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  1. Well I am a fan of the "GR" series, also the Rogue Spear series which spawned it, so I check out this site for any news or whatever that pertains to the games and the community. I have also stopped playing GRAW quite a while ago for the same reasons (and more) as Timber but stopped talking about it. I still like to drop by to see if the magic bullet (or a component of it) has arrived. and i guess thats also what a fan site is for. It would seem that Timber has decided to vent his opinion because he gives a s**t rather than because he doesnt, and that makes him a fan too i guess. This has been a great site for years and long may it remain so, due to Rocky's efforts and those who help him, and this site and our community is robost enough to outlive GRAW and carry on into the future with whatever games come down the pike, peeps will just need to chill out about it!! JF PS. RS Vegas looks great from what pre-release movies I have seen for it!.
  2. Someone said earlier in this thread that PC gamers "resist change" and "new" ideas, here is the type of change I resist. Nearly 6 years ago game "x" was released, this game was so popular it is still played today, and in its time was the best game of its type - period, and some would say has not been beaten since. It had great single and multiplayer environments, was so moddable that people made hundereds (if not thousands) of mods which added to its longevity. It was good enough from an admin tools stand point to allow League and ladder play, with some chance of catching cheaters and hackers. It's game play was so intense and addictive that many people I knew in my clan and others would play it for hours every day!. Thousands would be online at a time. Not long ago game "Y" was released as a "new" version of game "X". I upspec'd my pc to dual video cards and new dualcore processor, and I bought game "Y" 10 seconds after it hit my local game shop. sight unseen, as it was the NAMED SEQUEL to my all time favourite game. The new version "Y" has none of the addictive action of the original, most of the finer details that made game "X" easy and great fun to play are not there, the game is not as multiplayer friendly so only about 100 or so people play it online at any one time, and in short is only about half the actual game that game "X" was when it came out!. I have absolutly no agenda toward any of the companies involved, I dont "hate" or "like" anyone involved as i dont know anyone involved cept me, but really, how can anyone call this progress?. If this is "change" and "New" then yes - me and my pc resist it, as if I am going to make any diff to anything, but its just FYI...... JF PS> I still hope that one of these days someone will make game "Y" with updated graphics and all the "fruit" available nowadays, cause they will have my $75 in a heartbeat.
  3. I have been renting a Ventrilo server off Primary Target for years now, its up 24/7 and apart from being my guild/clan comms, mates and my family use it to stay in touch around the world, and I have never had any problems with peeps crashing it, those wiseguys that have tried in the past during gaming fests were easily banned. I also agree that Vent sounds better than TS, whatever the reason is I dont know. The cost for a 16 peeps is minimal per month and I have never ever had a problem with it. JF
  4. Lol 10 minutes! I wuoud have been outathere after the first chorus of whatever brittany spears song the were singing!
  5. There's not anywhere near as much cheating as people think. Lag can create the illusion of hacks -- you lag, someone runs out in front of you, you can't see them, they fire, your computer catches up, you see them, and you die, maybe or maybe not even hearing their gunshots, either way, it looks like autoaim. How else could they fire so fast and so accurately? Lag....................................Blah Blah Blah................................. Basically, there's not as much hacking as people think. It's just a lot easier for people to think they got hacked than owned. Well actually Bludawg posted a screenie of a wall hack less than 5 days after the game was released, there are plenty of cheats out there already and a small army of cheaters out there using them. As mentioned in several other posts most of the original GR PvP online clan players wont touch this thing until/unless there is some way of beating at least some of the cheats, as 1 cheater in a leage/ladder match can make all the diff. I know at least 5 [GR] clans (including mine) who were ready to go the day this game was released but have just walked away from it altogether after the mess it turned out to be, lol not even any LMS game play out of the box. This game in its present config seems to be more aimed at co-op players who are all known to each other and <as a preference> don't play PVP on public servers with the assocoated bunch of hackers that they attract, but believe me, in online play hackers spoil the fun if you are playing league/ladder matches and this game has been released with NO code protection and NO AC, just madness IMHO, and that is why there is not any REAL League activity. How could they have released this game like this?> JF
