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  1. very boring game after 2 days of playing same maps a 1 game style for MP. this goes for me and my clan. this game will die fast. Grin did a great job but UBI really messed this up and made another lockdown. would have been alot better if they would have ported over the 360 game. atleast then we would have more maps and mp options. i know ill get flamed by alot and im sure there alot out there that fully agree with me to. Nice work GRIN to bad you had to work for UBI.
  2. i hear ya man. hl2 was the game for graphics and no lag at all. far cry was very nice aswell. if you want differ check out armed assault coming in first week of june.
  3. GRAW sounds more like brothers in arms and lockdown and will die very fast if they dont give us more, 5 maps really blows and will get old very fast. co-op isnt a big factor in MP gaming. last night all i seen was 1 co-op server most of the night. buying guns blows big time everytime you die. dumbest thing i ever seen in a fps game. why do we need the money has nothing to do with a fps? grin did a kick ass job but is a long way away from beating [GR]. take the graphics from GRAW and add them to [GR] and we have a winner. Gameplay in [GR] was so nice and hasnt been matched yet by any game.
  4. some maps in [GR] were very large and we limped when wounded. and who cares about SP missions. im talking about MP. ( co-op missions isnt a big factor in mp fps games) out of all the fps games i have they are all mainly played lms/teamdeath match. you never see alot of co-op mission servers. they try and make everything as real as they can but no wounding. kinda gay still a great game. and with no sdk now is really gay for us modders. who cares about a mission editor. same 5 maps differ missions all the time. lol game will die fast like brothers in arms did. best game for co-op is flashpoint and vbs1. armed assault in june will own.
  5. well i guess sounds are there but faint. i noticed when you wound a player in the leg they dont drag it anymore like they did in GR. i know you cant run with a wounded leg so why change that. i would love to see a toggleable run,and crouch key. getting hung up on walls that are knee high why is this? we should be able to scale it or jump it. aiming in prone really sucks. cant shoot at someone down the street that is prone to. game wont allow your gun to aim that low. why? having to rebuy everything when you die sucks hard core. minor fixes but for leagues wanting to ladder with GR3 they WILL have some problems with this game. GR1 will never be beat as the best FPS game ever.
  6. is it me or is there no sounds at all, birds,dogs, commands from leaders etc. it seems very quite for a first person shooter. org GR had alot of sounds battle in background, had no lag graphics are a kick, need some sounds added and last man standing. get rid of the buying gun and addons crap.
  7. have you tried to edit the skins and resave? nice find
  8. yeah man you can use any of the winter mod i did, some maps in it i didnt build so you will need to give the credits for them also. theres a readme in it that tells what maps belong to who, i just redone them all in winter. if you need a link to download let me know ill upload it to my ftp. the winter mod gr.net has is my first version, the second has kits and more maps which gr.net doesnt have. my msn bludawg@hotmail.com
  9. on all of my retextured maps i renamed all files that i redid to match even the map file and then i made a new env. mission file also all the same name. if you have any problems let me know but for it to stop thats what you will have to do
  10. hello all , im looking for a halloween style mod ive seen one im pretty sure but cant recall where. we are putting on a halloween style GR tourny and wanted a mod thats kinda in the mood of halloween. sounds,skins maybe,and all night. any of you guys have any thoughts? thanks sounds funny but its for a kick off of a new league
  11. well its been a while but you need to rename the map files and env files also i made all new env. files after i changed the map file name.
  12. i know you can do this to your dedi server . how do you turn on the option to log ips that connect to your server in gr? so you can track and bann ips from this list. we keep getting hit by the grboom and the grboom fix doesnt work and red storm said turn on the ip logger. but dont see it any where? thanks
  13. go here and download the grunt. it is server tools and will set up your gr right off with the right files and everything you need to run a server http://www.battalioncommand.com/ any problems pm me.
  14. you can also make dead trees from messing around with textures from ds maps and doing a little work in photoshop even change out dead trees with bushes.
