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  1. yeah i know preacher and his maps. i just got the other trr maps and the look the same as mine i dont see any base spawns. could you give a example of the igor format as to placing them i would like to try this idea out.
  2. thank ya i couldnt rem. where i saw it when i did .
  3. ok i did this once but cant recall how or where, where do you set it to cold so on winter maps it shows thier breath? thanks
  4. thanks sleeper didnt know that. ill just scrub the map to much of a pain in the rear.it was looking so good to . but them palm trees just ruin it. lmao where is the treeless version at? a link maybe ill forward it to my buddy and see if he can figure it out.
  5. that rsb editer is a joke it dont work i get (failed to read image []) on anything i mess with i was just testing it out to. and the read me only is unchecked to.
  6. will do, sleeper said mike schell did this a long time ago on caves map. maybe someone that knows him could get him to post on the matter. or even give the structure of map files. i have a programmer that will look at it if i get some info of the structure of the file. (his quote) If you have any documentation on the map file structure i'd have a look. so if aNY KNOWS ANYTHING POST IT MAYBE THIS COULD OPEN UP A FEW DOORS. sry for caps (talk key)
  7. ok need some help badly. everything is going great the palm trees are a pain in my ass. nothing seems to work on them at all. I talked with sleeper and he had the same problem with another map he worked. sleeper said something about a hex editer to remove them from the map. He said mike schell did this with caves map. does anyone know how to do this and give it a shot for me or walk me through it. Help please dont wont to loose to a map lmao. [Admin edit: topic moved to correct forum and duplicate post deleted.]
  8. lol never though of that. thanks this map is very tough to retexture. cant seem to hide or redo the palm trees keeps crashing every time i mess with them. cant figure out why
  9. ok redoing beach resort i have the water texter replaced with icbergs floating but i want to stop the water from moving how do i do this? heres a link of a ss of the water. http://forums.theigs.com/index.php?act=Att...=post&id=100264 any help would be great.
  10. thanks sleeper. i have the boats gone but cant get rid of the water sound while running through it and the snow is moving like water. LMAO kinda funny to see but looks like it will make a killer map if i can get it to work.
  11. thanks so much boat is now gone. now another question i cant get the water movement to stop i applied my snow texture. and i also cant get rid of the water splashing sound when running through it? any thoughts on this thanks again el_oso
  12. im redoing beach resort into a winter sceen (trying to) now on the water there are two boats i want to make them not there. i use photoshop 7.1 ive never done anything like this and dont under stand how to can someone explain it in dummie terms. i saw this link http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ST&f=15&t=16031 but i dont see where i can create a alpha channel for the boat and cover it in blk. do i make a new layer and save it as a alpha? and then color the alpha blk? or cover the boat blk and do something after that? some help would be great my msn is igs_bludawg@hotmail.com
  13. ok thanks ill try that out . has any one used mikes tagging tool for sounds. i seem to get a error every time i use it. hasnt worked yet.
  14. im going to try and retexture beach resort into my winter mod and i was wanting to redo the water as ice/snow can i change the sound of it so it doesnt splash. and is this possible to do this map this way.
  15. ok heres my question, i redone some maps for a league, and they have a question that i cant answer. and hope you guys can. i dont think it can be done. here it goes. these maps are TRR (total random respawn) so you dont get spawn raped by campers. ok they want to know is there a way you can spawn by a teammate in a team- lastman standing game play. so you dont spawn in the middle of campers watching a spawn ponit. i dont think it could be done, any thoughts? thanks alot Blu
  16. altready done, it was vid drivers. had to it looked so bad. ill include it in a update if the new drivers work. sorry
  17. kinda sounds like amercias army with the training and all, GOOD JOB!
  18. that i dont know, i did however had to get rid of the snow in the mod didnt want someone to download it with the new drivers and the snowflakes are messed up. then they would talk trash on me. lmao cant have that. the mod you can download its ready and awaiting for upload to gr.net get it here pw and user name is = download thanks Bludawg there are no missions in this mod its for League matching
  19. ok my bad sorry. i used to watch replays over there for a year in IGS leagues i was lead battle admin there. RC was our allies in GR. for a while. thanks anyways Bludawg
  20. yeah its the new drivers roll back or reinstall to 53.03 it worked . but then you cant play bf vietnam so its a hard choice.
  21. gephion you said you was in RC as in rabid clan in IGS leagues?just wondering there was a player there by that name that was just like yours. Blu
  22. hey thanks alot for all the info, ill reinstall it and go from there. so i can release thois thing thanks again. blu
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