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  1. i think its funny that the installer says from version 1.0 to 1.06. and we are at 1.02 and on the day of GRAW's release wasnt there a server running 1.06? i think this patch was being made before the games release. It doesnt really do anything as far as mp in my eyes. It's just a little food for us to stop bitching and to calm us down is all. we will see in this so called june patch what gets fixed for real.
  2. hmmm... what sequels out there for PC's are exactly like the first, note, I am saying SEQUELS. This is what GRAW is, isn't it? Everyone has their own taste, personally, there is no better tactical game out like it, so I continue to keep playing. tactical= Americas Army,Flashpoint, and VBS1 by far better than graw
  3. i dont see that bin file and i have hidden fiolder/files set to show all. all i see is default.bin no profile.bin
  4. who ever buys a game for sp only is missing alot and has no right to really even post here. We all all love mp fps. and we have been waiting for a real kick as s fps to come out. i myself and most players i talk to want a game to be as real as it can get. examples. being wounded, needing a medic, losing stamina,needing support (ammo/gear replaced) bullet drops (calculating for distance) movement of players. (best game ive seen so far with thit is Americas Army) and alot more i can add. graw just doesnt have any of this. follow a player from behind and watch him run around corners looks like hes doing a sideways moonwalk, no wounding at all, you can run all the way across with out any loss of stamina. the only thing good about this game is the eye candy and sound. the distance of site down a street sucks the cans appear like only 30 yards in front of ya and while you are moving they come into view (draw distance). the game as been opend up by some people already and looked at, and compaired to farcry GRAW is behind not ahead of the games. Some have laughed at how it was built. you know why hacks are being made so easy? they didnt protect any files for one. and if PB comes to graw i would love to see who can run this game with PB on. omg can you say lagged out. PB has messed up alot of games right now with the ss update. (there is a new update coming to fix this total rebuild of the ss code) i wish someone will make a game as real as it can get, im done with arcade style and GRAW for one isnt it. its back in the box till a patch and then ill see what its like. Knowing UBI's history i say GRAW is dead before it even released. Should have just put old GR on this engine and not touched a thing and we would all be in heaven. Back to Americas Army best game out right now i think and its free, Hurry up Armed Assault!!!!!!! nice to see you lighty, been a long time man.
  5. sp is nice and great work on the eye candy and sounds, but all of mp blows and im very lost as to how some of it was never caught before release. prone bug, server options,maps,co-op crashing everyround when leader dies, and alot more. very Nice work though!
  6. maybe someone should past the xml as it is because it still dont work for me.
  7. didnt work for me tried it on 2 profiles, all it gave me was the contact mission.
  8. and they dont refund your money at all. tried:(
  9. lmfao you must not have read anything here in this post. for your info i have two games bought so ######. sp will never make a game.
  10. when i was running IGS i hammerd him alot when MR Smith brought him on the staff at IGS. he helped THORN with our AC. after i got to know him and his new way i must say he is one turned around guy and good to talk with on msn. He knows his ###### and he could build a damn good AC. ProGaming leagues has a AC out already that works with GRAW. You may talk to Tactix and see about using his match sneaker. It takes some of the best damn screenshots of your game FULL SCREEN. and more options also. the only bad thing is client have to have it. hes on msn now ill send a message to him to look here rugg.
  11. rgr that don. i see 360 is getting new maps and styles lol
  12. i for one would love to see old gr on this new engine. i think that would be game of the year for sure. has anyone seen a post by sleeper or don on the new GR? i would love to see thier views on it.
  13. hey Duck long time man. yeah im giving it a chance im just bored with the same map. im really shocked that theres no other map based on the outside of the city is all. i still think it was released to soon. no PM's duck my msn bludawg@hotmail.com
  14. you must play on a locked down server as i havent seen one server yet use tactics in DOM. mode. everyone runs everywhere trying to take a letter so they get more points to buy the better guns. it can grow real fast if they would release the tools they said they would so we can fix the game. the dedi server not being there, you cant even bann a player, omg whos idea was this? just about every clan out there has a dedi or more. we have 3 and was going to add a 4th just for GR.
