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  1. Ghost recon complete as Steam weekend deal, 50% off. That makes it 17,49€ for at least me here in Sweden. Ghost recon Ghost recon Desert siege Ghost recon Island thunder Graw 1 Graw 2
  2. You must be imagining some things, because other than the AT weapons, the AI will never run out of ammo...they are Advanced like that. ____ If you were to hunt around the forum you might come across a post from BoGRIN where in addressing the new features of :AW2 he basically stated that the AI was dumbed down based on/due to complaints about the lack of player control over the Ghosts in the previous offering. Instead of the devs trying to find a happy medium of AI control, we got served one, and then the other, but not both...and it showed, especially considering the limited playing scope of the program. Of course I meant run out of ammo as runs out of the clip and has to reload, as everyone else understood.
  3. Or is it just me imagining things? In Graw 2 they usually just sit on their ass and spray until they run out of ammo, it also seems like they move around more in Graw1. Is it just me or how did this happen?
  4. I have actually only played coop once in graw2, that was with my brother tonight. And we used teamspeak, it worked out nicely. Hopefully next time we will be more people because I ordered 4 more copies during the holidays, my brother got one, and two friends have two of them. The fourth one is still in the box here on the floor. They where like $12 a piece, sale on cdon.se. Now on friday, hey, that is actually today, I am hoping for 4 people coop with all people using teamspeak. So anyone bought more copies than me That is five...=)
  5. Well, we got the good side of the deal anyway, just look at the Rainbow six series....there is a big fubar...
  6. I think the game is like £20 still at cd-wow. Just a tip.
  7. I really like FF on, very little nade spam. Always play hardcore. The only problems with FF on is that you can get teamkillers and I usually get really ###### if I popp a friendly... If they now just rebalanced the weapons (Do we really want an machinegun to spam walls with that behave like a rifle, to take one example.), removed the X crap for hits, fix the browser, nerf the tube and grenades a tad because they are like mini nukes (Thank god they don't do wall penetration.) to start with. Actually I can make an entire list full of stuff that screams console port.
  8. Noticed to that a lot of times people had the time to get sights up while for me they just popped up for a millisecond. And I don+t think it is just the killcam that has this problem.
  9. I seriously think there is some kind of issue, I usually play on servers that kick high pingers and I have noticed a lot of times when people just pop up and plug me and when going of to deathcam I can see that he even has time to get his ironsight up....while for me he just appeared and plugged me VERY quickly.
  10. It is probably just the gaming industry deciding over how you can use the games you bought, and apparently if you are in a cottage the game can´t phone home to daddy. It might be something else, but that is probably it....
  11. I think they look like normal again now, driver 7.7
  12. The first shoot looks like the errors I got in Supreme commander with my 7900gt before I put heatsinks on the voltage regulators.
  13. My guess they are there to get you guys interested in doing some modding...=)
  14. Well, I use 7.6 now and my shadows are messed up, all blocky, looks like bad jpegs.... I use an 2900xt 512MB Will go and get 7.7 now
  15. Well, watched the video, and shure, hes fast, but the sniper shure took his time popping the second guard. Anyway, what I really dislike is that even though there are shooting all over the place guards just contionus to wander around like nothing is happening. And also after they started firing at you they continue to track you through walls and building until they run out of ammo. So if you peep around a corner and someone starts firing at you they will continue to track you with bullits even if you run around the house.
  16. Crash in application version: 30292.2673 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Has only crashed so far on the last map. 2900xt 7.6 drivers 2GB ram Audigy 4
  17. Well, you should realise that, and you also do, that your card has 512 on each "side". The 7950x2 is basically a sli card, 512MB being used by each card ("Side") and they are not magically added together. Each card needs to have the same information in the memory and as you can see that will make the maximum amount of memory available to be used, by each card ("Side") 512MB . 1. I really don´t think it shows you the wrong amount. It should show 512MB as available. 2. I think Rivatuner has some options to display how much memory is being used.
  18. Great by, the best game I bought this year. And it was not very expensive either.
  19. I use vsync on so never get above 60. I usually have between 30-60 fps, shadows on high really brings down performance but they really look like ###### for me on any other setting so I either have them on high or turn them off. I think there is something seriously wrong wth 2900xt and GRAW because I don´t remember the shadows being this blocky on my x1959xt. 1680x1050 Everything on high AF at 8x E6600@3300 2GB ram 2900xt 512MB
  20. Well, I guess I have to play the map then, again.....*running of to delete the saves and playing the map all over..again*
  21. Interesting that "they" claim that Sweden is a heaven for pirate copying and we are the ones buying major amounts of pc games....lol
  22. Just got my 2900xt and the shadows are all messed up. They look really bad, like you have jpeged the crap out of them so there all blocky. Using 7.6 drivers and newest GRAW patch..
  23. if you are an ancient with money you should fork some more cash up and get a something faster than an 1950pro, it is a very nice card if you are on a budget but lacks a bit if you want high resolutions. And also, I don+t think that you should get Vista, if you do remember to make a dual-boot system, or triple if you like Linux, because you will run into problems with Vista. I got: x1950xt 512MB E6600@3400 2GB of ram And I still feel that I would like some more power when running Graw 1. Haven´t tried Graw 2 demo. Of course I run it at 1680x1050 so it takes a bit of power.
  24. I ordered one copy, lets hope I don´t get disappointed...=)
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