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  1. I left with arrival of GR2; I hope to come back with this new game; currently i play ARMA2; GR nevertheless is were my roots lay in the digital battlefield; i certainly would like to come back
  2. Hello I was wondering if anyone in here knows compagnys that provide security in risc-zones and are recruiting at the moment? gr
  3. Hello Today i tried to install this mod - thx for all the hard work btw but, off course, i can get it to work; i know very little about pc-programming and with the instructions you give it doesnt seem to work for me (vista) Cant you upload it that it does all this changes itself and not that we have to copy paste files ... thx
  4. i was addicted to original GR now i find graw2 pretty nice and almost impossible to play if not assisted by a (human) team cheaters really ###### up the MP online gaming and that is so sad
  5. I wonder why this game (MP) is so attractive for cheaters? You even better dont say anything in the game if you suspect cheating or you might risc getting injected by some virus. How sad is that?! Yup - a lot of 'evil' ppl on MP - i quess they are young and/or frustrated ... i wonder if other games have this amount of cheating problems aswell?
  6. BSR_Vhladd, do you recommend to use this mod with the 1.05 patch or is it all the same?
  7. thx for all your efforts M. keep on shootin
  8. Hello I wanted to inform this community that GRAW2 has been chosen as best warsimulator by a respected newspaper in Belgium (de standaard). GR
  9. Just shows again that GRAW is on top of military technology. About the second article were is mentioned that it is impossible now (if ever => we will see about that) to detect and color at the same time tango's on the map in a red square; well, this calls again for a mod like [GR] Realism Update
  10. Looks great!!! thx very much for this contribution
  11. Goin to wait till the informal consensus of this forum is AAA+++ about GRAW 2 (or 3?)
  12. OMG it already excists !!!!!! http://snipercentral.com/snipersim.htm (sorry for being off-topic)
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