  15. p4 3.06 oc a little 3 gigs of ocz 3200/400 watercoolerd by thermaltake aquarius 3 "cpu and vid card" x1600xt oc 512mb 8 case fans SETTINGS: Texture Quality: MEDIUM Texture Filtering: AF4X Effects Quality: LOW Dynamic Shadows: LOW Dynamic Lighting: OFF Post Effects: medium EAX: disabled Audio Quality: High get around 28 to 35 depends on where im at in the map some places its better other places it drops.
  16. 1 map with 5 differ names is all. 1 map cut into 5 sections is all. so not really 5 maps they all look the same to me.
  17. no i dont play tdm or dm. i like lms with no respawns domination reminds me of conquest/capture the flag in BF games. long ways away from being a kid lol really realistic game? no! run here take E go back take d back to e pretty funny gametype. players are wanting to take a letter over and over rather than covering the area and working as a team. you get more money that way to buy better guns another funny thing. lol
  18. offer constructive criticism, lol we all have. its posted all over the net about the game. like i said its UBI not GRIN. UBI is getting very well known for the way they work. and you have to ###### every now and then to get stuff fixed. And UBI does not listen to gamers at all. LOOK AT LOCKDOWN and BIA!!!! release the mod tools and we will fix the game and in a week we will have maps and mp gametypes etc easy fix and no cost to UBI. tools dont need to be reworked so we can use them. we have some kick ass modders out there that can prolly work the tools with no problems. i cant see anyone taking a trip when their baby is released knowing there will be bugs and complaints to answer. im sure someone is in the office you can take that to the bank. yes there was hacks out the day it got released someone posted a SS over in the ubi forums already with glow and wall hack.
  19. we have a guy that cant use ventrilo with GRAW. kicks him everytime from vent. but the game plays fine just no comms
  20. I do agree on what you are saying about some of it, but i dont see why you are saying GRAW is arcade. But GRIN are working hard for us, they are said they will stick with us to balance out the game and to make it fun for us, and so far, since i have seen graw, im pretty sure that they will stick to that and im sure that after a patch or 2 we will start to see the full potential of this game. ← if this is the case where are they? not 1 post from them here or anywhere else. they will have to do what UBI says. if they say no to tools GRIN cant release them. or they will be in a court battle and GRINS days of making games is over. and with UBI's plan for a patch in june lmfao i stopped listening to UBI's word long time ago. They made a post about a patch in june,1 day after the game is released. that tells me they knew about the problems before the game was released. they wanted to release it so we wouldnt bash them again for setting the release date back is what i think. Look at lockdown not one patch for it yet.
  21. it was a big let down, i even bought 2 copy's. man i hope armed assault comes out in june as planned. Looking at getting VBS1. tired of the gay fps games that keep coming out right now. if UBI was to make a expansion for gr1 and release it in a month i would bet money it would out sale GRAW in a day. i installed graw to my dedi at primary target and it wont even run on it. so the dedis we see in the browser must be home dedis?
  22. I dont think its GRIN's fault at all. If you look at UBI and some of thier FPS games they have become crap for us PC users. BIA was a kick butt sp game MP blows very bad on it also. Lockdown reminds me of GRAW. I have been playing GRAW sp and like it its very hard and fun. Reminds me of Flashpoint. The MP is what im bored with. all 5 maps even though they have a differ name they still are the same map to me . all based in the city and look the same. if they was to release a fix for some of the stuff (ASAP)it may get better. im not impressed at all. with some work and if UBI would let us modders do our work we could have a bad ass game i think. IT will take alot of spam and maybe even a boycot of the game like they did in COD2 to get PB added. it worked for cod2 so why not us? I for one cant stand the aiming. example: badguy standing still not even looking at me, i place it on single shot and hold my scope on him and fire wham i see the bullet impact beside him on the wall, and hes so close i can see his nose hair. LMFAO i know its not me and my aiming lol so dont go there. alot of people get the same thing
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