  6. This game was hacked after 2 days of general release, and there are posts from Bludawg on this forum with SS's to show it. I posted several times in the past about "what sort of AC?" but was solidly bagged every time by forum modrators as I was made out to be some sort of malcontent. I am not sure what sort of game play type a game this hackable is good for, but certainly not any sort of PvP for ladder/league play etc. GR1 survived as long as it did because of a combination of many factors, but what killled it as far as league and ladder play in the PvP environment was hacks. To bring this game out, a so called "next generation" game without any code protection and no AC seems to me to be too sad for words. I bought this game because I played GR1 and I wanted to see what it was like, but the "good old days" of PvP seem never to return, as you will all be wondering "how did that happen?" every time you get killed. What a shame, for me this game is DOA. JF
  7. Not sure I see the point in taking this tooooooooo seriously as far as making sure the team is only made up of peeps deemed worthy from a game playing point of view. While I understand the competitive nature of us all (almost all my GR years have been in adversarial leagues) I thought this was a "fun" idea, and to be played for fun too, after all no-one's house is on the line!. Just seems that all of a sudden this idea has turned into a "serious" attempt to win, rather than a fun game, and that is a pity. I wanted to play. just to see what the game developers tricks and skills were like. Name out of a hat is the simplest way to do it, and as for getting everyone together, lol if peeps ae picked, I am pretty certain they will turn up. JF
  8. How about naking it a grand slam event with best of 3 or 5 matchs, over 3 or 5 weekends, that way more guys could be in it if u varied the team rosters, and you could change server back and forth after each week, so it is a level playing field (if u pardon the pun) JF
  9. Electric Ladyland is one of the best albums of all time, but I think his next best was the very under-rated Band of Gypsies, with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles, Cox was in the army with Hendrix. I used to listen to pretty much nothing else but Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter and Rory Gallagher for several years!!!!!!!. JF
  10. In regards to the thing about collusive releasing of product, I have been Australasian sales and marketing Manager for one of the biggest Japanese companies in the world for several years, it doesnt need to be legal and it goes on all the time, and if you dont know that then u dont know as much as you seem to be triying to sell people that you do. I am not sure but i get the feeling that you work for UBI with the "OUR Sales are doing fine" thing. And i understand that most of what I speculate about in this forum is drivel, as much drivel as UBI's delivery date projections actually, but If you do work for them, please let them know that I do understand I dont matter in the big picture, but I think their general business persona sucks BIG TIME, and I just like to come to this forum to vent my frustration to peeps who have some thoughts about this game too. I have never expected anything I post here to make a diff to ubi, but at least maybe GRIN listens to us and thats enough for me. Kindest regards JF
  11. It was rumored that The Hunt for Red October STRONGLY resembled an actual classified incident. ←
  12. Very cool post Tort, saves me practising using the neighbours cats for targets!. JF
  13. You might try switching to de-cafe mate!.
  14. Logos, I know all that stuff already, Im just saying it seems silly that any information is just so hard to get. No advanced game video and no game previews on any sites. just more SS's which dont realy show much at all. Supposed to be only 6 weeks to go, on a game that was well on the way when WK saw it in Germany what seems like years ago, and just silence from all concerned. Just seems like an un-necessaryly drawn out affair to me. JF
  15. How about Bo from GRIN, is he not allowed to confrim the status of the game, as in - is it finsihed or not?. He should know shouldnt he?. And before Colin starts his "finished when its finished" rant again, as I have said before , whats with all the secrecy, its a computer game for heaven's sake not a cure for cancer, who's it going to kill if we know if its finished or not? JF
  16. The Sum of All Fears ← Lol this doesnt count as S.O.A.F. was so bad it was sold as a coaster set, not a game.
  17. Iran, to shut down their nuclear program and assinate the president. Why? cause it really needs to be done, then a nice (short) mission in a holiday resort on some desert island with lots of chicks so we can party on after the shooting stops. JF.