  15. looking for Wildcat's Skinning Materials anyone have these or know where to download them the link seems to be broken. thanks
  16. ok im messing around with soaf maps, and i need command maps for them, but dont see them there so i used igor and built a command map. but its to large i think nothing is lining up has anyone ever done cmaps for soaf if so whats the best way to get one done. thanks
  17. and for the record spawn told milk he could use the very first set he did, and he also told me how to make them and what he did to make trr. it was pretty simple after that. before you say me and milk stole them take a look at milkmans installer spawns name is right there in plain view on the installer. so you dont even have your facts right. yeah i did put them up for download i was with the league for one night. cause of the bs owners that want cheaters watching replays for them. and i locked a cheating admin which the owners unlocked then relocked after the cheater watched the replay. and thats why me and my team quit BZG and why two lead admins quit that night. so why do you defend a league like this? im for any league that starts up and will help but i will not help a league that IS RAN THAT WAY! nor should anyone else. and when i left i asked for trr to be pulled and they said ok np. then over night bzg had its own trr. which i know is no way in hell can be made over night. then after they was caught and denied stealing them i posted all screen shots of him (owner stealing them) then they didnt like that cause it made the league look even worse and it was all TRUTH!!!!! truth hurts feltzer so why defend that league? maybe you have money tied to it or something. i dont know but ask in gsa and you will see no one cares for that league at all now since all the truth got out. good day and ggz
  18. well feltzer i never used your ITE stuff at all. when i started these TRR i asked milk how he did his and i talked to spawn also. and if you check as sleeper said i asked tons of questions here about making trr maps. i never touched spawns trr maps. and by the way i started from scratch with each missionn that came with the game. just like spawn did. and anything i used in my mod i have asked to use and i have all the emails and conversations to prove it. so ###### feltzer i had my proof of darkness stealing them now where is yours of me???????????????????? i wonder if spawn knows of you coming here claiming this? and i will bash BZG from here on out. i saved everything from them saying they stole renamed and will do anything they want with them. and i have the proof of them letting cheaters in to watch replays for the owners. so do you agree with that also????? if so your for cheating mate and so is ITF no wonder why no will play ITF anymore and you guys had to move on to another league. lmao. bash me all you want no one here will take your word for it. i have all the proof in the world for my trr and my mod. so once again ###### punk!
  19. i will never accept it maybe some will. And i did inform the owners asap when i found out and they denied everything and so did he. He stole milkmans TRR also that belong to IGS leagues. with out permission from them or milkman. The only reason he saying hes sorry now is he and BZG got bashed for three days solid from every player i know of in GSA lobby and forums. They life locked me and others for bashing the truth. lmao well anyways they are off the bzg site it just took gr.net and the bashing in gsa lobby. And the reason i pulled my maps from there is. One of the owners was letting a cheater watch replays for him and locking peeps based on his findings. some think this is a good thing but to players it is not. Thats why 9 admins quit over there and i didnt want to be part of a league that is ran like that or offer my mods to them. thanks all.
  20. i just wanted to add all the owner bzg Darkness is the one that stole the maps and he also stole IGS leagues TRR made by a friend of mine named Milkman. he put both our tRR into a mod and named it theres. ill post the two screen shots of the installer tonight. thanks all
  21. ok someone seen the replies and sent word to bzg gamin and they said they will pull off the trr. this is the best forums ever and i thank you all for posting. means alot to the little guys like me that arent well know for mods. thanks again all and gr.net your the best.
  22. just wanted to say this forum has to be the best ever. someone got word to bzg owner about this post and they sent me a email. and will remove them. thanks for the speedy replies. they even asked me to do trr for them lmao. we will see. thanks again gr.net
  23. thats it just a bluff but who will go to court over a trr map. not me im a poor boy. but they should respect us and our work no matter what. and i did have a read me grt but they put all thier stuff and names in a new installer
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