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  1. Damm rght, look waht the Modding community did for the life of GR1~ not only created twice the game but gave it twice the life while we waited for GR2!!!!!!!! JF
  2. Well I supose it happens to most of us sometime, I didnt see anywhere that it needed Island Thunder, only saw it needed DS. Thanks ZJJ you are absolutly correct, once I loaded IT it went fine. Lol I guess this was the stupid question of the week. Regards and thanks " JF
  3. try this site http://www3.sympatico.ca/nibblesnbits/index.html
  4. Rifleman with a OICW and a 'nade launcher underneath. You can take this gun anywhere and it is the talk of the party, looks good with any outfit and u can fit 3 mags in any purse or handbag. .................... out of my cold dead hands!!!!!!.
  5. and yes I have got desert shield installed
  6. It does it when I am launching a mission, I can open the game ok and select a mission and map, but it crashes after the 5,4,3,2,1. you would think its a video card/driver problem but it works sweet without the HX5 mod. I have plenty of ram (512mg) and a good enough system, and the game works fine otherwise. I have reinstalled the game to make sure there are not legacy mods lying around to stuff it up lol!! I have a mate that has the same problem as well. Regds JF
  7. Anyone else having trouble with HX5 crashing to desktop. I have a clean copy of GR with no mods other than HX5 loaded and a fresh install of the game patched to 1.4. I am running directx 9.0 (Build 4.09.0000.0900) with Win XP pro. I have a Leadtek winfast FX5200 3d card and a AMDathlon XP2000 processor. I have the latest drivers for the 3d card. Anyone got any ideas??. JF
  8. I have just had a look at HX5 I am now amazed yet again by the absolutely amazing skill of these men ( man?) in Harntrox and their ability to take this stuff and advance it to another level. I wish there were some sort of award we could give em, but I dont know what good it would do you guys...... HX 5 has only been out a few days and I saw that there was 13000 d/l's on the site I got it off. You guys personify the best in online gaming and gamers and we all thank you for giving us hours of gr8 gameplay. Regards JF JFSebastian
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