crash and plays fine. everyone that downloaded it, has had this happen to them.and is fixed the same way. What causes this and what do i need to place in the mod folder seems like it needs something from the main gr folder. any thoughts? thanks alot
  9. i was messing around in photoshop and made some killer FALL ASPEN tree colors. if you live in the mountains like me you know what im talking about they are the only kick butt looking tree during fall/winter. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-12/528...374/SNAG-34.jpg http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-12/528...374/SNAG-26.jpg hope you like them as much as i do really spiced up a fall/winter map with some color blu
  10. looking for some sandbags to place on a new map, anyone know where i could find some or would like to loan some out and be mentioned for thier work .(for a gun placement) thanks
  11. nope did that, it was the offsets i have it now thanks all, it took about 20 trys but i got it very close now. blu
  12. take a look at the ss im facing south and on the command map im facing north. what caused this and how do i fix it. yes i followed the igor tute to the tee. and i did spawn in the right place link to ss. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-12/528...374/SNAG-25.jpg thanks all. blu
  13. is there anywhere a person can download dynamic vehicles that can be made into a new map. i have the blk hawk from piggy , but i cant seem to make it look like a crashed helo, so ill look for something else to place in the map (for looks only)!!!!! it took 2 helos to come up with what i have now ,a poly hog it was. any help would be great for this winter mod. heres a ss of the made up crash, its not good! i took the rotors out also for the 2nd try, and turned it on its side more and sunk it a little more in the snow. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-12/528...374/SNAG-01.jpg any thoughts plz? blu
  14. hello im doing a winter mnt. map for a winter mod for war-leagues. and im just about done with the map but had a idea of placing a crashed helo or parts of one sticking through the snow . like its been there for a while . its not going to be used for a mission this mod is for match playing and i dont have a clue on writing missions. and i would like to have it in map all the time like a rock .just to give the map a military enviroment. and more cover to hide by also. any help would be great.i may release this to the public also. just depends pm me plz. igs_bludawg@hotmail.com
  15. well maybe i havent learned the building stuff yet. i thought about a ruin of a trappers cabin, mountain pond,and some old ruins of horse corrals type stuff. dont see very many buildings and such up high in the mnts. its just a learning map for me right now. blu
  16. alot of big hills if you ever been elk hunting in the high country then you will like this map, this from my back yard in wyoming that gave me the idea. and its my very FIRST map and im pretty happy so far and ive never used 3dsm before either till this map a week ago.A HUGE THANKS GOES OUT TO Eleven7 and Sleeper for all the help and tips. i hope the screen shot is clear enough and this link works i sized it down and it looks distorted to me. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-12/528...374/SNAG-06.jpg the ss is funny looking but i cant help it , lmao (trees,etc yet to come also) thanks to everyone that has helped me here
  17. yeah sleeper i was looking for a map to retexture, had no intention of using frostbite maps. i have a guy teaching me how to use 3dsm and helping me make a map, so im making my first one with him lol we will see anyways thanks
  18. i have some winter skins i did with hunting style camo and turned out pretty good, and they was my very first set of skins to,sleeper fixed the head gear for me. a very big thanks to him for the lessons on skinning. a very helpful person! i would love to post a screen shot but i have no clue how to .
  19. it doesnt matter if it has trees and buildings,it would be nice though. i was just wondering if someone had 1 map sitting around, that would allow me to add it to my maps.ive been looking for some but havent found any and dont know anyone that builds maps. i just started doing this 2 weeks ago, i have 8 maps done and just started looking for a new one last night.
  20. hello all. im doing a winter mod for 2 gaming leagues. right now im retexturing some maps and doing them a little different on the cover etc. anyways im looking for a new map to add to it, im so very new to 3dsm that i havent fig. out how to build one yet. it dont have to be anything fancy with buildings and all of that. maybe someone has one sitting around on a disc or something. and wouldnt mind it being coverd white.YOU would be given full credit for it also! they are trying to add some new maps for last man standing matches.(IGS leagues and war-leagues)give me a shout please. thanks all blu
  21. WELL IT was there and have no clue why it didnt work but i reinstalled gr and all is fine now. grrrrrr ty for the help though
  22. yup in their own mod folder ,and reskinned on the skinner and no weapon mod at all in the new map mod, the sound dont even work on the stock MP2 beach resort for the NL. do you know what sound file this gun uses? if so ill look and see if its their maybe it got deleted or corrupt and i can replace it. thanks again
  23. nope didnt touch anything like that just retextured a few maps thanks
  24. ok im doing a mod and the stationnary gl on beach resort i have placed on some of my other maps, everything worked fine , but for some reason i have no sound at all for this stationary nade launcher not even on the mp2 beach resort org, map. ive looked for the sound file but have not found it. does anyone know how to ck what sound file it uses and why i lost the sound for that gun or would want to take a look at i thanks all
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