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  1. please take a look modders they have stolen my mod and watch for yours. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...t=0#entry212196 thye will not remove my mod! what can i do? heres a link of me talking to the owner and him saying no you dont steal them you use them and admits to changing them. its a rough ss but you can make it out what he says . http://myweb.wyoming.com/~mspaulding/bzg%20copy.jpg
  2. BZG leagues (http://www.battlezone-gaming.com/gr/) stole my TRR maps that i made and edited the names to say they belonged to BZG leagues. and renamed all of them. i would like to tell every player of gr not to play at this league that steals ones mod. i have talked to them on this topic to the owner and he stated they are not copywrited and he can do with them as he pleases. please ignore this league. i do have ss of the conversation. this is bad news for gamers and modders like me. i would have gave them use of them if they would have asked. thanks Blu heres a ss on convers. i little rough i tried to make it clearer, this is as good as i could get it. http://myweb.wyoming.com/~mspaulding/bzg%20copy.jpg
  3. ok anything can help, ive made some new ones and they seem to look pretty good. i need to try them in game and see how they look . but ill give anything a try . thanks alot. blu my msn is igs_bludawg@hotmail.com
  4. need some winter skins for a retextured winter mod i have some now but i just aint happy with them. need 4 teams red,blue,green,and yellow for multi player last man style games. (league matching mod) thanks Blu
  5. ok im back online heres some trees without leaves on winter farm day. hope ya like it. http://myweb.wyoming.com/~mspaulding/SNAG-22.jpg http://myweb.wyoming.com/~mspaulding/SNAG-23.jpg Blu
  6. sorry all for not getting back sooner my baby sitter unplugged my water cooler and burnt up my pc. i should be back up friday. and yes i can redo the trees without leaves. this was a ss done right away with the new sky. im working on changing it without leaves. and when im back up and running it will be finished. thanks for the comments. sleeper and shiver taught me just about everything on retexturing maps. some i taught myself but most came from them. thanks again you two! all the images was done in photoshop and the tree colors come from aspen trees during the fall colors. (wyoming)
  7. here ya go hope the links work. http://myweb.wyoming.com/~mspaulding/SNAG-19.jpg http://myweb.wyoming.com/~mspaulding/SNAG-20.jpg thanks again for the skys!
  8. now that is sweet! very nice thanks ill post a screen shot very soon
  9. ok thanks a bunch. yes i have around 15 maps now redone in winter and fall. i would like to add new skys to some of them. if anyone wants some winter maps let me know im getting pretty good at it lol
  10. ok you make sense but i dont know if i was doing that or not i followed the tute to the tee. so what ever it said to do i did. i dont recall anything like what you talked about in the tute in the recon section. maybe someone that is good with skyboxes like yourself could make a new tute on making a sky in photoshop and all the neat little tricks. i get some killer skys here in wyoming i would try and make a download of just skys for modders to use if they all looked good (real). just a idea. thanks for your help.
  11. hey thanks so much i will check it out today and post a ss for ya. thanks again.
  12. i dont know what you really want deleyt. but i follow the tute in recon section on doing skys. the only thing it leaves out is useing the skinner and renaming your files and having to go into igor and set your new skybox. my biggest problem is when you look at the sky in game it looks like your in a box. its looks damn good but you can see a box. to bad someone dont make a skybox download with new skys for us modders to use. if there is someone out there like deleyt. thanks biro ive used that tute alot i but still come up with a box.
  13. ok i think i got the map done for ya. give me a shout on msn and ill send over some ss for ya. igs_bludawg@hotmail.com
  14. ok ill start working on it this weekend and see what i can come up with ok you dont owe me anything maybe some day ill need a favor
  15. are ya looking for a reskinner? if so i may be able to help ya
  16. im doing some winter maps to update my mod but i want to add a skybox with a mnt. in the back ground to set the env.of winter. if your interrested contact me through msn or here igs_bludawg@hotmail.com ive made some but they always turn out like a box looks very dumb.
  17. nice ss. ive tried messing with the background but i always end up with box for a sky and it looks like crap. sorry for taking to long to reply but my mob took a dump and im on my kids pc. ill try it again later after the new parts get here. Thanks
  18. ok i seen a map with a mnt in the skybox, i think it was on hx5. ive tried this but i cant get it correct and my sky is a box lmao you can see the lines (corners) ive read the tute by firestar but it just aint working out for me anyone have any ideas on this. and my picture is big enough to where i dont have any lines to clone over. so im lost. thanks
  19. i can give it a try ill have to get a clan or two to test it for me. tyhanks for the info.
  20. thank ya i just didnt rem seeing the team base spawn tags before, ive made alot of trr 1 to 35 for a league but i was going to get them to try a new style. thanks again very detailed info you gave they should pin that for newbies.
  21. ok i was asked tonight about doing/running a mod team for a league/ladder. it would consit of new TRR maps every new cycle, and maybe a small map pack each cycle ,doing retextured maps, and some other ideas. nothing fancy cause its for matching last man standing style. this is still in the works but if your interested leave me a message or msn me igs_bludawg@hotmail.com this league has been around for sometime. and very heavy into GR. its thier strongest game.
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