  18. I have always been a P V P man, so I voted that way. I and at least 15 guys who I used to clan with for GR1 would still be playing if it had not been so comprehensivly hacked. I guess the guys who still play it co-op style do not have to content with that situation so for them the game has not changed, and thankfully the mods still keep coming (but not from Ubi) to refresh the game. I went to Co-op after we stopped the PVP but I could not get the same intensity and unpredictability of PVP so I have stopped alltogether until GRAW shows itself. Today in an act of total desperation at finding a replacement for the gr8 GR1, I went out to my local game shop and pre-ordered GRAW with a release date of March 1. Here's hoping........... JF
  19. Getting back to Colin's post, if the game is really going to be released ontime, then I really cannot believe that the game is so far away from finished that what they have is not able to be shown, even a a small way. Lets face it those screenies on the website they have now have either been out for ages or just some weapons models that could have been done years ago for anything. If the delivery date is still March end, then surely they are leaving 1 month for packaging and world wide shipping etc, that means the game is supposed to be done and dusted pretty much by now, with 3 weeks only left for small bugfixing. Hell guys- What's with the big secret squirrel deal on this game, Maybe its not us taking ourselves too seriously this time- but UBI? JF PS. Colin you start yr post with > "................In truth we are not being kept waiting.We are part of a well planned Ubisoft Schedual.................". I have been *waiting* for a sequel to GR since I cant remember when, as we all have, and I have never seen anything "well planned" from UBI ever - cept maybe delay announcements!. - lets hope we see GRAW before the next time this guy turns up is all------->
  20. I voted jungle because we have had a truckload of forrest and snow, but more importantly there was an addon for RS that had 3 jungle missions in south america in it, and they were the hardest and most amazing maps I have ever played, and looked great too. man the bad guys could be 3 feet away and u could not see them, and vice versa !. Was very intense gameplay............. JF
  21. Man its easy money! order it now, against NO delivery date and we will send it out to you whenever we get round to releasing it............so if we keep moving the release date we never have to pay anything!!. only Ubi marketing staff could come up with this one!.
  22. In reply to the original topic post, I feel that its not over rated for the thousands of people who play it and enjoy it!!. I have only ever played BF2 and didnt play the earlier versions because I was still playing GR flat out. I actually very much like the game from an engine point of view, but absolutly HATE it from a game play point of view, 4 shots from and ANTI-TANK rocket to kill a tank is noinesense, but they have to do weapons balance like that to make a tank survive for any more that 1 minute if it was able to be killed with 1 hit, same with the helo's and other stuff. Those who play it know how bad a rubber boat is under fire, and a tank or helo would fare the same from rockets, stingers etc, if they were using real life based damage physics. I, like everyone else I play with, feel there needs to be some tweeking of the aircraft and helo damage to make them more realistsic, because right now they can come and go almost at will and take a lot of kills without being shot down so easily, and that plus the arty is a pain in the ass. (no I am not even going to mention the damm bunnyhoppers) To me one of the two biggest problems is the game play type, all this CTF is just bull, I even made the mistake of buying the SF's addon, and now just run around in differant gear, no real chhange to anything cept the uniforms and weapons, SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!. And there is the other problem with the game, LMS would not really work with alll the guys who play it because of the game style they like to play, can you imagine the howls from 60 guys who have run out of respawns waiting for the last couple of guys to get shot and finish the round!!!!!!!!!. No chance. The problem with public servers is the mentality of the players and the game type, GR had better game goals and a far more mature player base, and as far as I am concerned thats just fine with me. So I agree that this game sucks, for me anyway, as I cannot play it for any length of time, several hours +, due to the nature of the game play goals, unlike GR where I could play it all night and still be ready for more. If there was a better game play type than CTF, I would try playing it, but for now I just play it while I am waiting for GRAW. LOL it is going to take me 10 YEARS!!! to get to 2nd Lt anyway acccording to my stats below, so what sort of a dummass game makes promotion that hard to get!!!!!!!!!!!!. http://bf2s.com/player/=SE=JF1/ JF
  23. There is a new one out which I only bought a couple of days ago called X3 Reunion. It is a cross between Freelancer and (my all time favourite) Wing Commander. Freespace was a better playing game than Wing C in some ways, but will never forget the way the original WC just made the PC game come alive, even though it took about a couple of hours to load it up off about 20 x 1.3" floppys!.. I will let you guys know what X3 is like after I learn it. http://pc.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r26092.htm JF
  24. COVERT OPS!!!!!!!!!< man that was it, its been "P'ing ' me off all day trying to remember what it was called. Thanks DBrown. And yes, I think if a few of the other guys here comment on what it was like to play in that setting maybe GRIN can pick up a copy and have a look at it. It was VERY well executed for the time, and was REALLY GR8 to play. The fact that there were several types of areas was also a big plus, south american jungle fighting drug dealers, missile silos in the middle east etc etc , was very good. Anyone else remember "COVERT OPS"?
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